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Therapist denied sex, cocaine use with patient
Mar. 13, 2003. 01:00 AM

A therapist accused of initiating sex and cocaine use with a patient denied both allegations to an investigator, a disciplinary panel has been told.   [Full Story]

Therapist turned patient on to sex, cocaine, disciplinary panel is told
Mar. 12, 2003. 05:39 AM

A Toronto man who sought psychotherapy says his female doctor turned him on to cocaine and encouraged a sexual relationship. The patient told an Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons disciplinary hearing yesterday that Dr. Allyson Koffman, who operated a therapy practice from her downtown condominium, accompanied him to parties and bars, writes Diana Zlomislic.   [Full Story]

Panel rules Hamilton psychiatrist incompetent
Sep. 24, 2002. 02:00 PM

HAMILTON Ontario's medical college says a Hamilton psychiatrist should either be barred from practise or placed under restrictions.   [Full Story]

Hep B victims reap legacy of neglect
Sep. 2, 2002. 01:00 AM

The hepatitis B outbreak at Dr. Ronald Wilson's EEG clinics, revealed in March, 1996, was among the worst involving this most infectious of blood-borne diseases. Thousands were exposed. One man died. Rita Daly reports on the victims who still suffer Wilson's legacy of neglect.   [Full Story]

MD guilty in hepatitis B outbreak
Aug. 23, 2002. 06:42 AM

Dr. Ronald Wilson, a Toronto neurologist whose clinics used dirty needles on patients and caused the worst hepatitis B outbreak in Ontario, has been found guilty of incompetence by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The Star's Rita Daly reports.   [Full Story]

Therapist barred over sex with client
Jun. 29, 2002. 01:00 AM

A Toronto psychotherapist who left a patient feeling like his "whore" by sending her pornographic e-mail, having sexual intercourse and performing oral sex on her, has lost his medical licence.   [Full Story]

Finally, surgeon barred for years of negligence
Jun. 11, 2002. 12:02 AM

It took nearly two decades, three disciplinary hearings and the negligent deaths of at least seven patients before the province's medical watchdog finally stripped Kenneth Bradley of his licence to practice yesterday for good.   [Full Story]

Psychiatrist abused patients, hearing told
May. 21, 2002. 11:16 PM

HAMILTON - The prosecutor for Ontario's college of doctors says prominent Hamilton psychiatrist Dr. Paul Michael Porter sexually abused two female patients at his downtown office and fudged his medical records to obscure it.   [Full Story]

MD's level of care criticized
Mar. 10, 2002. 01:00 AM

A Toronto psychiatrist has been harshly criticized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for giving the controversial drugs Ritalin and Dexedrine to a patient who was getting worse.   [Full Story]

Warnings about hepatitis B clinic ignored
Feb. 5, 2002. 12:05 AM

Ontario health officials and the physicians' regulatory body were warned of unsafe practices at a Toronto diagnostic clinic almost five years before an outbreak of hepatitis B put 14,000 patients at risk, a hearing has been told.   [Full Story]

Court backs reprimand against alternative MD
Jan. 31, 2002. 01:00 AM

An alternative medicine doctor reprimanded for professional misconduct has lost his appeal against a ruling by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.   [Full Story]

Neurologist pleads not guilty at hearing
Jan. 22, 2002. 07:34 AM

A Scarborough neurologist who recently settled the largest medical malpractice suit in Canadian history after his diagnostic clinics exposed 14,000 people to the hepatitis B virus has pleaded not guilty to charges of professional misconduct.   [Full Story]

Woman faces silence over silicone
Dec. 16, 2001. 01:00 AM

When one of Canada's leading dermatologists couldn't find a legal source of liquid silicone to inject into people's faces, he obtained a supply from a Miami post office box and went to work.   [Full Story]

Ontario doctors to face criminal record screening
Nov. 23, 2001. 02:00 AM

Ontario's doctors will soon be facing mandatory criminal background checks as part of the screening process to get a licence to practise.   [Full Story]

Web site now puts spotlight on bad doctors
Nov. 8, 2001. 12:02 PM

Details about any Ontario doctor disciplined for professional misconduct, sexual abuse or medical incompetence will now be posted on the Internet for public access.   [Full Story]

Psychiatrist stripped of his medical licence
Oct. 20, 2001. 02:00 AM

In a surprise move, a Cambridge psychiatrist changed his plea to guilty on one count of "disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional" conduct yesterday and was permanently stripped of his medical licence at a disciplinary hearing.   [Full Story]

Doctor abused vulnerable boys, hearing told
Oct. 19, 2001. 02:00 AM

A Cambridge psychiatrist allegedly preyed on the innocence of pubescent boys and abused their trust by sexually assaulting his mentally vulnerable patients, a professional disciplinary panel has heard.   [Full Story]

`Reckless' doctor gets licence back
Oct. 16, 2001. 02:00 AM

A Toronto physician has had his licence reinstated with some restrictions after being found guilty of professional misconduct related to complaints that he brushed his penis up against two female patients during eye examinations.   [Full Story]

Hospital forces doctor to resign
Oct. 13, 2001. 02:00 AM

Whitby obstetrician Dr. Errol Wai-Ping has been forced to give up his medical practice at the Ajax-Pickering hospital following an internal investigation involving more than 150 women who complained about his surgical care.   [Full Story]

Doctors look for strategy to stop medical mistakes
Sep. 25, 2001. 02:05 AM

OTTAWA - Canada needs a national plan to help reduce serious medical errors such as giving patients too much of a drug or surgery on the wrong body part, says a doctors' group.   [Full Story]

Files of MD should be reviewed: Board
Sep. 25, 2001. 02:14 AM

A complaints committee established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario was correct in deciding that a Toronto physician provided inadequate and inappropriate care to a patient, an appeals board has ruled.   [Full Story]

Doctor loses licence over therapy
Sep. 22, 2001. 02:08 AM

A controversial Toronto psychiatrist who practised bizarre ``reparenting'' therapy on patients that included giving them baby bottles to suck and dolls to hug has been stripped of his medical licence.   [Full Story]

Medical watchdog sparks painful row
Sep. 10, 2001. 02:00 AM

The debilitating pain, nearly forgotten for years, has returned for John Bauder. And he blames the province's medical watchdog for his anguish.   [Full Story]

Doctor's licence revoked for sex abuse of patients
Sep. 8, 2001. 02:00 AM

Patients came to him for help with their depression, childhood sexual abuse trauma and the grief of a dying mother.   [Full Story]
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