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UK Radio Station of the Year 2003BBC Radio 4
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Steve Punt

Best known for his comedy partnership with Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt began performing at Cambridge University, where he became vice-president of the Footlights. He has gone on to write and appear in many radio and television shows including Weekending, The Treatment, Spitting Image, Carrott Confidential, and Punt and Dennis. You can hear Steve on Radio 4's topical comedy The Now Show.

What was the inspiration behind The Now Show?
The inspiration behind The Now Show was to do a topical comedy show with a script and a live audience.

The News Quiz doesn't have a script, Weekending didn't have an audience - I had experience of both. It was a chance to put all that experience - hopefully - to good use.

Also the producer bought me lunch after the pilot, which is rare on a radio budget - normally you get a coffee if you're lucky.

What memorable moments do you have from making the series?
A man who was cross that we'd done a joke implying that the Queen hadn't got enough military experience to really be Commander in Chief of Armed Forces.

Not only, he said, was she an auxiliary driver in the war, but "both her and her sister Margaret can strip an engine in 20 minutes."

What makes you laugh on Radio 4 and why?
I love I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, because there's no points being made or targets being attacked.

Conversely, I like The News Quiz for just the opposite reason. I don't get on with people who only like one type of humour. I tend to like it all. If it makes me laugh it's good.

If you could invite any Radio 4 presenter or character to dinner, who would you choose and why?
It would have to be Ned Sherrin. I'm a sucker for those showbiz anecdotes, I'm afraid. Also he might bring a really good bottle of wine.

How many radios do you have and where are they?
I think there's about 10 radios in our house, but some just sit, battery-less and neglected.

My partner, Imogen, bought one especially to listen to in the shower. It's waterproofed and in the shape of a fish. She got it from a catalogue - it's the sort of thing you only buy from a catalogue, isn't it?

How would you sum up Radio 4 in a sentence?
Broadsheet radio.

Steve Punt can be heard on The Now Show, Fridays, 3 and 10 August at 6.30pm.

Do you agree with Steve's choice of dinner guest? We'd love to hear which Radio 4 personality or character you would like to have at your dinner table and what you would serve them.

Send us your choice and you could see it published on the Radio 4 website.

For more questions and answers, why not visit On The Spot where you can quiz Radio 4's programme makers and presenters.

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Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present the topical comedy show that looks at everything 'now'.

The stand up show brings the newest talent to the airwaves and puts a subversive spin on current events.

You can hear The Now Show on Fridays, 3 and 10 August at 6.30pm.


Steve Punt's career took off as one quarter of The Mary Whitehouse Experience, alongside Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel and Rob Newman.

His one-man show The Hannibal Lecture was a success at the Edinburgh Festival and recorded as a half-hour special for Radio 4. He also hosts and writes Radio 2's It's Been a Bad Week.

Steve is currently writing two comedy dramas for BBC Choice, a novel, and working on a new BBC animation.

The Now Show will be recording at the Edinburgh Festival in August.

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