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Studio Psaier: 3 Generations of fine art

The Studio Psaier is the legacy of three generations of internationally acclaimed artists named Pietro Psaier. The artist Pietro Psaier first opened his studio in Italy during the 1950's while he was working closely with Enzo Ferrari to design a new look for the Ferrari racecar.
In 1939 Pietro had a son. He was named after his father and trained in the fine arts to carry on the family legacy. This generation of Psaier is best known for his paintings with close friend Andy Warhol from the factory in New York. After a very successful and colorful career, Pietro Psaier retired in 1989 to pursue a life of simplicity & enlightenment in Tibet.
That same year his son Peter (born in 1963) relocated the Psaier studio from New York to Madrid where he continued the family tradition of fine art. After more than a decade the Studio Psaier has returned to the United States.
Paintings from Peter Psaier are now available from the newly relocated Studio Psaier in Los Angeles.







Pietro Psaier
Pietro Psaier
Pietro Psaier
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