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Tamil Nadu announces film awards for three years
Friday, October 01, 2004

Tamil Nadu Thursday announced state film awards for 2000, 2001 and 2002 after a gap of three years.

Adjudged the best films of 2000, 2001, and 2002 respectively were "Vaanathai Polae", "Virumbugiren" and "Ramana". Murali and Devayani were chosen the best actor and actress respectively for 2000, Surya and Sneha for 2001 and Madhavan and Meena for 2002. The most memorable and critically acclaimed roles rewarded were that of Chellamma, wife of poet Subramania Bharati, played by Devayani in "Bharati", and that of an engineer-writer essayed by Madhavan in Maniratnam-directed "Kannathil Muthamittal".

Among the cinema veterans honored were: Anjali Devi, the heroine of many a mythological film, Padmini, once considered the best screen match for Sivaji Ganesan, and Vyjayanthimala, who had made it big in Bollywood too. The awards follow a bonanza for the Tamil film industry from actress-turned-politician Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha that included tax cuts and promise of stringent steps against video piracy.

Year 2000

First Best Film - Vaanathai Pola
Second Best Film - Vaanavil
Third Best Film - Vetri Kodi Kattu
Best Women Subject Film - Inia Udhayam
First Best Family Moral Subject Film - Budget Padmanabhan
Second Best Family Moral Subject Film - Mughavari
Third Best Family Moral Subject Film - uyirile Kalandadhu
Best Actor - Murali(Kadal Pookal) 
Special Best Actor - Jayram(Thenali )
Best Actress - Devayani(Bharathi)
Best Villain - Prakash Raj(Vaanavil)
Best Comedian - Vadivelu(Vetri Kodi Kattu)Special Best Actress - Shalini(Alaipayuthey)
Special Award to Film - Bharathi
Best Director - Vikraman(Vaanathai Pole)
Best Screeplay - Manoj Kumar(Vaanavil)
Best Dialogue Writer - Cheran(Vetri Kodi kattu)
Best Music Director - Deva(Kushi, Uyirile Kalandadhu, Sandhithavelai)
Best Lyricist - Thamarai(Thenali)
Best Playback Male Singer - Harish Raghavendra(Bharathi)
Best Playback Female Singer - Bavadharani(Bharathi)
Best cameraman - Ananda Kuttan(Kannukkul Nilavu)
Best Sound Engineer - Siva Kumar(Rhythm)
Best Editor - Mohanraj(Cheenu)
Best Art Director - G. Krishnamurthy(Thenali and Vaanavil)
Best Stunt Master - Siva(Kannukkul Nilavu)
Best Choreographer - Brinda(Mughavari)
Best Makeup Man - Giri(Cheenu)
Best Costume - G. Krishnamurthy(Bharathi)
Best Child Artiste - Yuvakanth(Maayi)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Male) - Rajiv(Bharathi)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Female) - Savitha(Priyamaanavaley)
Arignar Anna Award - Anjali Devi
Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Award - M.N.Rajam
Kalaivanar Award - Padmini
Kannadasan Award - S.Varalakshmi
MGR Award - Jamuna
Raja Sando Award - Kunnakudi R.Vaidyanathan
Shivaji Ganesan Award - Sukumari


Year 2001

First Best Film - Virumbigiren
Second Best Film - Paandavar Bhoomi
Third Best Film - Aanandam
Best Women Subject Film - Jameela
First Best Family Moral Subject Film - Sonnaldaan Kaadhala
Second Best Family Moral Subject Film - Poovellam Un Vaasam
Best Actor - Surya(Nandha)
Best Actress - Sneha(Virumbigiren, Aanandam , Punnagai Desam)
Special Best Actor - Ajith(Poovellam Un Vaasam)
Special Best Actress - Suvvalakshmi(Jameela)
Best Villain - Alex(Mitta Mirasu)
Best Comedian(Male) - Vadivelu(Thavasi)Best Comedian(Female) - Kovai Sarala(Poovellam Un Vaasam)
Best Director - Susi Ganesan(Virumbigiren)
Best Story Writer - Sara Abubecker(Jameela)
Best Dialogue Writer - Shahjahan(Punnagai Desam)
Best Music Director - Vidyasagar(Dil, Thavasi, Poovellam Un Vaasam)
Best Lyricist - Snehan(Paandavar Bhoomi)
Best Playback Male Singer - Unnikrishnan(Dil)
Best Playback Female Singer - Sujatha(Dil)
Best cameraman - Rathnavelu(Nandha)
Best Sound Engineer - Sathya(Chocklet)
Best Editor - Kasi Viswanathan(Aalavandan)
Best Art Director - Prabhakaran(Poovellam Un Vaasam)
Best Stunt Master - Super Subbarayan(Thavasi, Mitta Mirasu)
Best Choreographer - Chinni Prakash(Thavasi)
Best Makeup Man - Nageswar Rao(Dil)
Best Costume - Sai(Poovellam Un Vaasan, Thavasi)
Best Child Artiste - T R Kural Arasan(Sonnaldaan Kaadhala)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Male) - Sai Ravi(Dil)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Female) - Sreeja(Dil)
Best Character Artiste(Male) - Raj Kiran(Pandavar Bhoomi, Nandha)
Best Character Artiste(Female) - Eesawari Rao(Virubigiren)
Special Award to Film - Nandha
Arignar Anna Award - Bharathi Raja
Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Award - Vijayanthimala
Kalaivanar Award - Raja Sulochana
Kannadasan Award - Vanishree
MGR Award - B.S.Saroja
Raja Sando Award - K.Balaji
Shivaji Ganesan Award - Ravichandran 


Year 2002

First Best Film - Ramanaa
Second Best Film - Kannathi Muttamittal
Third Best Film - Unnai neneithu
Best Women Subject Film - Guruvamma
Best Actor - Madhavan(Run, Anbe Sivam, Kannathil Muttamittal) 
Best Actress - Meena(Ivan) 
Best Director - Mani Ratnam
Special Best Actor - Prabhu(Chalie Chaplin)
Special Best Actress - Nandita Das(Kannathil Muttamittal)
Best Villian - Nasar(Tamizh)
Best Comedian - Vivek(Run)
Best Director - Mani Rathnam(Kannathil Muttamittal)
Best Story Writer - Ssi Ganesan(5 Star)
Best Dialogue Writer - Muruga Das(Ramana)
Best Music Director - Sirpi(Unnai Ninaithu)
Best Lyricist - Ravishankar(Unnai Ninaithu, Varushamellam Vasantham)
Best Playback Male Singer - Unni MenonUnnai Ninaithu, Varushamellam Vasantham)
Best Playback Female Singer - Chinmayi(Kannathil Muttamittal)
Best cameraman - Arjun Jana(Kaadhal Virus)
Best Sound Engineer - Ganesan(Ramana)
Best Editor - V T Vijayan(Run)
Best Art Director - Sabu Cyril(Kannathil Muttamittal)
Best Stunt Master - Jaquar Thangam(Bhagavathy)
Best Choreographer - Dinesh(King)
Best Makeup Man - V P Rajan(Anbe Sivam)
Best Costume - S Rajendran(Anbe Sivam)
Best Child Artiste - Keerthana P S(Kannathil Muttamittal)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Male) - Murali Kumar(Run)
Best Dubbing Artiste(Female) - Anuradha(Roja Kootam)
Best Character Artiste(Male) - Janakaraj(King)
Best Character Artiste(Female) - Anu Hasan(Run)
Special Award to Film - King
Arignar Anna Award - Jamuna Rani 
Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Award - G.Sakunthala
Kalaivanar Award - P.B.Srinivas 
Kannadasan Award - M.S.Viswanathan 
MGR Award - E.V.Saroja 
Raja Sando Award - M.Saravanan of AVM 
Shivaji Ganesan Award - M.Saroja




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