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"My deep thanks to both of you for a great experience to learn more about Authentic Happiness and for lots of opportunities to increase my happiness, to impact the happiness of my clients, to deepen my thinking and to broaden my questions!!!!!"

Judy Allison, Ph.D

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, classes so far, and feel that they have a tremendous amount of value for coaches. Kudos to you all for putting together such a brilliant program!"

Deb Giffen, Master Certified Coach

"Just wanted to let you know that I am on fire.....the first AH pod was fantastic!! Lots of great sharing, authenticity, warmth, intimacy, hope, happiness, etc!! Marty, the "positive story" exercise was amazing. They embraced the exercise and each other."

Betsy Rodriguez LMFT, CPCC, Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, Pod Leader

"I'm writing to thank you for one of the most outstanding classes I've ever taken. Each successive class seems to have more impact than the previous one even though I thought the first was as good as it could get! Each one moves me in a different way. I'm extremely grateful."

Nevin Lantz, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist

"It was wonderful to hear you again today! I have to say, your lectures are such a highlight of my week. I really treasure having this opportunity to hear what you have to say and often wish the class would go longer so I could hear even more."

Michael Burgess, Executive Vice President Talent & Events, Better Life Media


The Authentic Happiness Coaching Program
is the training program (delivered by teleconference call) run by the legendary psychologist, Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D., and Ben Dean, Ph.D, CEO of MentorCoach and eCoach. This program prepares coaches, counselors, therapists, educators, and other professionals to apply the cutting edge principles of Positive Psychology in their work with their clients. We include happiness tests, the latest research, and new interventions and exercises.

Fall 2004 Program
We are currently enrolling for our Fall 2004 Authentic Happiness Coaching Program which will begin on October 28, 2004. Please go to Program Information to register. We also have some special reimbursements.

Positive Psychology Luminaries
In addition, our 2004 Program will have guest lectures from an unprecedented array of Positive Psychology luminaries. To see our guest faculty, click here.

Program Graduates
Find Program Graduates of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program.


To participate in an information call with Marty Seligman: The next live question-and-answer conference call on the upcoming Authentic Happiness Coaching Program will be on Oct 14th at 8 p.m. eastern time (New York time). We invite you to register for this free conference call.

To hear a previously recorded information call, dial 212-461-2737 [only normal long distance charges apply].

To hear what our participants are saying about the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, call 212-461-8615 [only normal long distance charges apply].

To read what our participants are saying about the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, click here.

To hear Dr. Seligman talk more about the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, you may call 212-461-2688 any time, day or night. There is no charge for the audiopodium; only the normal long distance charges apply.