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Leadership. Innovation. Commitment to Members.

This is a company that started 19 years ago when one man thought it would be a good idea to make the power of the Internet available to the average consumer. In the years since, America Online has grown to a company of 19,000 people serving a community of more than 30 million members worldwide. Here's how it happened:


August 4, 2004 AOL announces acquisition of Mailblocks Inc., personal, Web-based e-mail service for consumers known for using state-of-the-art technology to block spam and provide streamlined, efficient e-mail user interface
July 12, 2004 AOL News announces it will offer live interactive gavel-to-gavel coverage of 2004 Democratic and Republican conventions
June 22, 2004 Anti-spam technical alliance that includes AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo! and EarthLink publishes industry recommendations to help stop spam
May 20, 2004 AOL announces spam in member in-boxes down by 20%-30%
May 17, 2004  New AOL Diet & Fitness channel launched through content partnerships with Health Magazine, Cooking Light, and
May 14, 2004 AOL announces it blocked more than one billion virus-infected e-mails in past year
May 6, 2004 AOL for Broadband launches new games destination with more online games, original programming, and video game discounts
April 27, 2004 AOL Journals introduces private journals and integration with AOL Alerts
April 22, 2004 AOL and Time Warner Cable reach agreements to cross-promote AOL for Broadband and Road Runner high-speed online services
April 21, 2004 AOL announces that members can access AOL Mail using popular third-party e-mail applications
April 20, 2004 ICQ introduces ICQ 4.0 offering dynamic personal communications platform to its growing global community
April 5, 2004 AOL 9.0 launches in UK with focus on new-generation communication and anti-spam tools
March 30, 2004 AOL music service MusicNet@AOL announces it has reached 250,000 subscribers; newly enhanced service now offers unlimited streaming and downloading of more than 600,000 songs for $8.9May month, a la carte burning of songs for 99 cents each
March 30, 2004 AOL announces it has seized a luxury Porsche sports car from a major spammer who AOL caught, thanks to members reporting spam
March 23, 2004 Stream of live Usher concert on AOL Broadband Rocks from New York City accessed nearly 900,000 times in first three days on AOL Music and Radio@AOL
March 16, 2004 AOL launches AOL Bill Pay, new personal finance service that allows AOL members to track and pay bills online and to manage their personal finances
March 11, 2004 AOL announces agreement with Covad Communications to offer AOL for broadband members a new class of broadband product, Broadband Connect, a high-speed DSL connection without any accompanying content or applications
March 10, 2004 AOL, EarthLink, Microsoft and Yahoo! team up to file first major industry lawsuits under new federal anti-spam law
March 4, 2004 ICQ launches ICQ Universe, a dynamic social-networking service that enables Internet users worldwide to link up with friends, family, colleagues and others to create a personal profile and access a dynamic view of the relationships between members
February 5, 2004 AOL launches latest upgrade of AOL Instant Messenger, AIM verison 5.5, with new features including live video instant-messaging compatible with Apple's popular iChat AV video conferencing application, online games, and account linking
February 3, 2004 AOL launches the RED service created exclusively for teens
January 8, 2004 Netscape launches low-cost Internet access service targeting value-conscious Internet users and providing unlimited dial-up usage for $9.95 a month
January 6, 2004 AOL announces it will make AOL Spyware Protection available as a standard feature to all its members; service will help AOL and AOL for Broadband members identify and disable many potential types of surveillance and advertising software

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December 11, 2003 AOL works with Virginia Attorney General in first criminal indictments under Virginia anti-spam law
October 15, 2003 AOL launches AOL 9.0 Optimized, the latest version for AOL and AOL for Broadband, the most compelling upgrade in the company's history
October 1, 2003 AOL launches AOL Latino, a Spanish-language Internet service for U.S. Hispanics
September 29, 2003 AOL launches the KOL(tm) and KOL Jr.(tm) services created exclusively for kids aged 2-12
April 30, 2003 AOL blocks more than 2 billion spam e-mails in one day on behalf of members
March 31, 2003 AOL launches AOL for Broadband; new Bring Your Own Access pricing includes special pricing for current AOL members; new AOL 8.0 Plus creates more compelling broadband experience; new content agreements and programming initiatives add to AOL's leadership in providing exclusive, on-demand, and compelling online programming.

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December 3, 2002 AOL and Time Warner's leading media companies combine to deliver unique content offerings to AOL members
November 18, 2002 AOL introduces Broadband Radio@AOL, first online radio service designed for AOL Broadband members
November 11, 2002 AOL launches AOL for Small Business for small-office/home-office market
November 4, 2002 AOL launches Enterprise AIM Services to help businesses manage use of instant messaging
October 23, 2002 New AOL version 8.0 sets record with more than 5 million downloads by AOL members in first two weeks
October 15, 2002 AOL launches AOL 8.0; announces end to third-party pop-ups; service reinforces commitment to providing timely, relevant content
October 08, 2002 AOL service in UK passes 2-million-member mark; launches �27.99 per month broadband package
October 1, 2002 AOL launches AOL AMBER Alerts with National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to use Internet to help locate, rescue abducted children
September 30, 2002 ICQ introduces ICQ Lite, small, quick, easy-to-use version of popular ICQ instant messaging and communications software
September 25, 2002 AOL and nation's largest wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, launch AIM service
August 29, 2002 Netscape launches Netscape 7.0 browser
August 21, 2002 Time Warner announces broad carriage agreement to make AOL Broadband available on number of AT&T; Comcast cable systems
August 09, 2002 AOL Music releases Nullsoft Winamp3, next-generation of popular audio player
August 7, 2002 Nextel launches AOL content, AIM and other services on nation's only all digital, national packet data network
July 24, 2002 AOL service surpasses 35 million members
June 19, 2002 AOL@School reaches more than 36% of K-12 schools in two years with presence in all 50 states
June 13, 2002 AOL Music announces expansion of popular Sessions@AOL with launch of regular half-hour online show
May 30, 2002 ICQ reaches milestone of 200 million downloads
May 1, 2002 AOL allies with Google for technology to power search areas of AOL, CompuServe,, Netscape
April 23, 2002 CompuServe 7.0 launches
April 23, 2002 AOL, Motorola agree to offer built-in AIM service on Motorola wiresless devices
March 20, 2002 AOL joins with Nextel to offer AOL services including e-mail and AIM over Nextel phones
February 5, 2002 MapQuest reaches milestone of more than 10 billion maps and routes served to consumers and businesses since launch in 1996
January 31, 2002 AT&T; Wireless announces AIM service available on select AT&T; Wireless phones
January 10, 2002 AOL launches AOL Alerts to deliver content, information to members through e-mail, AIM or variety of mobile and handheld devices
January 17, 2002 Rogers AT&T; Wireless teams with ICQ and AOL Canada Inc. to offer ICQ messaging on mobile devices in Canada
January 2, 2002 AOL passes $33 billion in member online spending in 2001 driven by record $11 billion fourth quarter

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December 11, 2001 ICQ Lite, new version of instant messaging product, lets users access ICQ account from any browser; ICQ 3.0X for Mac brings ICQ to Mac OSX users
December 11, 2001 New AOL for Mac OS X launched
November 08, 2001 VoiceStream Wireless introduces AIM service as built-in application on Nokia 3390 phone
October 22, 2001 New AOL version 7.0 sets record with more than 2.5 million downloads by AOL members in first five days
October 16, 2001 AOL launches AOL 7.0
October 16, 2001 AOL launches Radio@AOL
October 16, 2001 AOL services in Europe surpass 5 million members
September 5, 2001 AOL Latin America surpasses 1 million members
August 20, 2001 AOL launches Autos Channel
August 1, 2001 MapQuest releases mobile version making maps available on wireless PDAs
July 26, 2001 AIM 4.7 launches for Windows
July 23, 2001 AOL, announce alliance to develop and offer enhanced online shopping experience
July 23, 2001 AOL Music announces initiatives in online music
July 19, 2001 AOL aquires InfoInterActive Inc., leading developer and provider of Internet call management services
June 27, 2001 AOL, AT&T; Wireless announce plan to develop mobile service with customized version of AOL desktop service including mail, instant messaging, content
June 25, 2001 AOL service surpasses 30 million members
June 11, 2001 AOL and Legend Holdings, leading Chinese PC manufacturer and provider of interactive services in China, announce joint venture to develop consumer interactive services for Chinese market
June 7, 2001 AOL France surpasses 1 million member milestone with record subscriber growth and time online in past year
May 23, 2001 AOL members spend record $6.7 billion shopping online in first quarter 2001
May 22, 2001 AOL announces it will increase unlimited use plan by $1.95 to $23.90
May 21, 2001 AOL, VoiceStream Wireless launch AIM for VoiceStream's two-way interactive messaging service (SMS)
May 09, 2001 ICQ surpasses 100 million users
May 09, 2001 AOL, WebMD announce alliance to bring healthcare information and services to millions of online consumers
January 31, 2001 AOL membership outside U.S. surpasses 5 million members
January 11, 2001 AOL and Time Warner complete merger to create Time Warner
January 08, 2001 AOL launches AOL Mail Alerts service allowing members to send messages to their text-enabled digital cell phones or alphanumeric pagers

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October 24, 2000 AOL service surpasses 25 million members
September 5, 2000 AOL aquires iAmaze
August 31, 2000 AOL acquires
August 08, 2000 AOL Argentina launches
July 11, 2000 AOL Mexico launches
July 3, 2000 AOL acquires MapQuest Inc.
June 22, 2000 Winamp surpasses 25 million registrants
May 11, 2000 ICQ tops 65 million registered users
February 15, 2000 Netscape Netcenter reaches 25 million registrants
January 10, 2000 AOL and Time Warner announce plans to merge

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December 17, 1999 AOL service surpasses 20 million members
December 1, 1999 ICQ surpasses 50 million registered users
December 1, 1999 AOL acquires Tegic Communications
November 22, 1999 Stock splits two-for-one
November 16, 1999 AOL Brasil launches
October 20, 1999 AOL and Gateway announce strategic partnership
October 19, 1999 Netscape hits milestone of 20 million registrants
October 14, 1999 AOL Germany surpasses 1 million members
October 13, 1999 Motorola and AOL plan to develop wireless application
for AIM
September 28, 1999 AOL Hong Kong launches
August 24, 1999 AIM surpasses 45 million users; launches next-generation AIM Version 3.0
August 09, 1999 ICQ exceeds 40 million registered users 14 months after acquisition by AOL, more than tripling number of registered users
July 27, 1999 AOL and GTE partner to provide ADSL service
June 22, 1999 AOL and 3Com Corporation announce relationship to give AOL members access to e-mail via handheld computer for first time
June 21, 1999 AOL and Hughes Electronics form strategic alliance to market unparalleled digital entertainment and Internet services
June 21, 1999 AOL signs pacts with DIRECTV, Inc., Hughes Network Systems, Philips Electronics, and Network Computer, Inc. to help bring connected interactivity to TV experience
June 15, 1999 AOL acquires Digital Marketing Services, Inc., leader in online incentive marketing programs and online custom market research
June 1, 1999 AOL acquires leading Internet music brands, Winamp, and SHOUTcast
May 21, 1999 AOL completes acquisition of MovieFone, Inc.
April 5, 1999 AOL acquires When Inc.
March 17, 1999 AOL completes acquisition of Netscape Communications Corporation
March 11, 1999 AOL and SBC Communication announce partnership to deliver high-speed DSL access
February 22, 1999 Stock splits two-for-one
February 3, 1999 AOL and First USA announce agreement representing Internet's largest advertising and marketing partnership to date valued at up to $500 million
February 1, 1999 AOL announces intention to acquire MovieFone, Inc., nation's No. 1 movie listing and ticketing service
January 26, 1999 AOL Inc. surpasses 3 million AOL and CompuServe members outside U.S.
January 12, 1999 AOL and Bell Atlantic announce partnership to deliver high-speed DSL access

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December 30, 1998 AOL service surpasses 15 million members
December 22, 1998 Standard and Poor's announces AOL to be added to S&P; 500 Index
December 15, 1998 AOL and Cisneros Group announce Latin America joint venture
November 24, 1998 AOL announces acquisition of Netscape, strategic partnership with Sun Microsystems
November 17, 1998 Stock splits two-for-one
November 11, 1998 AOL announces acquisition of PersonaLogic, Inc.
October 7, 1998 AOL and Bertelsmann launch AOL Australia
July 23, 1998 AOL announces full deployment of V.90 standard
June 08, 1998 AOL announces intention to acquire Mirabilis LTD and its ICQ Technology
May 6, 1998 AOL announces intention to acquire NetChannel, Inc.
March 16, 1998 Stock splits two-for-one
February 2, 1998 AOL completes acquisition of CompuServe

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December 16, 1997 AOL service passes 1 million member mark outside U.S.
November 17, 1997 AOL service passes 10 million members; AOL now delivering more daily mail in form of e-mail and instant messages than U.S. Postal Service
October 27, 1997 AOL Studios launches Entertainment Asylum
October 7, 1997 AOL and Bertelsmann, AG announce plans to launch online service in Australia
September 08, 1997 AOL announces intention to acquire CompuServe Online Services
September 2, 1997 AOL service passes 9 million members
June 17, 1997 AOL Studios launches WorldPlay Entertainment
June 16, 1997 AOL service passes 750,000 members internationally
April 15, 1997 AOL Japan launches
March 10, 1997 AOL acquires Lightspeed Media to create original content for Greenhouse Entertainment Network
February 25, 1997 Multi-year, $100-million marketing deal announced with Tel-Save Holdings

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December 1, 1996 AOL introduces unlimited-use pricing plan of $19.95 per month
November 25, 1996 Excite becomes AOL's exclusive Internet search and directory service
September 16, 1996 Moves from Nasdaq to New York Stock Exchange listed under symbol "AOL"; Wall Street sign is changed to WAOL Street for the day
August 6, 1996 AOL acquires ImagiNation Network (INN) to expand multiplayer games offering
July 1, 1996 AOL launches version 3.0 for Windows
May 08, 1996 AOL announces joint venture with Mitsui and Nikkei to launch service in Japan
March 18, 1996 AOL France launches
March 12, 1996 Marketing distribution alliances announced with Apple and AT&T.; Browser partnerships announced with Microsoft and Netscape Communications. Licensing and developing agreement announced with Sun Microsystems.
February 6, 1996 AOL service passes 5 million members
February 1, 1996 AOL acquires Johnson-Grace, leading developers of data compression technology
January 31, 1996 AOL UK and AOL Canada launch

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December 28, 1995 AOL service exceeds 4.5 million members
November 08, 1995 Developers Studio launched to provide AOL software tools to third-party developers
November 08, 1995 PC Magazine, Family PC Magazine, Online Access Magazine and Information Industry Association rate AOL
"Best Consumer Online Service"
October 19, 1995 AOL completes sale of previously registered shares at $58.38
October 30, 1995 Launch of GNN, AOL's direct Internet service
September 22, 1995 AOL acquires Ubique, Ltd., creator of Virtual Places
September 19, 1995 Registration filed for secondary offering of 3,500,000 shares
July 6, 1995 AOL service passes 3 million members
June 1, 1995 Acquires Global Network Navigator (GNN) as platform for direct Internet service; acquires WebCrawler search tool
May 22, 1995 AOL acquires WAIS, Internet publisher, and Medior, developer of interactive media
May 3, 1995 AOL service exceeds 2.5 million members
April 27, 1995 Stock splits two-for-one
April 3, 1995 First participants of Greenhouse announced: The eGG, Health ResponseAbility Systems, InterZine Productions, The Motley Fool, NetNoir, and Health Zone
March 1, 1995 Joint venture with Bertelsmann, AG announced to create European online services
February 21, 1995 AOL service passes 2 million members
February 17, 1995 Acquires ANS, commercial Internet access provider

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December 29, 1994 AOL acquires BookLink Technologies, developer of Internet applications
November 30, 1994 AOL acquires NaviSoft, developer of Internet publishing tools
November 28, 1994 Stock splits two-for-one
November 17, 1994 Greenhouse launched to develop original content online
August 19, 1994 AOL acquires Redgate Communications, multimedia publishing company
August 16, 1994 AOL service reaches 1 million members

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December 7, 1993 Secondary offering for 1,000,000 shares
December 1993 AOL service exceeds 500,000 members
January 1993 Windows version of AOL launched

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March 19, 1992 AOL goes public on NASDAQ market at original price of $11.50, under symbol AMER

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October 1991 Quantum Computer Services changes name to America Online, Inc.
February 1991 DOS version of AOL launched

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June 1990 Quantum's "Promenade" service launched for IBM PS/1

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October 1989 AOL service launched for Macintosh and Apple II

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August 1988 Quantum's "PC-Link" launched through joint venture with Tandy Corporation

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November 1985 Quantum's first online service, "Q-Link," launched on Commodore Business Machines
May 24, 1985 Date of incorporation under original founding name, Quantum Computer Services, registered in Delaware

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