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W stands for Wrong

Wrong for Health Care

Health Care Premiums Up $3,512. Since George W. Bush took office, family health care premiums have skyrocketed by $3,512. Families now pay 64 percent more than they did four years ago for health care.
[Kaiser Family Foundation]

Medicare Premiums Have Increased 56 Percent Under Bush. Under Medicare Part B, which pays for doctors visits and outpatient hospital services, Medicare beneficiaries will be forced to pay 17% more on their monthly premiums, representing "the largest increase in the program's 40-year history." According to CMS calculations, 15% of the premium increase will go directly from Medicare beneficiaries' pocketbooks to HMOs every year.
[New York Times, 9/4/04; AdvancePCS, 8/25/03; Medicare Rights Center, 11/14/03]

Bush proposed a $16 billion cut in Medicaid over 10 years. The President's 2005 budget proposes to cut Medicaid by $16 billion over 10 years. This proposal at a time when 45 million Americans are uninsured - 5 million more than when George Bush took office.
[Office of Management and Budget, 2005 Budget, Table S-8; Census]

Bush Failed to Protect Seniors. Despite the fact that drug costs are skyrocketing, George Bush prohibited Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices on behalf of America's seniors and opposed allowing the importation of affordable, safe prescription drugs from Canada. The drug industry spent over $150 million lobbying on this issue.

Bush Proposed Doubling Cost of Prescription Drugs for Veterans. George Bush proposed doubling the co-pay for middle-income veterans from $7 to $15.