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Reiki - Level 1

Learn to channel the universal life force energy in Reiki. This nine-hour workshop will teach you how laying your hands on yourself or others can help accelerate the healing process through the transfer of magnetic energy.


● What is Reiki?
● History of Reiki
● Benefits of Reiki from level I learning (physical)
● Demonstration of Hand positions for:
● Self Treatment
   ● Treating Others
   ● Treatment Protocol
● Reiki for plants and animals
● Explanation of Chakra Systems
● Practice Sessions
● Case Studies assigned
Reiki level I symbols

Sharon Oliver, BA, RA
After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Toronto, Sharon became interested in holistic medicine. She began to study Reiki and eighteen years later she has furthered her education to include the areas of Auricular Hygiene, Reflexology and Feng Shui.

For several years, Sharon ran a private practice called The Healing Room in downtown Toronto. She maintains a part-time practice from her home. She continued to teach various levels of Reiki during those years.

Course Date: October 9, 16 & 30
Time: 10 a.m. 1 p.m.
Cost: $150.00


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