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Weissbier "Pshenychne Etalon" is internationally recognized as world's best!

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After having been awarded with a gold medal World Beer Cup© 2004, for the first time ever in Ukraine and in the CIS countries the domestically produced beer "Pshenychne Etalon" has been recognized the best in its category of wheat beer during the Brewing Industry International Awards - the most prestigious international beer competition held in Europe. The Ukrainian beer under "Pshenychne Etalon"TM has been awarded with a gold medal in the category of wheat beer during the BIIA Award Ceremony on May 25, in London.

"Ukraine has started attacking! Firstly Ruslana created a furor at Eurovision, and now the East Europeans won a gold medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards 2004, in the category typical for Germans", - emphasizes Hamburger Abendblatt. "It is a complex beer with an intense aroma, " commented the jury at the prestigious "Brewing Industry International Awards 2004" at the Guildhall in London (Die Welt). "Ukraine wins beer honors - with German know-how" entitled its article the Holland edition Expatica, emphasizing on the German origin of wheat beer.

Unprecedented for the Ukrainian brewing industry, a success in the international competition is undisputed proof of the competitiveness of the domestically produced beer on the world market. The highest mark of Weissbier by the world experts enables introducing the domestically produced wheat beer on the world market and strengthens the image of all Ukrainian products among foreign consumers as the results of these prestigious beer competitions, held in the Old and in the New World twice a year, are overviewed by millions of beer lovers all over the world.

The almost simultaneous victory of beer brewed in "no typical" country - producer in the both prestigious competitions - a rare event in the brewing industry - has been taken as one of the main sensations this year. More than 500 VIP representatives of the world brewing and media visited the London Award Ceremony of Brewing Industry International Awards 2004 and their attention was drawn to the Ukrainian "novice" that had left all its competitors and thereupon to the whole Ukrainian brewing industry.

"A double victory among German competitors in their "native" category"* is a tremendous success that cannot be casual", "Before this summer even the most experienced among brewers knew only one - two Ukrainian brands that they often confused with the Russian ones. Now it is possible to forecast the interest splash to the Ukrainian brewing industry" - expressed their opinions many experts after the second victory of the domestically produced Weissbier. (*Bronze and silver medals presented to the producers from Germany - Weissbier's birthplace).

The Brewing Industry International Awards - the most prestigious international beer competition held in Europe. First run in 1886 in Great Britain, the competition is dubbed the oscar of the brewing industry - and with good reason. This year 822 beers from 48 countries all over the world entered the Competition. This record number and producers' activity is due to that the central precept over recent years has been 'to reward the commercial worth of the beer quality.' This ties the event firmly to the brewers and makes it invaluable for the brewing industry. The most experienced brewers judge the competition. All entries are blind tested meaning that the beers remain anonymous and only marked with numbers in each of 24 categories. Among those who have accepted an invitation to judge in 2004 are experienced brewers representing breweries in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Romania, USA, and the UK. Weissbier "Pshenychne Etalon" has been awarded with a gold medal in the wheat beer category.


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