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2004-10-15atlc 4.2.10nb1Calculates the impedance of arbitrary cross section transmission lines
2004-10-15boolean 6.4nb5GDSII viewer/editor + (boolean) operations on sets of 2d polygons
2004-02-10cascade 1.4Simple tool to analyze noise and distortion of a RF system
2004-05-09covered 0.2.2Verilog code coverage analyzer (stable release version)
2004-05-09covered-current 20040211Verilog code coverage analyzer (development snapshot)
2004-10-04dinotrace 9.1knb2Tool for viewing the output of digital simulators
2004-10-15dinotrace-mode 9.1iEmacs major mode for dinotrace
2004-10-15eagle 4.11Easy to use printed circuit board editor
2004-10-04electric 6.05nb2Electrical CAD system
2004-10-15fastcap 2.0.19920918Fast 3-D capacitance solver
2004-09-21fasthenry 3.0.19961112Three-dimensional inductance extraction program
2004-10-15felt 3.05nb1Free system for introductory level finite element analysis
2004-10-15gattrib 20040313nb1Attribute editor for gEDA
2004-02-10gdsreader 0.3GDS-II stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
2004-10-15geda 20040111nb1Toolset for automating electronic design
2004-03-10geda-docs 20040111HTML documentation for gEDA
2004-03-10geda-examples 20040111Examples for gEDA
2004-03-10geda-symbols 20040111Library of symbols for gEDA
2004-10-15geda-utils 20040111nb1Set of utilities for gEDA
2004-10-15gerbv 0.16nb1Gerber file viewer
2004-10-15gnetlist 20040111nb1Netlist generation program
2004-10-15gnetman 20040507nb1Advanced Netlister and Netlist Manipulation Database for gEDA
2004-10-15gnucap 0.34nb1General purpose circuit simulator
2004-10-15gschem 20040111nb2Schematic capture tool
2004-10-15gsmc 1.1nb1Smith charting program
2004-10-15gsymcheck 20040111nb1EDA (Electronic Design Automation) symbol checker
2004-10-15gtkwave 2.0.0pre3.20030319nb3Electronic waveform viewer
2004-10-15gwave 20030804nb1Viewer for spice-like simulator output and other analog data
2004-10-15ipal-current 20001210nb3Libs and utils for manipulating PAL designs (development version)
2004-10-15libgeda 20040111nb2Library of shared modules for gEDA
2004-05-09magic 7.1nb1Integrated circuit layout system
2004-02-27mcalc 1.5JavaScript based microstrip analysis/synthesis calculator
2004-10-15mpac 0.2.2nb1Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator
2004-10-15ng-spice 14nb2Next generation circuit simulation program
2004-02-27ntesla 1.7Tesla coil design program
2004-10-15oregano 0.20nb12Application for schematic capture/simulation of electrical circuits
2004-04-07pcb 1.6.3nb3X11 interactive printed circuit board layout system
2004-10-15pcb-current 20040903nb1Printed circuit board layout system (development snapshot version)
2004-10-07py23-MyHDL 0.2Hardware description in Python
2004-10-15qcad 1.5.4nb42D CAD System
2004-02-27simian 2.12-dimensional interconnect and transmission line simulator
2004-02-27simian-docs 2.1PDF manual for SIMIAN
2004-10-15spice 3f5.1nb1General-purpose circuit simulation program
2004-05-09spiceprm 0.11Spice preprocessor for parameterized subcircuits
2004-10-15tkgate 1.6inb3Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator
2004-09-27tnt 1.2.2Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission Line 2-D and 2.5-D simulator
2004-10-15tnt-mmtl 1.2.2nb1Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission Line 2-D and 2.5-D simulator
2004-10-15transcalc 0.13nb4Transmission line analysis/synthesis
2004-02-27verilog 0.7Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (stable release version)
2004-10-04verilog-current 20040915nb1Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (development snapshot version)
2004-10-15verilog-mode 3.60Verilog mode for Emacs
2004-10-15ViPEC 3.1.3nb1Network analyser for electrical networks
2004-10-15xchiplogo 19991222nb4Program for generating pretty logos on VLSI chips
2004-10-15xcircuit 3.1.19nb2Drawing program for X11 (especially for circuits)

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