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Freedom Force

Slip into your most colorful tights and come join the Freedom Force in Patriot City. Prepare to squash hordes of rampaging supervillains, dinosaurs, robots, and the alien minions of the evil Lord Dominion.

Freedom Force, a nostalgic tip of the hat to Silver Age comic heroes, is a squad-based, tactical role-playing game that takes RPG elements out of castles and dungeons and plops them down in the middle of Main Street, USA. And it's more fun than a barrel of cape-clad monkeys.

In true comic-book style, the villainous alien Lord Dominion has decided to sprinkle Energy-X--a mysterious, superpower-creating substance--on Earth's nastiest criminals, creating a race of supervillains to help him destroy the good guys. But a rebel alien steals Energy-X and flees. As fate would have it, the rebel gets shot down and canisters of purple gook rain on our planet, affecting good and evil folks alike.

MinuteMan (one of the good ones) quickly builds his Freedom Force, adding other Energy-X affected superheroes. Missions are squad based, with up to four heroes taking on primary and secondary objectives. You get experience points for succeeding, and you can use them to upgrade your superpowers.

The missions and battle sequences are such fun that you'll want to try missions again with different squads just to see how they turn out. You'll fight a wide array of creatures and robots, and you can use all manner of interactive objects in the fray. Need a club? Uproot a lamp post. Want to throw something? Pick up the nearest car.

This game rocks. 'Nuf said. —John Lee

GOOD NEWS: Colorful comic visuals. Solid strategy game. Pure fun to play.
BAD NEWS: You'll be tempted to wear a cape and leotards in public, and that's a no-no.
PRICE: $39.99
REQUIREMENTS: 400MHz G4, Mac OS 10.1.5, 192MB RAM, any ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce video card