1940 - Lionel Ghorra enters the Jiita grotto for the first time. He only enters the first 40m.

1946 - First Lebanese caving expedition into Jiita cave, the team crosses the 2000m.

1947 -1949-1951- Three caving expeditions within Jiita lead the explorers from the 2000m to the 2800m mark.

1951 - The Lebanese Caving Club is founded (Spéléo Club du Liban – SCL).

1953 - 1954 - The terminal siphon of the Jiita underground river is reached at 6200m. It is worth mentioning that the last British-American expedition to the cave reached only 2000m.

1953- The first official caving intervention. A sinkhole was discovered in the water retention tunnel within the Nahr el Bered hydraulic station.

1953 - SCL takes part in the first international caving meeting in Paris (France).

1955 - The tourism commissionership assigns one of the SCL members to develop Jeita cave underground river for tourism purposes.

1955 – The first issue of “Al Watwat” (“The Bat”, the SCL newsletter) is published.

1955 – Creation of the SCL Logo.

1956 – SCL actively takes part in the exploration of the Berger sinkhole in France, which later turned out to be the first sinkhole discovered in the 20th century whose length exceeds 1000 m.

1956 - Lebanese President Camille Chamoun inaugurates the tourist section of the Jeita underground river in the presence of SCL members.

1957 - The “Berger Gouffre” team visit Lebanese caves. On that occasion a film under the title “Rivière sans Etoiles” (River without stars) is screened on Monday, August 12 (color movie, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival) under the patronage of Mr. Michel Touma, General Commissioner for Tourism.

1957 - Official acknowledgement of the SCL, which was registered since December 1951 (Min. Dec Nr. 90 of 17/1/57).

1958 - SCL members discover the “Upper Galleries” in Jeita Cave.

1960 - Topographic surveying of the first 2000m within Jiita (on behalf of the Beirut Water Office).

1960 - Water flow measured at 14 points of the river between the entrance and the terminal siphon (for the Beirut Water Office).

1960 - Double colouring of the Jiita river, the first at 2700m, the second at 6200m, in order to detect any water loss from the underground river.

1960 - Colouring of the underwater river at Naba’a el Mghara in order to detect any water loss.

1961 - Surveying of Jeita cave up to 4600m (on behalf of the Beirut Water Office).

1962 - Surveying completed, until the terminal siphon in Jiita (on behalf of the Beirut Water Office).

1962 – Exploration of the Fouar Dara sinkhole (-622 m).

1962 - Study of the “Upper Galeries” in order to dig a tunnel for touristic development purposes.

1963 - SCL is state-approved as a club for public use (Decree Nr 14262 on 28/11/63).

1963 – Detailed survey until the terminal siphon in Jiita on behalf of the Beirut Water Office. This operation studied a tunnel which leads to the terminal siphon to eventually develop a way to harness the water (14 consecutive days underground).

1965 - Coloring with 50 kg of fluorescein at the depth of –622 m of the minor Faouar Dara water course on behalf of the United Nations Development Program.

1965 - SCL becomes one of the founding members of the International Caving Union founded during the 4th International Caving Congress. The unanimously designated Secretary General was Albert Anavy, an SCL member.

1966 – Joint Lebanese-French expedition into Jiita by the SCL and Spéléo-Club Languedocien de Montpellier. First underground diving operation with the collaboration of the Lyon divers. The reached depth within the siphon was –24 m.

1966 – Exploration of the Houet el Badaouie Chasm (first long vertical descent of –164 m).

1968 – Beginning of the tunnel piercing process at the Jiita “Upper Galleries” and development works for the same area under the surveillance of an SCL member.

1968 - Colouring with 50kg of fluorescein of the water in Fouar Dara in May and exploration to its bottom with the British "Yorkshire Rambler's Club" in August.

1969 - February: discovery and exploration of Mgharet el Kassarat (Antelias).

1969 - Follow up on the exploration of Mgharet el Kassarat and discovery of an underground water source with the Yorkshire Rambler's Club in August.

1969 - Official opening of the Jiita “Upper Galleries” for tourists under the patronage of President Charles Helou. An electro-acoustic concert is organized by the National Tourism Council and presented within the grotto under the direction of the conductor Francois Bayle. On that occasion Mr. Bayle composed a special piece he dedicated to the Jiita grotto, which he called “Jiita: the whispering waters”. Thus, for the first time in musical and caving history, music is composed to honor the sound resonance in a cave’s space. A CD with the music was marketed in international music outlets.

1969 - SCL is awarded the Cedar Medal (Nr 512 on the 24/2/69).

1970 - Flow measurements and colouring of the underground river in Mgharet el Kassarat (Antelias).

1970 - Discovery dive in the terminal siphon of Mgharet el Kassarat.

1971 - Colouring of the Deir Choumra water which re-appeared within the Jeita cave.

1972 - Dive in the resurgence of Nabeh Figeh in Syria.

1972 to 1975 – A new and young team takes over the SCL activities, discovering and exploring many caves and specializing in underground diving: Baatara, Nabaa el Laban, Rmeilé, Nabeh el Safa, Qashqoush, Afka, Jiita…

1975 to 1985 - SCL’s activities are stopped due to the Lebanese civil war.

1985 - SCL is 're-launched' into action.

1985 - Resuming of the Al Watwat newsletter (New series).

1985 - Coloring of Baatara sinkhole.

1988 - Coloring of Balaa sinkhole.

1991 - A French-Lebanese basic training for SRT Techniques is organized with the collaboration of the French Caving Federation.

1992 - First Architecture diploma specializing in caving is obtained by an SCL member.

1992 - French expedition to Lebanon on behalf of the French Caving Federation. Re-exploration of Fouar Dara with SCL members.

1993 - Colouring of Nabaa el Houeh (Michimcheh- North Lebanon).

1994 - Second Architecture diploma specializing in caving obtained by an SCL member.

1997 - Caving rescue drill with the Lebanese army.

1997 - Rediscovery of Mgharet el Kassarat (Antelias).

1997 - SCL organizes the first national caving meeting.

1999 - SCL purchases its current premises which are inaugurated in the presence of old club members.

2000 - Complete crossing of the Nahr Ibrahim canyon, Houet el Dakhoun.

2001 - SCL organizes the first caving symposium for its 50th anniversary. The event included a joint exhibition of photography and posters under the caving theme in addition to a documentary and photographic retrospective of its 50 years of activity.

2002 - The SCL organizes the first inter Arab training with the Saudi Geological Society. The SCL taught basic SR and rescue techniques.

2002 - Nabaa el Shatawie cave is re-explored and a further 2km are discovered.