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F1 Championship Season 2000

Gamers, start your engines. You're about to plunge into the rushing, roaring world of Formula One racing. F1 Championship Season 2000 puts you on the track (17 of them, actually) to race against all the big-name drivers or up to seven of your friends on a local network.

Rookies will want to start with Formula One Driving School, where you learn the basics of F1 driving, such as starting the race and taking tight turns.

As you become a better F1 driver, you'll appreciate this sim's realistic physics and almost infinite customizability; you can adjust every mechanical aspect of your car, as well as track and weather conditions and the skill level of your computer-controlled opponents.

The driving is intense, with cheering spectators, skidding tires, and the guttural sound of engines ringing in your ears. If you bang into someone, the damage affects your car's performance. Most damage can be fixed in pit stops, but these take up time.

Choose from 22 authentic cars (go, Minardi!) and take them out on any of 17 authorized tracks, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the streets of Monte Carlo. There are four driving modes. Test Day allows a choice of track and as many laps as you wish, with no time limit. Quick Race pits you against competition in a single race. Grand Prix gives you a weekend of racing on the circuit. And finally, there is the Championship Season itself, with cutthroat races at all 17 tracks.

A promised force-feedback patch should be available by the time you read this, which will add to the white-knuckle fun that is F1 Championship Season 2000. —John Lee

GOOD NEWS: Life in the fast lane. Muscle cars. Tons of options. Keen feel for speed.
BAD NEWS: Requires a hot-rod Mac to keep the traffic moving.
COMPANY: Feral Interactive
PRICE: $49.95
REQUIREMENTS: 333MHz G3 (500MHz recommended), Mac OS 9.1 or 10.1 or later, 128MB RAM, 32MB 3D graphics card, OpenGL 1.2