Interview mit Colby Thomas vom 15.06.2001


Frage: Was macht eine Musicaldarstellerin eigentlich am späteren Abend nach zwei anstrengenden Vorstellungen ? Antwort: Natürlich wie jeder andere Mensch auch erstmal ein wenig Entspannung suchen. Also ab zum Italiener um die Ecke, fix noch ein Glas Wein bestellt und dann konnten wir mit den wunderbaren Arien eines Luciano Pavarotti im Background ganz fröhlich dieses kleine Interview führen:

Phantom2001: You are stay at the Phantom for nine years now..

Colby: Yes, nine years and I guess two month…


Phantom2001: How many shows did you make ?

Colby: I stopped counting last year passed 1500 as Christine. It´s go to be somewhere between 1700 and 1800.


Phantom2001: How would you characterize Christine ?

Colby: She’s a girl who’s is making the first journey in her life which is from being a child into a woman. She has a dark side in her because she had the tragedy of losing her parents when she was very young and having to be on her own. Normal things: she’s young and full of expectations what life will bring her but also she is frightened about that. (Kleine Unterbrechung für ein Autogramm am Nachbartisch J) So she´s like any young girl. She’s full of life and she’s actually very optimistic. And she also has a great imagination because it was so easy for her to get caught up in this fantasy about the Phantom or what is was at first. She except that he was this “Angel of Music” - teaching her because that’s what her father said.


Phantom2001: Is there one special scene in the show you always enjoy to play ?

Colby: I have to say I think I have the most fun with “Don Juan”. Although it is in a way very complicated because it is very difficult to play – of course Christine doesn’t realise that she’s play with the phantom ´till the end. So you can’t play more than one idea at a time. I mean there can be other thoughts and the audience sees this other thoughts are going on but if you try this as an actor to do four or five different things at the same time it just splits the focus and it’s not helpful to the audience. But at the same time vocally and dramatically it’s really fun so I like it.


Phantom2001: Tell me a funny story you experienced on stage.

Colby: I actually lost my skirt two nights ago for the first time in six years and of course it’s always like “Oh no. I have this horrible little green panties on”. But it’s easier to sing “Denk an mich” because than I was get my biggest applause. Of course that’s always fun for the audience.

I think I’ve told this story before. One of  the shows I do with Michael Nicholson  when we were doing the first layer and coming out with the boat. As I was getting out of the boat with him I lost my shoe on my right food. And there was so much fog, I couldn’t see where it was. And I thought “Oh great” so I´m hobbling on one shoe to “Sing mein Engel der Muse” and I can’t do this with one shoe. So I kick off the other shoe and I’m doing my part. And as I get to the centre stage and can look upstage to Michael. My eyes where like moving around “Where is that shoe ?” I see the one shoe that I was trying to kick it into the wing. So there was one shoe at one side of the boat – the side where the mirror is – and I’m looking “Where is this other shoe ?”. Couldn’t find it, could not see it. Than we found out after the show that it has fallen on the trail of my negligee and I was like trailing it around of me like a little dog following me. And of course I continued doing the scene and when I go back to the boat to wake up next morning for the next scene the Stage Manager ask ”Want your shoes ?” and I “No ! Get that shoes away !” But of course Michael is like the tallest Phantom ever and I’m not very big and so when we had to do the “Music of the Night” it was like…I can’t explain that. This is a visual… (Anm. Des Autors: Aber Ich kann es erklären. Stellt euch die Szene unten auf dem Bild mal mit einer 10 Zentimeter kleinern Christine vor. Michael bekam Sie so einfach nicht in den „Griff“ J ).


Phantom2001: Your most grateful moment on stage ?

Colby: Hm…I mean there have been times when I was falling and hurt myself. I felt very hart. There were two times where I insured my food when I was falling and having to go on with the show in that pains…it’s not a happy time. But I don’t think I ever had a really like horrific moment. (Klopft auf den Tisch) Knocking on wood. (Hi Colby – Did you understand my question right ? I was wondering about your answer.)


Phantom2001: After a strenuous show – what do you do to relax to get the necessary power for the next day/show ?

Colby: I sometimes go to the canteen and hang up with people and have really fun discussions about politics or theatre in general. That’s always fun. Or go home for relaxing. I love a nice book or look a video or drink a little wine…I’m a pretty quiet person in general.


Phantom2001: What other music do you like to sing ?

Colby: I’m not really good in other music (Bitte nicht weitersagen !!) I do my opera arias before the show and I like that. It’s not anything I do in public but I love going through my Mozart arias ( die Klassiker. Nicht das Musical). And some more pop oriented musical theatre songs to try to expand my range. That’s always fun.


Phantom2001: Is there a very special role you would like to play one day ?

Colby: I would love to do Chess some day. And maybe Evita. I’m not sure about that. It’s a great part. And I would love to do Maria again from Westside Story. So all the typical. And if Andrew Lloyd Webber produce “Phantom II” would be very interesting to do the sequel of course.


Phantom2001: What do you feel now when you think at June 30th ?

Colby: Two month ago I was really excited because I’ve been really ready to move on as much as I love doing the role. I was time. But I have to say now that is coming up I feel very sad. I´ll be very sad to leave the theatre . It’s been a wonderful wonderful time and this role is just…there is no other role like it. It’s really become my home there. It’s gonna be hart for me to leave. (Anm.: Der letzte Satz war dann doch sehr wehmütig). 


Phantom2001: What are your future plans ? Will you play in Mozart ?

Colby: No. I did no audition for “Mozart”. I was not ready to jump into another long contract right away and there was nothing really in the show that interested me. But I’m looking forward to seeing it when they open. But I need gather my forces. This is nine years. It’s a long big role. I need have a rest for my body and my voice and then see what happens.


Phantom 2001: Have you a last word for the Phantom, for the Fans ? Like a “Nachruf” ?

Colby: Ja, absolutely. This is a great opportunity to tell all of you that it was… it has meant so much for me. I never in my life ..I think will ever experienced again the support and the love that I had from all the fans. The letters and the pictures and the efforts that all of you go to say that you appreciate what I’ve done. It’s … I’m trying to think of the words to say and I can’t. It’s to much and it’s been incredible and I’m so thankful and grateful and it’s been an unforgettable time because of how you have opened to me. So thank you all very very much. All my love to you all. Thank you.


"Für all Ihre Fans..."

Phantom2001: Thank You Colby !

Man möge mir bitte meine Tippfehler verzeihen und vielleicht habe ich das eine oder andere Wort auch nicht richtig verstanden oder so…wie gesagt, mit Luciano im Background war das alles nicht so einfach. Wir haben übrigens noch ein nettes Foto gemacht. Zu sehen, wenn es denn Entwickelt ist, auf dieser Seite.

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