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Highest Rates. Lowest Fees. No Lines.


Our Rates Rank Among the Highest in the Country

NetBank CDs Rate APY*  
6-Month CD 1.78% 1.80% Apply
1-Year CD 2.37% 2.40% Apply
18-Month CD 2.57% 2.60% Apply
2-Year CD 2.96% 3.00% Apply
3-Year  CD 3.44% 3.50% Apply
4-Year  CD 3.73% 3.80% Apply
5-Year  CD 4.02% 4.10% Apply
National Averages ** RATE APY*  
6-Month CD 1.35% 1.35%  
1-Year CD 1.70% 1.71%  
2-Year CD 2.40% 2.43%  
3-Year CD 2.79% 2.83%  
5-Year CD 3.46% 3.51%  

NetBank offers CD rates that are up to 40% higher than the national average.  

More Benefits

  • Appealing range of maturities
  • A minimum deposit of only $1,000
  • FDIC insurance coverage
  • Quarterly statements, telephone and wireless access
  • Ability to transfer interest directly into your NetBank checking or money market account

*Annual Percentage Yield. The stated APY is accurate as of 10/19/2004. There is a $1,000 minimum account balance required to open any CD account and earn the stated APY. Service fees or penalties charged against the account may reduce earnings. For CDs, there is a penalty fee for any early withdrawal of funds. See the Fee Schedule and Truth-in-Savings disclosure for more information.

**Source: 10/19/2004


Life and Health Insurance

Member FDIC & Equal Housing Lender

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