Va. CPS may keep records of unfounded complaints, court rules

See U.S. Court of Appeals Hodge v. Jones USDC at Baltimore (7/19/94). Where CPS investigation of PAs yielded no substantial finding and child's arm injured by infection not abuse per medical expert, and PAs asked to view record and for expungement, court held and federal appeals court affirmed that the shadow over the parents was less than the need to maintain abuse allegation records. PAs barred from seeing record of the investigation. Both PAs hold national security clearances mandatory for their jobs. Even this threat of job loss was not deemed to reached threshold of negative impact because the clearances are not -property- within the meaning of tangible deprivation resulting from government action.

Is this what Gov. Allen and senate candidate North intend by way of protecting citizens from unwarranted government intrusion into familial privacy?

This is now the law in Va, Md etc.

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