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11/7: Second Anniversary Karma Bonus
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From: CJayC | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:41:31 AM | Mark for Moderation
As the boards celebrate their second anniversary today, another gift has been bestowed upon the denziens that inhabit it: a 10% Karma bonus to all active accounts (i.e. logged on at least once in the past 30 days).

Congratulations on a fine two years, and here's to many more. Well, maybe not many, I don't know if I'll live that long...

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From: Pwa | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:42:39 AM | Mark for Moderation
From: goldbman | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:47:24 AM | Mark for Moderation
Cool! That's nice.

BTW I'm number two!
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From: Sailor Bacon | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:47:25 AM | Mark for Moderation
+|-|3 1337 /\/\0|)
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From: ballewji | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:47:50 AM | Mark for Moderation
From: ass | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:49:54 AM | Mark for Moderation
whoohooo i gained 30 karma in a heartbeat!

i'm a special person! oh wait... everyone got that...
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From: Hyral7 | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:51:25 AM | Mark for Moderation
But we didn't get you anything...

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From: Agent Dangerblade | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:52:02 AM | Mark for Moderation
May I ask for your daughter's hand in.. my pants?
From: Melissamaya | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:53:06 AM | Mark for Moderation
Heh that rocks. Take that mods with all your notifications :P
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From: King Bob | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:53:09 AM | Mark for Moderation
Awwwwww thank you. :-)

You my favorite message board owner in the world!
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From: Kraftt C Wizz XVII | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:54:39 AM | Mark for Moderation
That means i'm a LEGEND now!!! woo!
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From: Rolo | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:57:41 AM | Mark for Moderation
Wow! That's a nice healthy jump. Are you sure it's a good idea though? When I read the topic, I was expecting maybe 1 extra point for the day. Silly me, I should know that I don't have CJay figured out.


From: Sabin Rene Figaro | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:58:02 AM | Mark for Moderation

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From: Marvin316 | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:58:11 AM | Mark for Moderation
Whoa, cool. I was wondering how my karma jumped 50 points in one day...
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From: Slimshadye | Posted: 11/7/2001 10:58:59 AM | Mark for Moderation
Thx another 20 karma for me Yipee!
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From: RPG craze | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:01:08 AM | Mark for Moderation
RPG's beaten so far: 33
Current Karma: 497
From: edgewalker | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:02:00 AM | Mark for Moderation
that cuts almost 3 months off my march to legend
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From: Solo | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:02:34 AM | Mark for Moderation
Yay, thanks!!
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From: Boba Fett | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:03:47 AM | Mark for Moderation
thank you kindly
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From: Andygal | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:05:49 AM | Mark for Moderation
NOw I'm a level 30 four days ahead of time!

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From: SpyrotheDragon | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:05:51 AM | Mark for Moderation

I love you CjayC....jk thanks man
From: spinark | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:07:25 AM | Mark for Moderation

I will be a Legend Now!!!
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From: ff7bigfan | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:08:26 AM | Mark for Moderation
I got my 2nd account at level 31 a few days early, thanks CJayC
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From: pepper2000 | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:12:51 AM | Mark for Moderation
Well, that's very nice. Thank you.
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From: Mateui | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:14:05 AM | Mark for Moderation
Yay! Ohh, I only got from 89 to 98!!
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From: Maxime | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:14:46 AM | Mark for Moderation
Cool, I gained almost 20 Karma! Thanks CJayC!!!
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From: PunkDaddy8 | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:15:21 AM | Mark for Moderation
I gained 5 karma!!!!!
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From: superaielman | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:17:02 AM | Mark for Moderation
that rules!
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From: iki | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:24:14 AM | Mark for Moderation
Well, thanks. I guess you can disregard my last e-mail where I whined about the 42 karma points you owed me ^_^;;

Neat.. now I have accounts that have more karma than they are days old.

Of course now I'll spend the next hour updating my list..
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From: NinjaMaster | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:26:15 AM | Mark for Moderation
*hugs his 6 new karma*
I love my new karma, this will get me to LTU 6 days earlier.
Your last post was incorrect!
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From: Crippler104 | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:27:01 AM | Mark for Moderation
Thank You, CJayC. Thanks to you, I will be a long-time user tomorrow.
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From: N64GmMstr | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:27:11 AM | Mark for Moderation
And to Lewis and Oswald, I bequeath $5,000 to each of you if you can stay silent for 24 hours, starting……now!
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From: cgoat | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:31:22 AM | Mark for Moderation
WOOHOO! That makes me a legend!
From: Lightfox2012 | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:35:41 AM | Mark for Moderation
Gee, thank you very much.
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From: Frozensky | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:38:48 AM | Mark for Moderation

From: JonDaMon8 | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:39:03 AM | Mark for Moderation
wooowww thx ceejcee :)
From: Bluffrey | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:41:10 AM | Mark for Moderation
cool, a month or so would turn me into a legend.
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From: Martin G | Posted: 11/7/2001 11:47:32 AM | Mark for Moderation
*wipes tear*
Thank you very much! Now I am Lv 20! CJayC you rock!
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From: A B A | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:00:01 PM | Mark for Moderation
Seconds ago,I realised that last time I checked,I was not level 31,also known as a vetran.
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From: Village Idiot | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:00:03 PM | Mark for Moderation
OMFG, 764 karma 0_o

I was wondering hth it went up that high.

Thanks CJay!

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From: madmaxim | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:08:14 PM | Mark for Moderation
what's karma there for and how do you get more?
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From: Notti | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:09:30 PM | Mark for Moderation
*level up music plays triumphantly*


*Notti learns 'use Elite board' ability*

*shoots arm up and down into air repeatedly*

Thank ya kindly, mistah ceejaycee ^_^
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From: Garibaldi84 | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:09:50 PM | Mark for Moderation
Thank you CJayC!

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From: Andygal | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:10:08 PM | Mark for Moderation
this is no elite boad yet.
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From: Wicked Souls | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:11:23 PM | Mark for Moderation
Yeah, I got 42 Karma. Cool. j00 r0xx0rs!!!11!1!1 w00t!!!!1!1!11

Wicked Souls is an Angry Dwarf!
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From: DemonicDan | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:11:26 PM | Mark for Moderation
Errr...thanks CjayC!!!!
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So now you have like 771...
>: (
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From: acidfreeze30 | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:12:16 PM | Mark for Moderation
Thanks CJayC! You are the man!
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From: MCR | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:17:02 PM | Mark for Moderation
Only 5 days 'till I'm a vet because of this... Yay!

Thanks CJayC!
From: esc27 | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:28:44 PM | Mark for Moderation
Does this mean people with negative karma now have less?
example: -20


user would get
-22 karma

Think you're confused? Wait until I explain it
From: kotetsu213 | Posted: 11/7/2001 12:29:44 PM | Mark for Moderation
Yay, thank you!!!
(and boo because this makes it even harder to catch up with Sailor Bacon >_<)
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