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October 14, 2004
Another exclusive Interview! BloodRayne 2 Sr. Product Manager, Liz Buckley, sits down with Autumn Sims

BloodRayne is the new queen of gaming, and hail to her majesty! In celebration of her recently released sequel, Gamexilla's own Autumn was lucky enough to speak with Majesco's Liz Buckley. We find out what makes 'Rayne different from the typical vixen.

For tons of great info. on our lil' Blood Sucka, check out www. And click 'MORE' for the entire interview!

Autumn• Originally the story was based in the 30's and this time you have jumped to the present day. What changes have you made both aesthetically and with the character to represent the change?

Liz Buckley• We took Rayne into present day because we believed it was easier to develop Rayne as a character without being limited by one period in history. Aesthetically, there have been quite a few changes to the character and game to reflect this jump in time...

...BloodRayne herself has a higher poly count—nearly 5k now—and those polys are used much more efficiently so she’s more detailed and has a higher degree of polish. As a result, the model looks more mature and refined in many respects than she did in the original. The entire game is set within a modern day city and all of the levels have a very different look and feel to them too—they’re much grander, more stylized and more distinctive to the series and from each other.

Autumn• BloodRayne will be seen in its own MTV spot light, and in comics, film and .... Playboy! When did all the media frenzy begin? With so much going on now, what more can 'Rayne aim for in the future?

Liz Buckley• We’ve been building a lot of momentum with the media in preparation for our October 12th launch, but in truth many of these initiatives took a long time to come together. It’s been terrific that so many of them have hit right before the game’s release so BloodRayne 2 is very top of mind with our audience when it matters most.

There are plenty of opportunities for exposure that we have yet to tap into. Our goal is for BloodRayne to have widespread name recognition within the core gaming audience and the mass market. It takes a lot of work to achieve that so this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Rayne.

Autumn• What can we expect to see as far as cinemas. Will there be a way for new players not familiar with the first game to latch on to the characters in the sequel?

Liz Buckley• There are three FMV sequences in game courtesy of Blur Studios along with numerous engine cinematics as well. They help advance the story and provide quite a bit of eye candy inbetween gameplay. The storyline for BloodRayne 2 is much more cohesive than it was for the original game. It has a wider cast of more developed characters and it flows more smoothly. You don’t have to play the first game to understand what’s happening in the second since the storylines are quite divergent. BR1 players will certainly have more background but it’s not necessary to get a full understanding of what transpires in the sequel.

Autumn• Where you surprised by the success of B.R.1? What are the biggest changes between the 2 games?

Liz Buckley• Majesco had always planned BloodRayne as a franchise property from day one. I wouldn’t say we were surprised by the success of the original because we did work very hard to establish a viable property that we could develop further. We’re also excited by how fast the fan community has grown and responded to Rayne’s many “featured appearances”.

There are so many exciting changes from the original to the sequel--BloodRayne 2 has much more depth and variety of play. Specifically, we’ve added: pole combat; railsliding combat; a true combo system with high, mid and low attacks plus evasive maneuvers and special moves; blood powered weapons; highly interactive levels; an experience system that affects health, carnage and weapon upgrades; lots of new powers and visions; fatality moves; “killing puzzles” and a myriad of engine improvements (soft body and rigid body physics, dynamic lighting, new particle effects, etc.). In short, if you liked the first game, you’re really doing to dig the sequel.

Autumn• Finally a fun question (for those on the BloodRayne staff). What parts of the game are they the most proud of? Are there any cool "Easter Eggs" we should keep an eye out for?

Liz Buckley• I know the Terminal Reality team is very proud of the new combat functionality—she has some cool fatality moves that are a gory treat every time you pull them off. The combo system was also a lot of work to overhaul but was well worth the effort in the end since the player has so much more control and so many more options. And the engine improvements really add a lot towards creating a more realistic and convincing environment that Rayne can kick ass in.

As for easter eggs, Rayne has a whole series of alternate costumes that players will get a kick out of. I can confirm that Rayne looks quite “fetching” in cowgirl attire!

Autumn• Is there anything saved up for 'Rayne 3?

Liz Buckley• We haven’t even launched BloodRayne 2 yet! However, I would hardly say the team is lacking creativity….

Special thanks to everyone who participated. Autumn, Liz and Laura Heeb.

Posted by Mikey at October 14, 2004 03:53 PM