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          Australasian Symposium on Information Visualisation


                   Adelaide, South Australia

                  Feb 3rd and 4th, 2003

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Information Visualisation involves the visual exploration and reporting of abstract information, such as crime statistics, flows in capital markets, military logistics status, family trees, and the structure of the World-Wide Web. Key challenges include the need for effective representation of, and intuitive interaction with, the required information. The increasing affordability of computing power and computer graphics devices over the past 15 years has promised that Information Visualisation can deliver both at a reasonable cost. The Australasian Information Visualisation Symposium aims to investigate the progress that has been made by researchers in Australia, New Zealand and abroad toward the fulfilment of this promise.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  •   interaction techniques

  •    display and interaction devices

  •    visual representations

  •    animation

  •    effectiveness studies

  •    visual models and languages

  •    software architectures

  •    algorithms

  •    taxonomies

  •    applications

for information visualisation.


The Australian Computer Science Week is also being held during February 4 - 7, 2003, and is specifically designed as a generalist forum for Australian and New Zealand computer science academics. The conference is hosted by The South Australian Consortium for Information Technology, Adelaide, South Australia.

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