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News Item: Multiple Game Configuation List Update. 10/14/04
Got limited time so I'm making this short and sweet. I made a very small update on my Configuration List, and I hope to have even more time to work on it tomorrow, or even soon. I have been so busy lately it's disgusting. The update doesn't have any new games included yet, and I put the PD ROMs on a seperate page, and no they are not done yet (but I am adding a shitload more), nothing new is done, just a few changes to some games to make them work a little bit better. Thank olivieryuyu especially for this, he saved me much time on going back and fixing some things. So, to get the new version just visit the downloads page. That's all for now!

News Item: I took role in a tragedy. 10/11/04
I had about 20 more games done, and my ROM_Properties was coming along great, than over the weekend, a distant friend came to visit, and decided to give me a free copy of Final Fantasy XI online. After the installation, chaos broke loose on my computer, and it entered nuclear meltdown. My Windows installation became so corrupt that I couldn't even log into it. I tried taking my hard drive out so I wouldn't lose everything, and putting it into another computer, but...everything is gone...have to start all over. Whelp, after a long format and reinstall of XP, my comps back up and running, and healthy as a horse (whatever that means). Finaly Fantasy XI is a great game though, and I guess it was worth losing the work :'(. I will try to get my list done some time this year, just keep checking back. I may even release an online version where I will just update there, and make a download available when it's done.

News Item: Updated a bit... 10/8/04
Ok, I have been working hardcore on this, so now all my pages should be up. I put a few of my projects up, and wrote out a simple tutorial for Nintendo Emulation. It's pretty brief, and not very thorough, but I will make it better in time. I just posted it up real quick for a friend. I added a few more downloads, and now that this site is pretty stable, I am going to halt work on it for just a little while, so I can concentrate on finishing my list (it's been too long). Well, take a look around, you might find something you like. I'll keep adding to it as I go along, but don't expect an update anytime soon, but than again, I just may get some free time (I got the next 4 days off from school :D). II will post my projects as I finish them (got 2 up so far).

News Item: My Site is Open 10/7/04
Hello everyone, and welcome to Bighead's EmuHelp. The sole purpose of this site is to help you get your emulation working with as little hassle as possible! Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. Right now it's still in the construction state, so don't expect much yet. I will update it whenever I find the time to do so. Be sure to check out my awesome "N64 Multiple Game Configuration List", which can be found on the "Downloads" page. Starting to get everything up and running, the only page not yet here is my "Projects" page, which I will post up soon. But for now, take a look through, and let me know what you think so far, by clicking on "Forums" and post any feedback which pertains to my site, or my Configuration List.






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