DanChess  is the first and only chess engine from Ethiopia.
It doesn't have its own graphical user interface but it can be used with chess GUIs which can support the Winboard Protocols(I or II).
Download WinBoard / XBoard or Arena now unless you like to play on a dos window.

Its strength is around 2400ELO and its playing style is more positional. It values space control and mobility of pieces highly.Sometimes it may display a positive score even if it is down by a pawn.

With each download you will find the following files
1) Dan.exe or DanChess.exe
2) Book.dat - The default book to be used  for tournaments
created from a collection of grand master games by Oliver Deuville.
3) DanChess.bmp - Logo for DanChess created by David Dahlem
4) Readme.txt - Read all about what's new here.
5) DanChess.ini - here you can change settings and personalities

Download DanChess and have fun!

Downloads: DanChess 1.07(new)
DanChess 1.06
DanChess 1.05
Dann Corbit compiles:

This compiles are highly recommended for tournaments because they are usually 20%
faster.Thanks Dann!
DanChess 1.07-DC(new)
DanChess 1.06-DC

Older versions:

DanChess 1.00
DanChess 1.01
DanChess 1.02
DanChess 1.03
DanChess 1.04
DanChess 1.04a
DanChess 1.04b
DanChess 1.04c
DanChess 1.04d

Also source code of  DanChess 1.04a is available for download at Dann Corbit's ftp.


Programming Topics Bruce Moreland's chess programming tutorial
TSCP This is the perfect place to start Chess programming.The source code  for TSCP is free and it is so well commented that it is easy to understand even with out a chess programming tutorial .But that doesn't mean it is weak Actually it is so strong that I bet it well take a month of continuous programming to get your new engine beat TSCP.

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Last Updated October 8,2004