Wook : a new design by Bruno Legaignoux

The Wook is Franz Olry's latest toy for playing in the waves in total freedom !

The new 4 line Wook, designed by Bruno Legaignoux, is the ideal wing for riders on difficult water surfaces or simply who want to progress their general riding fast without being limited by their equipment. Its medium aspect ratio means it's easy to re-launch and is very stable.

The wing tips have incorporate a new design of Dacron load spreading reinforcements to make the wings even more solid.


area m²
6.026 > 40
7.522 > 35
9.516 > 28
12.010 > 23
14.08 > 17
16.56 > 15


Main advantages :
Suitability : Freeride, advanced waveriding, intermediate level kiteboarders and wake/skate style.
  • No over-powering, high speed potential
  • Multiple adjustment options for rear lines
  • Super stable and wide wind range
  • Highly efficient power-up / de-power system
  • Aspect ratio and wing profile vary according to wing size
  • Excellent re-launch

    Using the Wook kite in conjunction with the Takoon DreamBar 2 control bar will optimise your power-up / de-power system and give you real control over its power. The wind range is very wide and sailing is always comfortable no matter what the wind conditions. (specially for largeur size)


Color range :


Kite bag :


You can find more pictures of the kites in the "Photo Gallery" section of this web site.