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Aug. 14, 2003

With thoughts of Brock Lesnar's disgusting attack on his "friend" Kurt Angle still fresh on everybody's mind, Mr. McMahon kicked off SmackDown! by introducing the fans to the real Brock Lesnar. The former WWE Champion hit the ring, much to the dismay of the fans in attendance.

Lesnar told the fans that Angle was in fact his friend. He then proceeded to give his definition of  friendship: "The art of using somebody to your advantage so that they can help you succeed in life. Once they can no longer help you, they are no longer your friend."

Apparently, Lesnar thought that Angle could no longer help him. Mr. McMahon then rewarded the real Brock Lesnar with a match at SummerSlam with Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship.

While McMahon and Lesnar celebrated their new friendship in the ring, Stephanie McMahon walked out from the backstage area. The returning Stephanie accused her father of sending A-Train out to get her at Vengeance, thus causing the SmackDown! General Manager to miss much time. An irate Mr. McMahon then gave Stephanie something to really be upset about -- he put her in a match against A-Train later in the night.

The match between Stephanie and A-Train was obviously a one-sided affair, with A-Train winning in the end. However, there was some doubt that A-Train would win when Undertaker came out and attacked him. Luckily for the Train, Big Show Pearl Harbored 'Taker, allowing A-Train to concentrate on getting the win against Stephanie.

Match results:
The World's Greatest Tag Team successfully defended the WWE Tag Team Championship against Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio

Danny Basham defeated Billy Gunn

Big Show defeated Undertaker via countout

Tajiri defeated Rhyno

John Cena defeated Zach Gowen

Spanky defeated Brock Lesnar via disqualification

A-Train defeated Stephanie McMahon

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