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commitment to a new relationship
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Noongar people are calling on all Western Australians to join them in a commitment to building a new relationship between Noongar people and the people of Western Australia, so that we may move forward together as a community.

Noongar people are the largest single cultural bloc of Indigenous people in Australia, numbering in excess of 28,000 people, and are a unique and invaluable part of this State.

We are proud of our culture and identity and are determined to build a better future for Noongar people. But we canšt do this without you ­ the people of Western Australia.

What we are seeking from the Western Australian public is a commitment to building a partnership relationship that acknowledges the efforts of Noongar leaders and the Noongar community to build a better present and future for this generation and our children, socially, culturally and economically.

Please join us as we embark on a new way forward for our people by adding your name to the Building a New Relationship register.

You can download a Registration Form or fill out a form online