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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


By Arianna Huffington

Since the president's meltdown in the first debate -- followed in quick succession by Paul Bremer's confession, the CIA's no-al-Qaida/Saddam link report, the Duelfer no-WMD-since-'91 report, and the woeful September job numbers -- I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why George W. Bush is still standing.

The answer arrived via my friend Ed Solomon, the brilliant writer and filmmaker, who explained that the conundrum could be solved by looking at the very organ I'd been racking.
Ed introduced me to the work of Dr. Daniel Siegel, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and author of the forthcoming book "Mindsight," which explores the physiological workings of the brain.
Turns out, when it comes to Campaign 2004, it's the neuroscience, stupid!
Or, as Dr. Siegel told me: "Voters are shrouded in a 'fog of fear' that is impacting the way our brains respond to the two candidates."

Thanks to the Bush campaign's unremitting fear-mongering, millions of voters are reacting not with their linear and logical left brain but with their lizard brain and their more emotional right brain.
What's more, people in a fog of fear are more likely to respond to someone whose primary means of communication is in the nonverbal realm, neither logical nor language-

8:31:38 PM    comment [] catches the RNC in another lie.

How Liberal is John Kerry?

A new RNC ad claims Kerry is "the most liberal man in the Senate." Actually, his lifetime rating is 11th or lower, depending.

A Republican National Committee ad released Oct. 16 claims that Kerry is "the most liberal man in the Senate." It's true that vote rankings by the politically neutral magazine The National Journal rated Kerry "most liberal" in 2003 and in three earlier years during his first Senate term: 1986, 1988, and 1990. But over his entire career the Journal ranks Kerry the 11th most liberal Senator. And by other rankings he's only a bit left of his party's center.

6:03:17 PM    comment []

MMFA does an incredible job against SInclair

Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film

By Martha Graybow

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., the nation's largest owner of TV stations, said on Tuesday it would only air part of a documentary critical of Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites)'s Vietnam war record, as critics demanded it cancel the broadcast altogether or face legal action.

Sinclair has drawn fire over its plans to air the 42-minute documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," about the Democratic presidential candidate on its more than 60 TV stations on Friday, less than two weeks before the Nov. 2 election....

Meanwhile, a group called Media Matters for America said it was underwriting costs for a Sinclair shareholder, the investment firm Glickenhaus & Co., to demand the broadcaster provide an opportunity for a response to the "Stolen Honor" show. Glickenhaus holds about 6,100 Sinclair shares, according to Media Matters.

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Bonus Video Clip

Jon Stewart responds to his "Crossfire" visit.

                              Watch Here

11:31:36 AM    comment []

Bill O'Reilly is feeling the heat.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fox News Channel's star host Bill O'Reilly has canceled a series of TV interviews to promote his new children's book days after a former producer accused him in a lawsuit of sexual harassment, his publisher said on Monday.The normally outspoken conservative commentator scrapped appearances that had been scheduled for Friday on ABC's "The View" and HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," and for Monday on CBS' "The Early Show," Harper Entertainment spokesman Seale Ballenger told Reuters.

11:15:13 AM    comment []

Video Clip of the Day

Allan Colmes on The Al Franken Show

                       Watch Here

6:43:15 AM    comment []

Homeland Unsecured

Nothing could be more important than protecting Americans and our economy from a catastrophic terrorist attack. Yet despite the continuous stream of terror alerts and misleading rhetoric from the White House, we are just as vulnerable today as we were before 9/11.

Public Citizen has just completed an alarming report called "Homeland Unsecured" that highlights shocking security failures.

I want to give you a look at the extensive report that we released to the news media today in Washington. Read the full report at .

The evidence we have uncovered paints a deeply disturbing picture of a president beholden to corporate campaign contributors who has, at their behest, dragged his feet or outright opposed vital security improvements to America's industrial infrastructure - recklessly endangering millions of lives and threatening our economic vitality.

Here are a few examples of what Public Citizen has found:

* A former head of security for Georgia-Pacific says, "Security at a 7-11 after midnight is better than that at a plant with a 90-ton vessel of chlorine." The Bush administration and the chemical industry, however, have buried legislation to provide greater physical security at chemical plants and to shift to safer chemicals and technologies.

* Each of America's 103 nuclear reactors represents a potentially radioactive "dirty bomb" that could kill countless Americans and render thousands of square miles uninhabitable for decades.
Yet President Bush and congressional Republicans continue to block legislation that would tighten security measures at nuclear plants

* More than 1.7 million car loads of hazardous materials are carried each year by trains across the U.S. And each day up to 76,000 trucks haul hazardous materials on our roads. An attack on even one of these highly vulnerable trucks or trains could kill or injure up to a million Americans.
Yet the Bush administration has failed to develop a plan to protect these shipments or divert them away from major population centers.

* By attacking our ports, terrorists could devastate the American economy and hamper our military readiness.
Yet President Bush has left port security largely to the private sector and has severely underfunded programs designed to detect weapons of mass destruction smuggled into the country in cargo containers. The results are cause for alarm.

* Few acts of sabotage could be more insidious than delivering poison into a family's home through tap water. In addition to the threat to public health and safety posed by attacks on the nation's 170,000 public water systems, disruptions in water supplies could mean that a fire department cannot fight a fire or that crops would be ruined.
But the Bush administration has failed to assure water security.

In each case, President Bush has opposed or failed to support new mandatory government security measures at the urging of industries that have contributed millions of dollars to his campaign coffers. And as results, potentially catastrophic targets for terrorists are today as vulnerable to attack as they were on 9/11.

Please forward this story to as many friends as possible and ask them to get involved in sounding the alarm about the dangerous state of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Public Citizen has uncovered appalling examples of President Bush and his congressional allies putting corporate profits ahead of our homeland security. America needs to know what we have discovered. For more information about Public Citizen go to and to support Public Citizen's work go to

6:38:12 AM    comment []


Now in the aisle at Barnes & Noble, I scanned Bill O'Reilly for Kids on the pages about sex:

"Here's a big word for today: dehumanization.

"That's when you go out with someone only for their appearance - their big pecs or long legs. When you are interested in someone only on the basis of physique, you're dehumanizing him or her, seeing that person only as an attractive object. If you are doing that, remember, good sex occurs between two human beings, not between two objects ...

"Are you surprised by my thoughts on the subject? Did you think that O'Reilly would tell you sex is off-limits? As you know, things are more complicated than that. But I repeat my mantra: Sex is best when you combine sensible behavior with sincere affection ...

"It is also smart to recognize that there is no area more potentially dishonest than the sexual arena.

"And if you exploit a girl, it will come back to get you."

6:36:06 AM    comment []

Hitting Sinclair Where It Hurts  via AlterNet

The rapidly growing, aggressive advertising boycott effort of the Sinclair Broadcasting has already had a measurable financial impact on the company, whose stock dropped 10 percent over the past week, closing on Friday at an all-time low of $7.04 ? a $60 million loss in value.

The boycott is just one among Sinclair's increasing list of woes. A financial analyst from Lehman Brothers has warned that showing the film is "potentially damaging, both financially and politically." William M. Meyers wrote in his analysis for the company: "In a best case scenario, we believe that this decision could result in lost ad revenues. In a worst case scenario ... the decision may lead to higher political risk. As management has increased the company's political risk, we are reducing our 12-month price target to $9 (from $10)."

Meanwhile legal experts such as Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig predict that Sinclair shareholders will surely file lawsuits against the company's management. According to David S. Bennahum, Senior Fellow at Media Matters:

[A]s a publically traded company, Sinclair Broadcasting Group directors have a responsibility to ensure that Sinclair takes actions consistent with enhancing shareholder value. Sinclair's decision to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" places partisan political interests ahead of shareholder value by jeopardizing the renewal of FCC licenses, stimulating grassroots advertiser boycotts and triggering potential investigations into the company's misuse of its licenses to use the public airwaves.

Media Matters is urging anyone who may be a shareholder in one of 20 mutual funds and six pension funds that invest in the company to request that their fund manager immediately divest their funds from Sinclair.  Atrios says, "I haven't had this much fun reading a stock message board since Enron was in free fall..."

6:32:37 AM    comment []

Monday, October 18, 2004

Media obsession with Kerry's Mary Cheney remark overwhelmed coverage of Bush falsehood on bin Laden

The media has devoted enormous attention to Senator John Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, as a lesbian during the October 13 presidential debate. Yet President George W. Bush's false claim from that same debate -- "I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden" -- has received less than half as much media attention. (Bush's debate claim is false because he said of bin Laden on March 13, 2002: "I'm truly not that concerned about him.")

A Nexis search by Media Matters for America for coverage of Kerry's remark produced 364 hits. A Nexis search for coverage of Bush's claim produced only 135 hits. A Nexis search for only the candidates' key quotations -- "I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian" versus "I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden" -- produced an even sharper imbalance: 156 to 40.* MMFA

6:02:36 PM    comment []

Incredible article by Ron Suskind

Without a Doubt

Bruce Bartlett, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a treasury official for the first President Bush, told me recently that ''if Bush wins, there will be a civil war in the Republican Party starting on Nov. 3.'' The nature of that conflict, as Bartlett sees it? Essentially, the same as the one raging across much of the world: a battle between modernists and fundamentalists, pragmatists and true believers, reason and religion. ''Just in the past few months,'' Bartlett said, ''I think a light has gone off for people who've spent time up close to Bush: that this instinct he's always talking about is this sort of weird, Messianic idea of what he thinks God has told him to do.'' Bartlett, a 53-year-old columnist and self-described libertarian Republican who has lately been a champion for traditional Republicans concerned about Bush's governance, went on to say: ''This is why George W. Bush is so clear-eyed about Al Qaeda and the Islamic fundamentalist enemy. He believes you have to kill them all. They can't be persuaded, that they're extremists, driven by a dark vision. He understands them, because he's just like them. . . . read on

12:33:03 PM    comment []

Video Clip of the Day

                   Imus on the "Bill O'Reilly" case.

Imus cuts to the chase and gets rid of the legalese.

                          Watch Here

10:41:15 AM    comment []

Reading Assignment: 

Yesterday, C&L had some key graphs and a link for the Knight-Ridder story,"Post-war Planning Non-Existent".  Warren Strobel, Jonathan Landay, John Walcott, et al have an important three-part reconstruction of the decisions that led to the US failure to win the peace in Iraq, based on documents and interviews with more than three dozen current and former US officials. Here's another snip from the first part,.

The Bush administration's failure to plan to win the peace in Iraq was the product of many of the same problems that plagued the administration's case for war, including wishful thinking, bad information from Iraqi exiles who said Iraqis would welcome American troops as liberators and contempt for dissenting opinions.

However, the administration's planning for postwar Iraq differed in one crucial respect from its erroneous pre-war claims about Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and links to al Qaida.

The U.S. intelligence community had been divided about the state of Saddam's weapons programs, but there was little disagreement among experts throughout the government that winning the peace in Iraq could be much harder than winning a war. . .

A half-dozen intelligence reports also warned that American troops could face significant postwar resistance. . .

"It was disseminated. And ignored," said a former senior intelligence official.

Why was it ignored? You know the answer. The should-be post-war planners in Feith's office refused to do any planning, except to lobby to install Ahmad Chalabi, now working with Shiite insurgent Moqtada al Sadr and suspected of passing US intelligence to Iran.

Here's the second part, by Jonathan Landay and John Walcott, on how US reconstruction efforts in Iraq have been overwhelmed by the violence.

Here's part three, which asks:

After nearly 19 months of combat, more than 1,000 American soldiers dead and $119 billion spent, the central question about Iraq isn't whether it will become a beacon of democracy in the Middle East but whether the United States can prevent it from becoming a black hole of instability.

The quotes from Chalabi and supporters in this graphic are worth being reminded of.

10:32:26 AM    comment []

Bush team loses $2.5 billion

$2.5 billion of the money spent for Iraq's reconstruction can't be accopunted for, per an audit.

I wonder how many jobs in Ohio could be created with that much money. Let's see, if a decent job cost $50,000 counting pay and benefits, that would  be 50 thousand jobs for one year.

Liberals and conservatives lose their car keys. But extremists in the Bush administration lose 50 thousand jobs worth of moolah. The corruption continues to amaze.

10:26:28 AM    comment []

Jeb Bush KNEW

Associated Press is reporting that JEB BUSH was told of serious flaws in the "felon voter list" that sought to prevent a list of mostly African-Americans from voting but avoided purging republican-leaning latino voters. Despite this knowledge, Bush himself pushed to purge them anyway. It isn't just Glenda Hood anymore. It goes up to the Governor.

Now, of course, Bush's press person calls this story "irrelevant" since the list isn't being used, thanks to pressure from legal watchdog groups, and yes, the media.

It's irrelevant that the Governor tried to keep African-Americans from voting in Florida? I can't imagine why this doesn't merit a criminal investigation. Perhaps some of those cops Jeb has going out intimidating older African-American voters might want to look into it.

10:22:29 AM    comment []

Where's the outrage from the Cheney's?

Keyes slams Cheney daughter

New York, NY, Sep. 1 (UPI) -- Illinois Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Keyes reportedly had tough words for vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney because she is a lesbian.

In an interview with SIRUS satellite radio, the Internet's Drudge Report said Wednesday, Keyes called Mary Cheney "a 'selfish hedonist' because she is a lesbian."

Keyes said: "The essence of ... family life remains procreation. If we embrace homosexuality as a proper basis for marriage, we are saying that it's possible to have a marriage state that in principal excludes procreation and is based simply on the premise of selfish hedonism."

Asked whether that meant Mary Cheney "is a selfish hedonist," Keyes said: "That goes by definition. Of course she is."

10:15:38 AM    comment []

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back by popular demand

Video Clip Special -Jon Stewart's Smackdown   of Crossfire     


Stewart on Crossfire rips the show and Tucker Carlson.                                       

                                      Watch Here

5:16:51 PM    comment []

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Video clip of the Day

Countdown w/Keith Olbermann with new info on the Bill O'Reilly case

O'Reilly at the Height of Hypocrisy.

Bill O'Reilly who can't go a day without attacking some judge, is now in front of one begging the judge to allow him to be able to fire Andrea Makris from his TV program in lieu of the lawsuit, and also be able to fire her attorney. It kind of reminds me of the way President Bush complains about trial lawyers, after of course he used them to steal the last election.

                                               Watch Here

Listen to the new "The Politnix" song "Shut Up!" an ode to Bill O'Reilly.

                    Go to to buy "The Politnix" music.

10:21:29 PM    comment []

By Mark Egan

XENIA, Ohio (Reuters) - Democratic Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites) attacked the economic record of President Bush (news - web sites) on Saturday and the Senator from Massachusetts was later endorsed by the New York Times. 

The Times, in endorsing Kerry, characterized President Bush's presidency as "disastrous" and accused him of "turning the government over to the radical right."

"We are impressed with Mr. Kerry's wide knowledge and clear thinking," the Times said Sundays editions. "He is blessedly willing to reevaluate decisions when conditions change."

"Mr. President, the millions of Americans who have lost jobs on your watch are not 'myths,' they are middle-class families -- and for four years, you've turned your back on them," Kerry told a town hall meeting at a high school.

8:33:30 PM    comment []

We got an e-mail from a woman who explained her position on the Bill O"Reilly lawsuit.

 I had conversations with people today that said, "Why didn't she say something the first time he did that?" I replied - if I cried sexual harassment every time a man said something that could even be REMOTELY Construed as a sexual comment - I would still be screaming. I know from Personal experience - most of the time - if it is only once or twice - you just kinda roll your eyes and hope it goes away- as a mater of fact... you are so taken off guard - you can't even respond - and then when it is your BOSS!! Ugh!! You are really between a rock and a hard place( no pun intended) -When I was 16 - my boss asked me to come to the back office - he closed the door and started to kiss me - I pulled away and told my mother - she said she didn't know what to do(1968). Because of my refusing his advances - I got fired - at least that is why I think I was fired - I was a good worker - Hey - just a month ago -some dufus in the middle of a business call asked me if he could come over and "rub my feet" - It is more rampant than people actually know!!

4:11:32 PM    comment []

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Baseball star Barry Bonds took an undetectable performance-enhancing
drug during the 2003 season, his weight trainer said on a secretly recorded tape,
The San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday Greg Anderson, a longtime friend
of the San Francisco Giants (news) player, also said he expected to be tipped off before
Bonds would have to take a drug test aimed at catching athletes who use steroids, the Chronicle reported.

1:56:15 PM    comment []

Video Clip of The Day Bonus

Lisa Bloom from Court TV has new information about the Bill O"Reilly sexual harrasment suit. Did Bill try to settle the suit out of court?

Lisa appearing  with Pat Buchanan(of all people) on "Scarborough Country" shed some new light on the case. She said that sources close to the accuser told her that there were two weeks worth of negotiations with O'Reilly and Fox, where numbers for a settlement were discussed. They felt that they were making progress and agreed to confidentiality. They were surprised when O'Reilly cut the talks off.

                                          Watch Here   

We know that Bill hasn't denied these allegations. You can see by the private investigator(Bo Dietl) that O'Reilly has hired, why this girl should have gone straight to a lawyer.

10:23:44 AM    comment []

Probe Iraq 'mutiny'


Kin: Army holds U.S. reservists who refused 'suicide mission'

The U.S. military was investigating a possible mutiny in Iraq yesterday after a platoon of Army reservists refused to go on what they called a "suicide mission."

If confirmed, it would be the first time a group of American soldiers defied a direct order in the Iraq conflict - and a worrisome sign that there might be cracks in the overstretched military's resolve.

Sharon Walker, spokeswoman for the U.S. military in Baghdad, called the defiance by up to 19 members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company from Rock Hill, S.C., "an isolated incident." read on

Nadine Stratford, of Rock Hill, whose godson Colin Durham is in the 343rd, said the soldiers balked at being sent on a potentially deadly missions in unarmored fuel trucks - and were now being treated like captured Iraqi insurgents.

9:45:21 AM    comment []

Why did Jon Stewart rip Crossfire and not other shows he has appeared on?

We've received a lot of mail questioning why Stewart didn't do it on all the other shows that he has been a guest on.

My guess would be that he had to have the forum where both parties were represented so it didn't look like a partisan attack and that it would be live. Stewart did appear on Hannity and Colmes and The O'Reilly Factor, but do you think Roger Ailes would have let that run? I don' t think so. Also, he needed more time than is usually afforded guests on most talk shows to make his point. Paul Begala was smart and pretty much let Stewart do his thing while Tucker Carlson kept digging himself deeper.  View the show here


9:38:18 AM    comment []

"The communications director for Bush-Cheney, Nicolle Devenish, said Kerry miscalculated the impact of his remarks and now is "backpedaling from what is a crass, below-the-belt political strategy to attack the vice president's daughter."
"We're all God's children," he said. "And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. She's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not a choice." -- John Kerry, 3rd Pres. debate.

8:54:20 AM    comment []

Block The Vote:  Krugman gets it right in The New York Times 

Earlier this week former employees of Sproul & Associates (operating under the name Voters Outreach of America), a firm hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters, told a Nevada TV station that their supervisors systematically tore up Democratic registrations.

The accusations are backed by physical evidence and appear credible. Officials have begun a criminal investigation into reports of similar actions by Sproul in Oregon.

Republicans claim, of course, that they did nothing wrong - and that besides, Democrats do it, too. But there haven't been any comparably credible accusations against Democratic voter-registration organizations. And there is a pattern of Republican efforts to disenfranchise Democrats, by any means possible.

Some of these, like the actions reported in Nevada, involve dirty tricks. For example, in 2002 the Republican Party in New Hampshire hired an Idaho company to paralyze Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts by jamming the party's phone banks.

But many efforts involve the abuse of power. For example, Ohio's secretary of state, a Republican, tried to use an archaic rule about paper quality to invalidate thousands of new, heavily Democratic registrations.

That attempt failed. But in Wisconsin, a Republican county executive insists that this year, when everyone expects a record turnout, Milwaukee will receive fewer ballots than it got in 2000 or 2002 - a recipe for chaos at polling places serving urban, mainly Democratic voters.

And Florida is the site of naked efforts to suppress Democratic votes, and the votes of blacks in particular. Read on...

8:50:30 AM    comment []

Friday, October 15, 2004

10:55:15 PM    comment []

Hilarious: Wolcott on O'Reilly
Posted by James Wolcott

I tried to resist. I hoped to take the high road. But the clamor won't stop, and it seems that I will be forced to address the squalor and pathos of O'Reilly the Love Loofah. But I want to get my thoughts in order to do full justice to the beanstalk of libido that threatens to poke a hole through the ceiling of Fox News.

I also plan to make my first political endorsement, in my futile quest to be a blogger playa.

So stay tuned, and take a tip from Bill O'Reilly: always remember to rinse buttplug before re-using--it's the considerate thing to do.

Loof to Loofah, Baby
Posted by James Wolcott

Let's assume for the sake of satire that the allegations in this complaint are regrettably true. What can we learn about Bill O'Reilly based on the lurid details that leap out at us as we attempt to shield the Bush twins from flying ick?

1) That despite his all-American bluster, O'Reilly is willing to reach out to other cultures and give them a firm squeeze. He regales the complaintant--and I think we all know how scary O'Reilly can be when he starts regaling--with stories about threesomes with Swedish stewardesses (Penthouse Forum fantasy, circa 1979), being massaged in Thailand by "a small brown woman" (he could consult the back pages of the Village Voice or NY Press and save himself the airfare), and the prospect of hitting on "hot" Italian women during his visit to the Vatican.

What this tells me that is Bill O'Reilly is far more multicultural than he has let on to his duped fans, deceiving them cruelly.

2) That he believes in hands-on mentoring. When the complainant shares the painful information that she's broken up with her boyfriend, he's there to help, advising her to buy a vibrator. "I could coach you through it," he says. This is the sort of paternal advice so many women in the workplace long for and never hear, but Bill was willing to be there for her, with extra batteries. It's important that she not cheat herself of the bliss that an older man can bestow as a gift that will keep on giving. "In these days of your celibacy and your hibernation, this is good for you to have a little fantasy outlet. Keep that sensuality tuned until you know Mr. Right comes along and then you can put him in traction."

Even though O'Reilly boasts of his jutting manhood, he has the modesty to admit that sometimes more is needed to get the job done. That's why he recommended a loofah, so that shower time can be fun time. Not to disparage the loofah, but I wonder if he's ever employed shower gloves, which offer greater suppleness and can double as Bob Fosse-ish "jazz hands" or "happy fingers" in Jazzercise class. Perhaps he's not keeping up with the latest advances in pleasuring technology; understandable, given how busy he is with The Factor.

But overall this sexual harassment suit portrays an O'Reilly who is far more receptive, adventurous, and generously attentive to a woman's needs than his crusty image. "If I have to go down, I'm willing to do it," he told Regis and Kelly, expanding his sexual repertoire even further.

1:30:41 PM    comment []

IMAGE: Karl Rove, President Bush�s chief political strategist
J. Scott Applewhite / AP file
Bush aide speaks for two hours
Karl Rove, President Bush�s chief political strategist, has already spoken to investigators once before.

WASHINGTON - President Bush�s top political adviser, Karl Rove, testified Friday before the federal grand jury trying to determine who leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer.Rove spent more than two hours testifying before the panel, according to an administration official who spoke only on condition of anonymity because such proceedings are secret...



12:08:08 PM    comment []

8:49:44 AM    comment []

Somewhere, Bill Clinton Is Smiling...

Bill O'Reilly joins Bill Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Richard Perle, Bob Livingston, Rudolph Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Savage, Mel Gibson, Ken Lay, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker, the Swift Boat liars, and the war heroes of the Bush Administration in the calvacade of Paragons of Virtue.

8:48:44 AM    comment []

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kerry wins in Body language as well

Body talk was louder during debates than rivals' words

The homework for Professor Jane Elmes-Crahall's Communications 101 class Wednesday was to watch the presidential debate on mute. When the Wilkes University students reported back to their teacher on Thursday, they had some strong opinions about what they'd seen.

And they were all about Bush.

Rolling eyes, a crooked smile, a general lack of composure. Not very presidential.

"Facially, they thought George Bush looked almost like a cartoon character," Elmes-Crahall said. The students thought Bush looked as if he could be "provoked to anger quickly" and "like he was ready to pounce."


8:51:45 PM    comment []

What did we expect from a Bush appointeeee.

FCC Chief Says Cannot Block Anti-Kerry Show

By Jeremy Pelofsky

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (news - web sites) cannot stop the broadcast of a show critical of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites)'s anti-war comments after returning from Vietnam, the agency's head said on Thursday

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. plans to air the "Stolen Honor" documentary which accuses Kerry of betraying fellow veterans of the Vietnam War by testifying to Congress in 1971 about atrocities he said were committed by U.S. forces in that conflict.

"Don't look to us to block the airing of the program," FCC (news - web sites) Chairman Michael Powell told reporters. "There is no rule that I'm aware of that would allow the commission, nor would it be prudent, to prevent the airing of programing."

One former prisoner of war interviewed for the program said Kerry's remarks were used by the Vietnamese to undermine their morale, according to his video account on the Web site for the documentary.

Democrats say the documentary is a political statement masquerading as news and have demanded the FCC and the Federal Election Commission (news - web sites) determine whether its broadcast would violate any regulations.

The American public, which owns the airwaves that Sinclair would use for its partisan political purposes, expects the FCC to uphold the basic principle of fairness which is at the root of our democracy," said a letter to Powell from 85 House of Representatives' Democrats sent on Wednesday.


5:41:33 PM    comment []

Video clip of the Day

Andrea Mackris appears on the "Today Show" following her lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly

Full segment   Watch Here  


11:43:49 AM    comment []

Watch out Al Franken


O'Reilly allegedly suggested this fate would befall his liberal nemesis, comedian Al Franken.

"One day he's going to get a knock on his door and life as he's known it will change forever," O'Reilly reportedly said. "Ailes knows very powerful people and this goes all the way to the top."

When Mackris asked, "To the top of what?" O'Reilly allegedly replied, "Top of the country." read on

8:09:00 AM    comment []

Sinclair: The People Respond

by The American Street

So Sinclair�s decision has nothing to do with anything about Kerry�s service. The fact is that Sinclair is a sinking corporation. It can only survive by gobbling up more TV stations - getting a corner on the market. In the old days, this would be akin to a �trust�, which Teddy Roosevelt would have busted.

Simply put, if Bush wins, Sinclair knows the FCC rules would permit more media consolidation. If Kerry wins, they know the FCC will clamp down to prevent this.

So they call this propaganda �news� when they�re trying to swing the election to save their own asses.

The question is: how many corporate advertisers are willing to take a hit to save Sinclair, and how many will understand that the hit of all Democrats boycotting their products could be huge?


But many believe Sinclair's provocative decision shows how much the company has riding on the election.

With its heavy concentration of Fox and WB affiliates, ranking in the middle of the pack in mostly midsize markets, Sinclair is barely profitable and laden with debt. It had a net profit of $14 million on revenue of $739 million in 2003.

Sinclair hopes to change that by solidifying its hold on local markets by controlling, for example, two stations in more cities and sharing operating and news-gathering costs. But it needs the federal government to relax several media ownership restrictions.

Sinclair wants officials to permit a company to own two or more stations in more communities than allowed now. It also wants the FCC to ease a restriction that bars a company from owning TV stations reaching more than 35% of all homes, and to lift the rule that keeps companies from owning newspapers and TV stations in most markets.

That's where the parties part ways. FCC Chairman Michael Powell, a Republican, has made media deregulation a priority, although many of the FCC's rule changes are tangled in court.

Kerry says he'll clamp down on changes that promote consolidation.

7:26:58 AM    comment []

POLLING - KERRY WINS AGAIN: from Andrew Sullivan

CNN finds a clear victory for Kerry in their insta-poll, 53 - 39. CBS gives it to Kerry as well: 39 - 25, with 36 calling it a tie. In ABCNews' poll, you get a 42-41 tie, but the poll is slanted toward Republicans, giving Kerry an edge. Critically, independents went for Kerry 42 - 35 percent. If these numbers hold, and the impression solidifies that Kerry won all three debates, Bush's troubles just got a lot worse. 

Andrew Sullivan on the gay issue:

Sully says: I keep getting emails asserting that Kerry's mentioning of Mary Cheney is somehow offensive or gratuitous or a "low blow". Huh? Mary Cheney is out of the closet and a member, with her partner, of the vice-president's family. That's a public fact. No one's privacy is being invaded by mentioning this. When Kerry cites Bush's wife or daughters, no one says it's a "low blow." The double standards are entirely a function of people's lingering prejudice against gay people. And by mentioning it, Kerry showed something important. This issue is not an abstract one. It's a concrete, human and real one. It affects many families, and Bush has decided to use this cynically as a divisive weapon in an election campaign. He deserves to be held to account for this - and how much more effective than showing a real person whose relationship and dignity he has attacked and minimized? Does this makes Bush's base uncomfortable? Well, good. It's about time they were made uncomfortable in their acquiescence to discrimination. Does it make Bush uncomfortable? Even better. His decision to bar gay couples from having any protections for their relationships in the constitution is not just a direct attack on the family member of the vice-president. It's an attack on all families with gay members - and on the family as an institution. That's a central issue in this campaign, a key indictment of Bush's record and more than relevant to any debate. For four years, this president has tried to make gay people invisible, to avoid any mention of us, to pretend we don't exist. Well, we do. Right in front of him.

7:19:59 AM    comment []

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Keith Oberman's Scorecard: Kerry Wins Easily

10:58 p.m. ET
Points Scoring: The Scorer's Table unenthusiastically reports this bout as going to Senator John Kerry by 12 rounds to 4, with 5 rounds even. On individual points, Senator Kerry is awarded a net total of 19 points, and President Bush a net of 2, having undermined his own effort with no less than eight points subtracted, three of them in a disastrous 12th Round in which the President had to be told time was up, answered a question with, in essence, 'all of the above,' and stumbled by inadvertently criticizing himself by claiming the borders of Texas were tighter than they'd been when he was Governor there. He also lost points for having twice invoked the 2000 election, and for once having given back at least a minute of time when the question hadn't really been answered.

8:27:46 PM    comment []

Crooks and Liars special segment

I was listening to some hack called Tim Graham from the conservative group Media Research Center with Bill O'Reilly. Graham was trying to defend Sinclair's rights in broadcasting " Stolen Honor" by playing the liberal bias claim again.  "John O'Neal has not been on the "Today Show, Good Morning America yada yada" claim.  John O'Neal and his swift boaties have (joined forces and are now the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth) been discredited by every credible news source except Fox News of course. (He has a cot undeneath Sean Hannity's desk by the way.) O'Reilly "appears" to be fair in his initial questioning, but can't help to agree with most of this jokers claims, including trashing Fahrenheit 911, the elite media, you know the drill. O'Reilly doesn't even admit that Sinnclair is playing dirty! By the end of the segment...well just watch .

                                                                           Watch Clip

5:53:43 PM    comment []

Will O'Reilly be able to tell people to "Shut Up" anymore?

Listen to the song  "Shut UP!"  an ode to Bill O'Reilly /Go to for more.

From the Smoking Gun

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

Female Fox coworker details lewd behavior of cable TV star

OCTOBER 13--Hours after Bill O'Reilly accused her of a multimillion dollar shakedown attempt, a female Fox News producer fired back at the TV star today, filing a lawsuit claiming that he subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies. Below you'll find a copy of Andrea Mackris's complaint, an incredible page-turner that quotes O'Reilly, 55, on all sorts of lewd matters. Based on the extensive quotations cited in the complaint, it appears a safe bet that Mackris, 33, recorded some of O'Reilly's more steamy soliloquies. For example, we direct you to his Caribbean shower fantasies. While we suggest reading the entire document, TSG will point you to interesting sections on a Thailand sex show, Al Franken, and the climax of one August 2004 phone conversation. (22 pages)

3:20:55 PM    comment []

Video Clip of the Day

How bad is it in Iraq?

Watch Journalist Anderson Cooper tell Jimmy Kimmel how dangerous it really is.

                                             Watch here

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