21 October 2004


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Welcome to Stoppoliticalterror campaign website.

As of 13th September 2004, we have stopped calling ourselves stoppoliceterror for those of you who may have expected to find this name.  The reason behind our name change is to clarify that our struggle is not against the average policeman and policewomen who conduct themselves in a very professional and caring manner.  Our struggle is against the rogue police elements who have and
continue to take the law onto themselves and their political whipmasters.

Stop Political Terror is a campaign that was launched on 10 December 2003 by the friends and families of the victims of British Anti-Terrorist Police human rights abuse. It was initiated after the continuing arrests and harrassment by Britain's Anti-Terrorist Police and domestic Intelligence Service, MI5, reached an unacceptable level. We have come together to say that enough is enough and that Britain's Muslims, as a community, will refuse to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities if this abuse continues.

Our Aims

1. To raise awareness in both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities about the deteriorating situation in the UK and the scale of arrests, raids and abuse meted out by Anti-Terrorist Police

2. To lobby in order to bring an end to the unjust parts of the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill 2001

3. To inform residents of the UK what their legal rights are with regards to Anti-Terrorist Police and the Security Service, MI5

4. To create a pressure group that will bring an end to Anti-Terrorist Police terror and abuse

How Will We Achieve These Aims?

A. By the use of a web-site that will raise awareness and provide information on campaigns and events in addition to documenting Police terror case studies

B. By the use of seminar events in different cities; petitions, demonstrations, leaflets and letters

C. By creating a 'Rapid Reaction Force' who will, at short notice, immediately respond to any action of terror carried out by Anti-Terrorist Police, using legal means such as demonstrations, letters and phone calls

D. By working with other Muslim or non-Muslim organisations who agree with our aims, in order to further the campaign

E. By using the media to the best of our ability

Can You Provide Support?


- You, as an individual or an organisation, are able to become a Stop Political Terrorre presentative in your city or locality and coordinate the organisation of seminar events and distribution of leaflets

- You wish to be part of the 'Rapid Reaction Force' and are able to attend a demonstration at short notice (24-48hours), or make phone calls the instance a case of Police terror occurs. We will need your mobile telephone number for this.

- You are a lawyer who can provide case studies of Anti-Terrorist Police abuse in the UK

- You can provide financial assistance to pay for printing of leaflets; we will ask you to pay the printing company directly if we need your help

- You are a medical Consultant, specialising in Accident and Emergency, who is willing to carry out an examination and write a medical report free of charge; please indicate if you can attend a Police Station in your locality at relatively short notice (12-24hours)

- You are an Arts (English, History, Economics etc.) undergraduate or graduate who can assist with the web-site for a couple of hours a week


The Stop Political Terror Campaign is a campaign not affiliated to any particular religious or political group. The following organisations and individuals have expressed support for our campaign. Please contact us if you would like the name of your organisation added to this list.

Islamic Human Rights Commission
Aranci & Co. Solicitors
Muslim Association of Britain

Muslim Public Affairs Committee
Al-Muntada Al-Islami Centre, London
Muslim Directory UK
Stop the War Coalition UK
East London Mosque, London
Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
Muslim Welfare House, London
Islamic Forum Europe
Young Muslim Organisation, London
The Muslim Parliament
Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF)
Just Peace
1990 Trust
Masjid At-Tawheed, London
Lewisham Islamic Centre, London
Tooting Islamic Centre, London
Croydon Mosque, London
University Islamic Societies at: Imperial College London, London School of Economics, City University London, University of East London, Queen Mary University of London, Kingston University, Middlesex University, Kings College London and others

Ms Muddassar Arani (Partner at Arani & Co Solicitors)
Ms Natalia Garcia (Solicitor at Tyndallwoods Solicitors, Birmingham)
Inayat Banglawala (Muslim Council of Britain)
Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad (Al-Muntada Al-Islami Centre, London)
Dr Usama Hasan (Imam at Masjid At-Tawheed, London)
Imam Shakil Beg (Imam of Lewisham Islamic Centre, London)
Imam Mustafidh Gani (Imam at Islamic Cultural Centre, Ireland)
Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki (Author of 'Lives of the Prophet' and 'The Hereafter' CD Series)
Gareth Peirce (Human Rights Solicitor)