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Quantum-Touch® is a method of hands-on healing.  It teaches simple breathing and body awareness exercises.  It blends well with other complementary medicine modalities and can be learned by anyone. This method of healing invokes all cells and systems of the body, from DNA to the bones, to effortlessly respond.  Participants learn to focus and amplify life-force energy, which is most often referred to as Chi or Prana.

This course will include the following components:

●The history of Quantum-Touch® and basic its principles

●The basic energy exercises of Quantum-Touch®

●Breathing Techniques

●Practice healing sessions

●The five basic energy patterns

●Additional techniques including slope breathing, tones and vortexing the energy

●Resonance factors

●Working with chakras

Group healing

A free introductory seminar will be held on Friday, November 26, 2004 from 7 – 9 p.m. Participants must register for this session.

Mel Feigen
is a Senior Teacher of Quantum-Touch®; one of the “original five” trained by Richard Gordon and certified by Quantum-Touchâ.  Mel graduated from the University of California and has been teaching high school science for many years.  A practitioner, an instructor, ‘science guy’ and consummate learner, Mel continues his quest to seek out and explore the world of energy.  He works with diverse healing techniques from Asian healers such as various QI-Gong techniques, to being initiated onto the path of the Inca Shaman.  Mel has also studied at the Southern California Psychic Institute and is well versed in many healing modalities.  He teaches workshops all over the United States and in Canada.  He has been very successful in healing people with different afflictions.

Tammy Mead Tammy graduated from the State University of New York, in Albany, with a B.Sc. in biology and chemistry, and worked in the computer industry for several years.  It was not until 1992, when diagnosed with a serious chronic illness, that she set aside the time to again study and research biological science.  Between her research and her personal experiences, she found allopathic methods of treating chronic illnesses often ineffective.  These observations and experiences eventually led to metaphysical and spiritual research.  Tammy strongly feels energy medicine was pivotal in her healing, and when introduced to Quantum- Touch® in October of 2002, was immediately drawn to the modality.  Her unique experience with her illness enables her to bring a different perspective about healing and she strives to give others the hope and encouragement they need to experience their own miracles.

Course Code: QUANT101
Location: CCNM
Hours: 14

Course Dates: November 27 & 28, 2004
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Cost: $295
         $325 (at the door)
         $150 for those repeating the course


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