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Review of Previous Review ---"While on its face the previous review may appear honest and valid, a closer look reveals all kinds of crappy journalism and blatant lies. As even has pointed out, there are some real problems with this review, namely that Dickens has posted open letters and that he isn't necessarily "nice." "
Chris Dickens ---"I think that he's an alright guy, but he keeps saying that he is going to post an open letter on this web site of wonders, and he hasn't yet. Therefore, I would have to say that he is nice, but full of empty promises. One thumbs up, one thumbs down, and one eye on the ball."
Rock and Roll ---"You know you need it."
Interjections ---"Great!"
The review of Fire ---"Clear, concise. An Excellent review. Much better than that review on 'the last review of the last review'."
The review of 'the last review of the last review' ---"I found this review much more entertaining and informative than this reviewer's other review titled 'paul gubbins', although there still are a number of things to criticize. Firstly, the stated subject matter is unclear. Is 'the last review of the last review' intended to be the final review (perhaps of a series of reviews) of the review of the review of 'paul gubbins', or of the review of 'reviewing' which directly precedes 'the last review of the last review'? The use of some single quotation marks would have added clarity to the matter. Secondly, whether it is a review (perchance the last one) of the previous review or the one directly preceding that one, the review strays somewhat from actually being a review of it and turns into a personal diatribe or a rant against an individual, a web site and a graphic that are not (obviously) the subject of the review. Therefore, I would have to say that this review essentially fails to be a review, and in fact even ends with a question, which we all know is not a review. In conclusion, 'the last review of the last review' is a fun read but is not what it says it is - a review."
Fire ---"good"
the last review of the last review ---"The reviewer, surprisingly, has a bad memory of something he said to me in the late nineties, after being mal-treated by a Texas patrolman who was determined to find (in paul) a drug offense. I was simply quoting Paul shorly after the incident, who had realizations and revelations about the war on drugs. Sorry, though. I didn't realize that this was such a strict website--what with its pro-israeli conspiracy websites shown as news sources! I shall try to compose an acceptable "open letter" in the appropriate section so as to not irritate the Paul Gubbins website creator/administrator. Also, what the heck is the graphic thing on next to the "glory of the rock and roll" thing?"
REVIEWING ---"refreshing"
The last review ---"Incoherent and perhaps a bit misdirected. The kind reviewer begins his review with the statement 'This isn't a war on drugs'. 'This' obviously being the subject of the review - 'paul gubbins'. At this point, the reviewer loses me. I suppose that I am not familiar enough with exactly what 'paul gubbins' is in terms of war, drugs and freedom to understand the statement. The only sites returned when searching Google on the subjects were: this one and this one. Overall all, I have to give the last review a negative review. Although there is much promise in the subject matter, the reviewer really doesn't go anywhere with it or employ any discernible amount of wit or intelligence in the execution of the brief review. Perhaps the kind reviewer would like to develop his thoughts on the subject ('paul gubbins, war, drugs, freedom') at the freedom enhancing open letter section of this web site. "
paul gubbins ---"This isn't a war on's a war on freedom!"
your web site ---"really dumb. Bad graphics. I hate you."
recent reviewers ---"really bitter sounding"
our president ---"he really sucks"
Parenthood ---"it really sucks"
The Rock and Roll Patrol ---"Undoubtedly the greatest band of all time, most audiences cannot even comprehend their sonic assualt."
the Sun ---"It keeps me warm during the day, but leaves me cold at night." ---"this website puts the rock in rock and roll and the messiah in Hello Messiah rogers"