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The Handscape WhiteSite - Welcome!

This page is envisioned as a home for the background and current research information that is relevant to the Handscape project. It is, in effect, a continually evolving technical "white paper", as well as a one-stop place to look for links and resource related to mobile computing in museums.

Setting the Stage

These essays review the history of the use of mobile devices by museums and discuss some of the basic concepts and the issues involved in implementing mobile computing. The Amirian paper was commissioned by CIMI.


CIMI's Handscape project is supported by a grant from Intel Corporation's Intel Research Council.

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CIMI Handscape Project Reports

The Museum Visitor Experience

Handscape explores the means for providing mobile access in a museum environment-but how do these technologies impact the visitor experience?

The Nuts and Bolts of Mobile Computing

These papers and websites address some of the architectural, technical and practical issues involved implementing mobile computing in a wireless networking environment.

Historical Mobile Computing Projects

How did we get here? Read about how mobile computing has been implemented in cultural institutions in the past.

Current Mobile Wireless Projects, Initiatives, Studies, Devices

What's happening now? Here's some pointers to current work in the world of mobile computing.

Architectures, Symposia, Papers

More thinking on mobile computing: here's some links to the experts.

Mobile Applications in Cultural Settings - Live

Museum Mobile, AUDI AG
Munich, Germany

e-tour - Der elektronische Wegbegleiter
im Botanischen Garten Berlin-Dahlem

mobilTour - Berliner Mauer

Mobile Applications in Cultural Settings - Planning Phase

Bay Area Discovery Museum
contact: Susie Wise, Media Lab Planning Consultant,

Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Virtual Museum of Canada, Astronomy exhibit
contact: Martin Lajoie, Product Manager - Virtual Exhibits,

San Diego Natural History Museum
contact: Vince Bayard, Fossil Mysteries Database Manager,

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Renwick Gallery
contact: Claire Larkin,

Online Articles

Application Developers




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