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Cyborg 101

The Warrior's Guide to the Blackboard Jungle. Online book
by Angus T.K. Wong.

With the recent release of Terminator 3, we went back in time to retrieve this cult classic by Angus Wong. Unfortunately his original site has vanished. Some of the information is dated, but overall it stands as an inspiring journal of an intrepid explorer. It is too unique to let fade into the pixel dust of cyber-history so we've reproduced what we could, without modification; all rights are retained by Angus.


Chapter 1
Making of a Cyborg

How it all began and why

shell shock / a personal quest / the secret to success / a critical difference / intrinsic motivation / paradigms and the world view / on becoming a cyborg

Chapter 2
A Better War Machine

Basic cyborg know-how

preliminary mission briefing / the art of war / maxok / enemy anniliation / the effects of synergy / concentration of power / some time travelling / feeling guilty and regrets in life / a summary

Chapter 3
Cybernetic RAM Upgrade

Tactical advantages through enhanced memory capacity

the ultimate weapon / sequential access / basic memory principles / random access / using weird stories / memorizing speeches or presentations / remembering peoplešs faces / the best-kept secret to aceing exams

Chapter 4
Operating System

Debugging your environment

the power of organization / establishing the HQ / cleaning up your room / primary defense systems / minimizing multi-tasking in your life / worries and other useless thoughts / getting down to studying / cybernetic energy levels / sleep and brainwaves / internal clocks / the siesta / polyphasic sleep / Leonardo da Vincišs big secret / the CyberSleep method / the anchor method / the core method / induction of sleep / the organic connection / amazing facts about nutrition / exercise and the cyborg soldier / rebounding / rollerblading

Chapter 5

Towards the winning edge

our personal assistants / the mighty organizers / keeping track of your life / the micro-cassette recorders / maximizing creativity / turn unproductive time around / the desk environment / orthopedic supports / lighting effects / putting personal computers to real use / buying a computer system / floppy disks / backing-up / finding support

Chapter 6

Your dialogue with the world

a brain age / the cyberspace / intelligence acquisition / putting modems to work / online services / communicating with the world / bulletin board systems / researching books / finding periodical articles / where no-one has gone before / using databases / consolidating information / writing the paper / prioritization and structure / presentations / the mother of all battles / teacher rapport / knowing the enemy / other friends and foes

Chapter 7
The Battlefield

Cybernetic military strategy and applications

the master plan / short term goals / the grandmaster of war / the thirty-six stratagems of Ancient China / the art of cyborg war / the highest of them all / know thy enemy / throwing bricks / a house on fire / the tragedy of the commons / sheepšs clothing / interdependency / the Star Trek transporter/ beyond the stratagems / recharging / the shortest path / the best defense / commitment to battle / the ultimate resource / the mind of the strategist

Chapter 8
Video Acceleration

How to read at warp speed

speed limits / why you read slowly / basic concepts to rapid reading/ breaking the sound barrier / the CyberRead method / higher effectiveness / scanning books / vision training / greased lightning

Chapter 9
The New Edge

Further enhancements

a big controversy / how nootropics work / smart nutrients / the mighty vitamins / ginko biloba / gotu kola / coffee and cigarettes / chlorella / other smart nutrients / biochemical effects revisited / smart drugs / piracetam / hydergine / vincamine / vasopressin / the bottom line / redesigning the self / the subconscious / conditioned responses / modifying our programming / subliminals / mind machines

Chapter 10


endgames / the unification of the world / lamentations and responsibilites / roads ahead / the secret of true invincibility

Appendix A
Bugs in the System

The failure of modern education

a serious problem / student apathy / the classroom sweatshop / archaic technologies / a failure to update / subversive computers / the paradigm of the cyborg / how this book fits in / a bit of psychology / learned helplessness / the future of education / a call to arms

Appendix B

Appendix X
Documentary Evidence