These ten companies, listed alphabetically, make this year's coveted Top 10 list. They set the standard when it comes to the family-friendly programs and policies that mothers need to balance work and life.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Widely used flex-scheduling options and on-site child-care facilities as well as high numbers of women attending advancement and leadership training all help to make this pharmaceutical company a standout.
Discovery Communications Inc.
This media and entertainment company pushes its way into the Top 10 with a generous paid maternity leave, comprehensive lactation support services and heavily utilized flexible work arrangements.
Eli Lilly and Company
With ample paid parental leave, generous adoption aid and a variety of well-attended advancement programs for women, this large pharmaceutical firm earns a well-deserved spot among our Top 10.
Retaining its reputation as a work/life leader, this hardware and software developer boasts high usage of flex-scheduling options, 156 weeks of job-protected parental leave and a full menu of child-care services.
Johnson & Johnson
Stellar on-site child-care benefits, manager training and accountability on work/life issues and family-friendly resources help this pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturer secure a spot among the best of the best.
JPMorgan Chase
This financial services powerhouse breaks into the Top 10 with a stellar paid maternity benefit, manager work/ life training and formal compensation policies that reward managers who help women advance.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
A full range of flexible scheduling options, a generous paid parental leave policy and highly attended programs designed to train and advance women place this global accounting firm among the best.
Prudential Financial Inc.
This insurance and financial services provider takes a spot at the top with a comprehensive lactation program, a range of flexible work arrangements and a commitment to women's advancement programs.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
An extensive array of family-friendly concierge services, manager training on work/life issues and ample paid leave for new parents keep this manufacturer of household products at the top.
Wachovia Corporation
This banking and financial services company holds its place in the Top 10 with extensive child-care benefits, a long menu of concierge services and some widely utilized flexible scheduling options.
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