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Current Champions

SCW Heavyweight Champion:
CW Anderson

Weight: ???
From: Raleigh, NC

More Info: CW won the title at SCW's Heatwave event in July of 2003. Dewey Cheatum had been stripped for no-showing the event and CW faced fellow Brotherhood member Otto Schwanz to capture the title.

Heavyweight Rankings

1. Otto Schwanz
2. Seymour Snott
3. Spank 
4. Major DeBeers
5. Boris Dragoff 
6. Scab 
7. Trailer Park Heat 
8. Ricky Morton
9. Joey Matthews
10. Brad Attitude

SCW NC Champion:
Seymour Snott

Weight: 195 lbs
From: Silicon Valley, CA

Snott has reigned supreme as the NC champion in 2002 and 2003. He has defeated fellow nerd Mervin Snead in a Silicon Valley Street fight and gone head to head with the best SCW has to offer!

NC Title Rankings

Determined by Heavyweight contenders.

SCW Brass Knuckles Champion:
Trailer Park Heat

Weight: 250 lbs.
From: Stem, NC

More Info: Trailer Park showed his intellect and tenacity by using the 24/7 hardcore rules to his advantage at SCW Heatwave where his won this title.

BrassKnuckle Rankings

1. Major DeBeers
2. Duke Richards
3. Scab
4. Kross
5. Scotty Matthews

SCW Tag Team Champions:
The Nerds!

These two debuted at the SCW 9th Anniversary event and took the crowd and SLAM by surprise by winning the titles!

Tag Team Rankings

1. Sex, Love, And Money
2. Major DeBeers & Boris Dragoff
3. Joey Matthews & Christian York
4. Frank parker & Roger Anderson
5. Brent Rage & Dorian DeVille

SCW Diva Champion:
Alexis Laree

Alexis has played many roles in SCW over the years and her most recent was the manager of Christian York and Joey Matthews. She has dominated the female "Diva" matches and has held the belt for the better part of it's existence.

Diva Title Rankings


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