Mogadishu: Images from the Past

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  1. Mogadishu in 1915 (Italian)
  2. Mogadishu in 1934 (Italian)
  3. Mogadishu in the 1970s? (Russian)
  4. Mogadishu in 1987 (USAID)
  5. Other maps of Mogadishu (?)

Mogadishu in 1915

Source of the photo:!07mogadiscio.html

Title of map, on this webpage: Mogadiscio. pianta con piano regolatore, credo del 1915 del Gov.Gandolfi

Mogadishu in 1934


The two areas with irregular streets are Xamar Weyne (bottom left) and Shangani (top right). These area of settlement date back to the 9-10th century AD. The straight and wider streets were developed by the Italian colonial administration between 1900 and 1934. The Italian built railway line is visible on the top. It went from the port near Abdul Aziz, out to Afgoye on the Shebelli river. The ENLARGEMENT (1.25mb !) covers four time this area. (3)

Mogadishu in the 1970s

Scale 1:200,000

Mogadishu in 1987

This map was produced by USAID in 1987. This was the nearest thing to a publicly available map of the city in the 1980's. However copies of this map were not easy to find.
The people involved in the production of this map were: Barbara Cohen, Judy Nelson, AbdulKadir Nur Abdi, Ahmed Yussef Abdillahi, Marylou Bothwell, Abdi Jabar Ali Sheik, and Jim Goodall.

The map was in booklet form. At the front was a single map of the whole city. This is shown immediately below. This was followed by six maps of sections of the city, running fom the south west end of the city to the north east end. These are shown below and labelled Maps 1-6.

A small map of the whole city

This map is 822 KB in size

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4

Map 5

Map 6

City Centre Map

1 Ministry of Commerce
2. National Theatre
3. New national Museum
4. National Women's Association Building
5. National Library
6. Telephone Office
7. Ministry of Health
9. National Security Court
10. ENEE Offices
11. Somali National Airlines office
12. SNU Faculty of Economics and Law
13. Somali Commercial and savings Bank Branch
14. SNAI
15. State Insurance Company
16. Commercial and Savings Bank#3
17. Central Bank of Somalia
18. Ministry of Land and Air Transport
19. Ministry of Finance
20 Police Station
21. Somali Film Agency
22. City Hall
23. Commercial and Savings Bank HQ
24. Ministry of Revenue
25. Commercial and Savings Bank #2 Foreign Exchange Branch
26. Old Museum / Sultan of Oman' s Garissa
27. Somali Marine Products
28. Ministry of Justice / Supreme Courts
a. Old Jirdeh Hussein Building
b. Savoy Centre
c. Jirdeh Hussein Building

Key to street names shown by letters above: A = Via Columbia, B = Via Phillipines, C = Via Ma'alin Omer, D = Via Shabelle, E = Via Tomasco Careletto, F = Via T. Duca di Genova, H = Via Aden Loor, J = Via Qabri Tahare

Other maps of Mogadishu

From the the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) website. GLOSS "is a programme coordinated by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) for the establishment of global and regional sea level networks. The main component of GLOSS is the 'Global Core Network' of 287 stations around the world for long term climate change and oceanographic sea level monitoring.

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