Instructor: Dr. Reza Sarhangi
                             Office: Math Complex, Mossman 110
                             Office Hours: To be announced
                             Office Phone: (316) 221-8373

Class Schedule: MWF 10:00-10-.50

Course Description: A study of the connections between art and mathematics including proportions and the sacred geometry, tessellations in different cultures, the symmetry of the mathematical logic. The course win provide video tapes and software appropriate for each subject. Credit 3 hours



Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Instructional Methodologies: Classes will consist of lecture-discussions, and demonstrations of a variety of media in mathematics and in art

Textbooks: Bridges, Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Reza Sarhangi. Connections, Jay

Course Requirements:

Evaluation: Course grades will be based on 2 midterm exams (200 pts each), a final exam (300 pts), quizzes and homework (250 pts, and project (50 pts). for a total of 1000 points. Course grades based on a scale of 0 to too will be, assigned as f ollows:
90 < A < 100

75 < B < 90

65 < C < 75

55 < D < 65

O< F < 55

Policy Regarding Academic Integrity: Academic honesty according to the Academic Integrity Policy of Southwestern College is expected in this class for all work submitted for a grade. This policy will be strictly followed. Students are responsibl e for reading, understanding, and following this policy.

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