Nicholas by Susan Jane Knock of Bears by Susan Jane

Nicholas is well and truly in the festive spirit! This traditional 41cm (16") mohair teddy would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a fellow arctophile. If you start him today you could have him wrapped up and sitting under the tree in no time! Susan has given him a Santa's hat to wear but you may choose to give him another accessory leave him undressed to suit all occassions


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You Will Need

  • A fat ¼ metre of dense straight pile mohair
  • 5 x 35mm hardboard and cotterpin joint sets
  • A pair of 8mm black glass eyes
  • Machine thread to match mohair
  • Strong thread for closing seams
  • Black cotton perle No. 5 for nose and claws
  • Polyester filling
  • Plastic pellets for weighting tummy
  • Pliers and various needles
  • Wool felt

Step by step

1. Transfer the pattern pieces onto card. Once you have checked the direction of the pile and matched to the direction arrows on the pattern, place the pattern pieces on to the back of the fabric and mark around them with a ballpoint pen. *Carefully cut off any unnecessary pile.

2. Tack the four body parts together, ensuring all the pieces are correctly matched with the pile of the fabric all running in all the same direction, leaving a two to three inch gap in the centre back. Tack darts in the sides of the head pieces and join from the neck to the nose. Then position the head gusset and tack from the nose to the back of the head on both sides to ensure the gusset is placed centrally. Tack around the outside of the ears and fold the legs in half and tack from the top to the toe leaving 1 ½" at the top of the leg open for turning.

3. Cut out the paw and foot pads from the wool felt. Carefully tack the foot pads into the leg openings, starting at the toe and ensuring the felt is tacked in straight.

4. Tack the felt paw pads to arm at wrist (a-b), then folding the arm in half tack around the rest leaving 1 ½" at the top of the arm open for turning.

5. Machine all the tacked parts, leaving a ¼" seam allowance on all seams. Turn all of the pieces to the right sides.

6. Stuff the head, making the stuffing firm especially in the muzzle area and ensuring the stuffing fills the darted areas at the sides of the head. Using strong thread, double thickness gather carefully around the neck edge inserting a joint into the neck space before tightening and fasten securely.

7. Carefully trim the excess fur from top and sides of the muzzle using small sharp scissors.

8. Whip the raw edges at the bottom of the ears together. Place the ears over the gusset seams so that lower half of the ear covers the dart at the top of the sides of the head. When you have them placed to your liking symmetrically on the bear's head, pin to hold them temporarily and using strong thread, stitch securely to the head and remove the pins.

9. Stuff the arms with polyester filling, when almost at the top use an awl to pierce the fabric where the joint needs to be inserted. Insert the joint and finish stuffing. Close neatly with strong thread turning a ¼" of fabric in as you do so.

10. Stuff the legs in the same way as the arms, placing joints and closing as before.

11. Pierce a hole at the top of the body where the four body pieces join and insert the cotterpin of the head through the fabric, placing the internal hardboard disc and washer onto the cotterpin inside the body. Then using the pliers separate the split pin and turn each pin separately until both are coiled tightly to the hardboard, holding the head in firmly in place.

12. Next pierce the body as marked on the pattern and insert the arm and leg joints, tightening as for the head.

13. To stuff the body, using the polyester filling push down between the leg joints and fill around the neck and arm joints. Then switch to the plastic pellets and fill the middle section of the body, when this is fairly full, switch back to the polyester stuffing and fill the remainder. Then using double thickness thread ladderstitch the back opening closed, then carefully work back again across the closed opening for added strength and fasten off.

14. Using strong thread (three of four thicknesses) and starting at the base of the neck using a long needle, push through until you have found the desired eye position, thread the eye loop onto the needle and pushing the awl carefully into the socket, push the needle back through, pull tight and fasten off the ends securely. Do the same for the other eye.

15. Thread double thickness black nose cotton and work across the nose horizontally for the desired width and depth of the nose. Then, using a single thickness of cotton work vertically over the horizontal stitches to achieve a neat finish. Work the mouth to the desired shape and fasten off securely.

16. Stitch the claw marks as desired on the pads

17. Brush the bear carefully and check all the seams for trapped fur and around the pads.

Collectors' Notes

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