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In the next few decades, a growing number of older adults will challenge and transform our society. They will test the nation's financial and human resources and enrich traditional notions of "old age." They will require more elder-qualified health professionals and force our nation to reshape and improve health care delivery to meet their needs.

Founded in 1929, The John A. Hartford Foundation is a committed champion of health care, training, research and service system innovations that will ensure the well-being and vitality of older adults. Its overall goal is to increase the nation's capacity to provide effective, affordable care to its rapidly increasing older population. Today, the Foundation is America's leading philanthropy with a sustained interest in aging and health.

Through its grantmaking, the John A. Hartford Foundation seeks specifically to:

  • Enhance and expand the training of doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals who care for older adults, and
  • Promote innovations in the integration and delivery of services for all older Americans.

Recognizing that its commitment alone is not sufficient to ensure the improvements it seeks, the John A. Hartford Foundation invites and encourages innovative partnerships with other foundations and funders, as well as public, non-profit and private groups dedicated to improving the health of older adults.

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Report of the Chairman

  September 24, 2004