Heartbreak Hotel
Choreographed by Max Perry
32 Count, 4 Wall Line Dance
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Music: "Heartbreak Hotel" by Scooter Lee, Elvis, or any other version
Dance starts on the vocals (16 beat intro).
Count       Steps
	Stomp Rock Forward, Out, Out
1,2,3,&,4   Stomp as you rock forward with right foot,
           	step in place with left foot,
            	step r foot next to l foot (together) on count (3),
            	step to l side w/left foot (small step) on count (&),
            	step to r side w/ right foot (small step) on count (4)
            	Feet should now be a shoulder width apart
	Elvis Knees
5,6,7,&,8   Flex (bend) left knee in toward right knee
           	(raise left heel) on count (5),
            	Flex right knee in toward left knee
            	(raise right heel) on count (6),
            	flex left knee in toward right knee (7),
            	flex right knee in toward left knee (&),
            	flex left knee in toward right knee (8)
	2 Half Turns, Out, Out
1,2        	Step forward with left foot and turn 1/2 right,
 	step in place with right foot
3,&,4     	Step forward with l foot and quickly turn 1/2 right (3),
          	step to right side with r foot (small step) on (&),
            	step to left side with left foot (small step) on (4)
            	Feet shoulder width apart
	2 Knee Rolls Out, Out, Up on Toes, Knees In, Out, In
5,6         	Roll (circle clockwise) right knee out to right (5),
            	Roll (circle counter-CW) left knee out to left (6)
&,7,&,8	Raise up onto the balls of both feet while
            	both knees are apart (&),
            	bring knees together or in toward each other
            	(they don't have to touch) on count (7),
            	both knees out or apart on count (&),
            	both knees in or together on count (8)
            	Weight should be more on the left ball at this point
	Side steps with Pelvic Thrusts
1,2,3,4	Step to right side with right foot (1), hold (2),
            	step left foot next to right (3), hold (4)
5,6,7,8  	Step to left side with left foot (5), hold (6),
            	step right next to left (7), hold (8)
	Note: During the above 8 counts you may pump your hips
 	forward and backward while taking the side steps
      	and during the "hold" counts.  The dance was
      	choreographed with this movement (pelvic thrusts).
1,2	Step forward with the L foot & turn 1/4 LEFT,
   	touch right toe to right side
	3 Count Jazz Box
3,4,5 	Cross right foot over left foot and step,
             	step back with left foot,
             	step side with right foot
6,7,8  	Walk forward left,
             	walk forward right,
             	walk forward left
	Note: Instead of the last three walks, you may scoot forward
      	with feet slightly apart 3 times.  If used in competition
      	however, you should walk forward during the vanilla
      	repetitions and save the scoots for a variation. During
      	the vanilla you may use a bent knee action while walking
      	forward (pushing the knees forward as you walk) to give
      	a strong "Cuban motion".  This cue sheet prepared and
      	revised 9/25/96 by Max Perry.

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