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Michael Skapinker
Michael Skapinker
Music industry fights for survivalRequires subscription


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Germany in rethink on Iraq force deployment
Germany might deploy troops in Iraq if conditions there change, defence minister Peter Struck indicated, in a gesture that appears to provide backing for John Kerry, the US Democratic presidential challenger. 22:07 | Read
Air raid damage in Falluja
US strike hits a restaurant in Falluja
Kerry advisers meet with motor industry leaders
Democrat’s healthcare proposals discussed 05:35 | Read
Intel’s profit margins squeezed
Shares up as revenues hit estimates 23:18 | Read
New bid to end Lazard impasse
Investment bank chairman flies to NY 23:59 | Read

CEOs ‘guardedly optimistic’ about economy
Business Council backtracks 01:33 | Read

Tech stocks lead Nikkei higher

Technology stocks in Tokyo made a strong showing during morning trade, following encouraging results from Intel and Yahoo in the US. The Nikkei 225 average rose 0.5 per cent to 11,263.82 by midday. 04:48 | Read

Wall Street pares losses as crude eases
The same crude prices that had sent Wall Street blue chip stocks on a highway to hell with their earlier surge almost put the indices back in black in the last hour of Tuesday's session. 21:34 | Read

US election: the economyRequires subscription
Similar policies but few long-term solutions
Bush and Kerry
On Wednesday, Bush and Kerry square off in a debate that will focus on the economy and domestic policy. The two have different priorities, and each accuses the other of different failings. In common, is their aim to halve the deficit over the next presidential term. Yet few economists think their plans for getting there are credible Oct 12 2004 | Read

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A more subtle anti-trust regime
Microsoft EU
Microsoft must fight its own battles. But Europe’s attitude towards competition has repercussions beyond the software industry, writes Helen Disney, director of the Stockholm Network. 19:36 | ReadRequires subscription
Saudi women must get the vote in 2009
The notion that women are unready for the responsibility of voting is nonsense. And polls show that most Saudis agree, writes Nawaf Obaid, managing director of the Saudi National Security Assessment Project. 20:19 | ReadRequires subscription
Martin Wolf: The need for a public pension policy
Some sort of public pension policy is, in practice, inescapable. The question is what it should be. 20:39 | ReadRequires subscription

FT IT More  Requires subscription
Windows open to family life
Bill Gates
Bill Gates has unveiled Microsoft’s third-generation Media Center PC. The product is supposed to be the company’s answer to penetrating digital home entertainment but is it just a high-end PC in disguise? 18:26 | Read
Paul Taylor: Beyond the beige box on your desktop
Paul Taylor
I have been trying out a couple of these pint-sized PCs and I am impressed. Not only are these machines great space savers, but they also match larger rivals in terms of technology and flexibility. 18:28 | Read
World More 

German and French data fuel growth fears  20:25 | Read

Chinese textile showdown looms  18:22 | Read

Rivals stake their claim on US domestic agenda   21:31 | Read

Japan to lift guarantee on bank deposits  11:13 | Read

Business More 

Merrill profits fall 15% in third quarter  13:37 | Read

Coles bids A$1.2bn for ALH  02:47 | Read

Door opens for Wal-Mart to make Daiei bid  13:17 | Read

Better management blunts investor protest  02:16 | Read

Markets More 

Tech stocks lead Nikkei higher  04:48 | Read

Wall Street pares losses as crude eases  21:34 | Read

Higher oil and job worries lift Treasuries  20:55 | Read

Crude eases after topping $54 a barrel  20:50 | Read

US business More 

CEOs ‘guardedly optimistic’ about economy  01:33 | Read

Medtronic ordered to pay damages in patent case  00:06 | Read

New bid to end Lazard impasse  23:59 | Read

Truckers’ pay ‘needs to rise by 50%’   23:44 | Read

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