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Review of Take Control of Upgrading to Panther, Version 1.1 - Book

by Bob Thomas, AAUG member
Reviewed 3/04

This is a self help 65 page "ebook" and is part of a series of Take Control "ebooks", including Take Control of Sharing Files in Panther; Take Control of Customizing Panther, Take Control of Users & Accounts in Panther.

This ebook, Take Control of Upgrading to Panther by Joe Kissell walks you through the process of upgrading to Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.1.) This ebook is downloaded and does not use copy protection and you are asked if you loan it to someone, have that person go and purchase his/her own copy. For the $5.00 you really can't go wrong. While it is not very long as far as the number of pages, it is very readable and easy to understand. Both myself and a friend used this ebook and we both agree it made upgrading to Panther a much easier process. Another friend of mine said that this ebook really helped him out and he was glad to have read through the 60 plus pages and to follow the author's suggestions as outlined in the various chapters.

I believe that the average person could, after reading this ebook go about upgrading with little or no problem. When reading your PDF version there are links to various web sites. For individuals with external Firewire hard drives you need to see what updating of drivers are required before doing the Panther upgrade. In reading the PDF version the blue text indicates links and you can click on the items in the Table of Contents and you are taken to that page in the ebook. In addition to assisting you in the upgrade he devotes areas to help in case you need to fix certain installation glitches as well as how to downgrade.

I liked this ebook because it was concise without a lot of the technological mumbo jumbo that authors sometimes use as it was straight forward. I would recommend that the author suggest the use the apple commands whereby you can take a screen print when you have to try and remember a list of files, programs etc.

Joe Kissell is also the author of, 50 Fast Mac OS X Techniques.

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Take Control of Upgrading to Panther, Version 1.1
Joe Kissell
Tidbits Electronic Publishing
Inexpensive and to the point.
1 - 5
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