What's New
  • MAF 0.4.2 released.
Current features
  • Archive saved pages using a registered archive application
  • Shortcut keys for opening and browsing open archives
  • URLs in archive documents can be replaced if there's a local version in an open archive
  • MHTML read and write support implemented
  • Store more than one saved page in an archive
  • Localized in French and Italian
  • maf:// protocol capability
Planned features
  • GUI to register more than one archive application
  • Archive refresh functionality
  • Moving pages from one archive to another

The Maf project is an archive extension that allows complete web pages to be saved in a single archive file. MAF stands for Mozilla Archive Format and the extension uses RDF to save page meta-data such as the original URL of the page and the date/time the page was put in the archive. Starting with the 0.2.20 release a seperate bugs page has been setup for known bugs in the release. Please check there first before reporting any bugs.

If you use MAF and like it, please consider a donation.

License: The MAF extension is released under the GNU GPL.

Author: Christopher Ottley.

Aim: To provide a Firefox (and Mozilla) extension which allows web pages to be saved easily in an archive.

Design: To provide maximum flexibility, registered external programs are used to perform the archiving and expansion process. The extension *.MAFF refers to files which can be processed using the default registered file archive program (for example Zip). File archive specific extensions may be used to indicate which program to use with the archive, example *.MAF.ZIP for a Zip archive, *.MAF.7Z for a 7Zip archive.

Archive Application Requirements: To be able to use a particular archive application the application must support:

Method: An IPC process is created that executes the archive or expand script with the specified parameters.

Format: Each archive has a list of numbered folders. In each folder is an index.rdf file which holds the meta-data relating the saved page. There is also another index file with the related content type that was saved (index.html if an html page was saved, index.png if a png image was saved etc.). The RDF file holds the name of the index file to use.

Tested on:

Note: As of version 0.3.0 MAF is officially out of beta.

For questions or comments about maf, please send a message to the maf mailing list.
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