12 October

Blog Spam!

Like Steve and almost every other blogger, I'm fighting a battle against blogspammers.

My new weapon in this battle is SpamAssassin combined with a script called (for some as-yet-unknown reason) babycart.

I've had modest success integrating SpamAssassin with COREBlog. I'm hoping to kick in some Bayes filtering, too since I think that's the future of Spam catching.

Email me if you see any spam on this (or other Askingforthirds sites).

And if you see any self-professed blogspammers, do me a favor and kill them.

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07 October

Corporate Champ!

While futzing around at work, I wrote some (marginally useful) search plugins for Mozilla Firefox.

Not too notable except that I thought that the search plugins were useful enough to share with co-workers (and other interested parties), and since I have a login to the Red Hat corporate blog, it seemed like the easiest way to bring the plugins some attention.

So, now and forever, I my contribution has been enshrined on Red Hat's website.
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23 September

Chuck Sighting!

I went to see one of my favorite authors yesterday: Chuck Palahniuk.

He was in town to do a reading of his work.

Long time readers (and friends) will know that I have seen Chuck before. This time, though, my lovely fiancee came with me.

This was a bit of a surprise, since Erin is not a big fan of the twisted stuff that Chuck writes.

When I followed Chuck's website's advice and got there an hour and a half early, that kind of got her off on the wrong foot.

Fortunately, Chuck read a gripping story called 'Guts' which gave Erin alot of entertainment. While she seemed to enjoy the story, she really enjoyed watching me squirm while he read it. Apparently, a bunch of people faint while hearing Chuck read this story. And it happened when he read it last night. While he seemed somewhat sympathetic to the guy who fainted, he quickly said "56"... His count of the number of folks who have fainted while hearing this story.

Erin (the nurse), thought the story was pretty gross (and fun), but was really enjoying watching me squirm. Meanwhile, I once again marvel at the man who appears to be "living the dream".
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02 September

The Library

In my (apparently vain) pursuit of 50 books in a year, I have become intimately familiar (and somewhat enamored) with the UNC Library.

While I was in school, I avoided the library. Not so much because I was a philistine, but because I figured I'd be forced to go there on a regular basis...

My argument was something like:
"One day, I'll be required to go to the library (I mean, I'm in college for pete's sake), and then I'll regret volunteering to spend time there."

The thing is, I was never required to go to the library.

Surprisingly (ha!), a computer science major is not expected to log alot of time in the library. (Instead, they are expected to be hunched over a computer in their dorm room.)

So, flash-forward to my present situation... I'm strapped for cash after changing jobs and paying for parts of an upcoming wedding. Plus, I have committed to do my best to acheive reading 50 books in a year.

Enter: The UNC Library.

Nowadays, I take time out of my daily schedule to find books that I may want to read. And I look forward to the weekends as a time that I can go to the UNC Library.

My feelings toward the library have affected me so deeply that I'm kind of regretting my tech-support/programmer/techie career and instead, I wish I had become a librarian...
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29 August

Phillies are tanking / On this day...

(I suspect that not many folks will see this post when its appropriate)

Even though they have take 5 of the last 5 from the Brewers, the Phillies are 1-12 in their past 13 games against non-Brewers teams.


I added a new feature to this website during this plummet in order to demonstrate just how lousy the Phillies have been during the final stretch:

"On This Day" indicates what I wrote about on this day a year ago and it is tucked between 'Archives' and the 'Quotes, Stunts, Jokes, and Friends' navigation sections in the right hand navigation bar. (It will not appear there at all when there was no post one year ago)

Guess what? On this day (August 29th, 2003) the Phillies were tanking.

History is repeating itself.
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