Previous line-ups:

1997: The Blood Divine, Medulla Nocte, Scarabaeus, Hatred, Sanctum, Epitome, Shrike, Singuia, T.B.A.C., Gromoxin 100, Suffering, Baby eater, Godzilla.

1998:  Knuckledust, King Prawn, Stampin’ Ground, Cynical Smile, Dog Toffee, Speedurchin, Jnr. Loaded, Deadbolt, Lozt prophetz (when they were spelt with z’s) Medulla Nocte, Epitome, Sub, T.B.A.C, Sick on the Bus, Evil Knevil , Touchdown, 3rd Stone, Diatribe, Spin Pit, Singuia, Suffering, Fatal Reality, Cachorro, Method of murder, Dust to dust, Needlebliss, Animated sand castles, H Breed.

1999: Assert, Imbalace, Capdown, Entwined, In Dying Grace, Labrat, 17 Stitches, The Enchanted, Miocene, Otherwise, Loztprophetz (still with z’s but now one word), Vanilla Pod, Set Against, T.B.A.C., Special Move, Brutal Deluxe, Doku Dango, Cowpuncher, Sloth, Frowser, Singuia, 7 Air, Samkdaddi, Inimenter, Ligature, Morose, Bloodstream.

2000: King Prawn, Raging Speedhorn, Medulla Nocte, Capdown, Miocene, Brutal Deluxe, Sanctum, Lostprophets (actually didn’t turn up though, van broke down- but now with s’s), Vacant Stare, Kane, BDF, PDHM, Latch, Anal Beard, Redhed, Lowlife, Vicious Rumours, Lightyear, Captain Everything, 7 Air, Sikth, Dash-k, A-Ko, Ja Crew, Cowpuncher, Inner Rage, Descent, Systemised, Razor Wire, Solace Denied.

2001: Lostprophets, Brutal Deluxe, Onedice, PDHM, Lightyear, Jesse James, Sanctum, Evil Knievel, Autonomy, BDF, MTA, Silent season, Anal Beard, Glueball, Sikth, MTN, Inner Rage, Descent, Shellshock, Whizzwood, Torna-k, A-ko, Thirty seconds til Armageddon, Fruit Tree, Kaowin, Razorwire, Pensilnek, Miss:spelt Yoof, Pan-ku.

2002: Vacant Stare, Sikth, Sanctum/Torna K, Number one son, PDHM, Labrat, Stoopi, Palehorse, Tribute to nothing, Area 54, thisGIRL, -16-, A-ko, Fony, 50 Caliber, Subvert, Whitmore, Shellshock, Twofold, Twoday Rule, Anal Beard, K-Line, <209>, Zero Cipher, Rejects, Supertrix, Something in the water, Left side brain, Fog Donkey, Blind to the fact, Gorilla Monsoon.

2003:   Sikth, PDHM, Electric eel shock,  Aconite Thrill,  Johnny Truant,  JOR , The Blueprint , Hiding with girls, Frowser, Twoday Rule, 17 Stitches , Ako, Kenisia, Project Abner, SiZE, Beecher, Lamb Quartet, Dopamine, Joski, coMA Kai, Needleye, Blind Eye policy, Fog Donkey, Fourway kill, My pet junkie, The Mirrormen, Severed State, Planet of women, One man down, Lost for words.