Celtic Art and Embroidery

In the book Celtic Embroicery, illustrated by Robert Kalthoff, text by Gerry Hubbell, we present 118 Celtic patterns, suitable for embroidery, and also leatherwork, woodcarving, quilting, and even tattoos. The book is written with embroidery in mind, so there's also discussion on materials, colors, stitches, as well as an introduction to the art and the clothing of the Celtic renaissance, that is, that time between the Saxon and Danish invasions of the British Isles, or roughly, 600-900 of the common era

  So knotwork is Celtic, right? Actually, no, interlaced designs are the result of Saxon influence (see the book, pages 33 and following). That's not to say that the Celts didn't make it their own, but they had a lot of influences from their neighbors. The style they created was one of extraordinary brilliance - one of their masterpieces, the Book of Kells, was described by a medieval scribe as "the work of Angels, not men." Did they embroider? Here's a sample of the writing in the book. The patterns are taken from original artifacts from all over the Celtic world, and would also work if you were using the original media of manuscripts, stone, wood, pottery or metal.
  Here's a sample of how we work to create the patterns.  
  The first item is the lion of St Mark from the Book of Kells.  
  The second is the drawing that was used as the embroidery pattern.  
  The third is the finished piece.  
  Here, we have a drawing of an ornament from a flagon, and this is how it comes alive with color. 
  The second pair is a snake from the Book, of Kells, and how it develops with color 
  Stats on the book:  
  It's 116 pages, 54 of which are the text, and every page has illustrations. There are six pages of bibliography for those of you who would like to compare pattern to original, or to study on your own. The book is spiral bound to lie flat, because we want you to be able to transfer the patterns.
  Celtic Embroidery Book    
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