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2004-10-15benchfft 2.0nb1Benchmark your machine with a number of FFT algorithms
2004-05-09bonnie++ 1.03aEnhanced performance Test of Filesystem I/O
2004-02-10bonnie 2.06Performance Test of Filesystem I/O
2004-02-10bytebench 4.1.0BYTE Magazine's Public Domain benchmark for UNIX
2004-02-10dbench 1.3Simulation of the Ziff-Davis netbench benchmark
2004-02-10dhrystone 2.1Reinhold Weicker's DHRYSTONE 2.1 integer benchmark
2004-02-10fib 980203Mathematical benchmark
2004-02-10flops 2.0Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
2004-10-15hbench 1.0nb1Suite of portable benchmarks to measure the OS and the hardware
2004-02-10heapsort 1.0Benchmark program for variable sized arrays
2004-02-10hint.serial 98.06.12Scalable benchmark for testing CPU and memory performance
2004-02-10httperf 0.6Popular web server benchmarking program
2004-02-10iozone 3.217Benchmark for file read and write speed
2004-02-10kttcp 20020711kttcp kttcp kernel network throughput benchmark
2004-02-10linpack-bench 940225Collection of benchmarks for floating point
2004-05-09lmbench 2.11aComplete benchmark that gives a large amount of information
2004-04-08netio 1.14nb1Network benchmark for DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT/2000 and Unix
2004-02-10netpipe 2.4TCP/PVM/MPI testing and performance measuring tool
2004-02-10nettest 92.11.09Performs client and server functions for timing data throughput
2004-02-10nsieve 1.2bSieve of Eratosthenes benchmark
2004-02-10nttcp 1.47New TCP testing and performance measuring tool
2004-02-23paranoia 960101Highly paranoid test of IEEE 754 conformance
2004-10-04postal 0.62nb2Tool for benchmarking SMTP/POP servers
2004-02-10postmark 1.5NetApps file system benchmark
2004-02-10randread 0.1Program to help benchmark random disk read performance
2004-10-15skampi 4.0.1nb2MPI (Message Passing Interface) benchmarks
2004-08-03ttcp 1.12nb2TCP testing and performance measuring tool
2004-02-10whetstone 1.2Benchmark for processors that gives you a MIPS rating
2004-04-07xengine 1.0.1nb1Reciprocating engine for X

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