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Multiplayer Tips and Strategies

Quick Hits

  • If there are certain Force Powers you like to use a lot, it's a good idea to map them to an individual key that's easy to reach.
  • If you see someone coming at you with a Lightsaber but you're armed with a blaster-type weapon, you should quickly change to your Lightsaber or pull out an explosive weapon.
  • When you get the Super Shield, don't worry about hurting yourself with the rail detonator or concussion rifle - just start blasting.
  • Be sure you know which Force Powers counteract or negate other Force Powers.
  • You'll want to experiment with "Gameplay" multiplayer options, which allow you some customization of your weapon pickup/reloading action to reduce the number of keystrokes you have to perform during a fight.
  • Most importantly: Set the "always run" option on.

Go Saber-to-Saber with your fellow Jedi Masters in JK's multiplayer mode.
Effective Rail Detonator Revenge

One of the most frustrating things for a player is to be hit with a rail detonator at close range with the secondary fire option (you'll know when this happens as it sticks to you and starts hissing). The best thing to do in this case is to charge your opponent to catch him in the explosion as well. The inexperienced opponent will probably panic and fire one or two more unnecessary shots or switch to primary fire and blow the both of you up.

Charging a Concussion Rifle

You'll find that there are advantages to charging an opponent with a concussion rifle. At a distance, a concussion rifle can be devastating, but up close, your opponent is at a distinct disadvantage. The secondary fire option, while powerful, is slow to reload. Charge your opponent and sidestep to avoid face-to-face contact. Then pull out the Lightsaber or the Stormtrooper rifle for an up-close-and-personal advantage.

The Minelayer

You'll find that one of the most sadistically satisfying strategies is taking on the role of the Minelayer. You should immediately go after sequencer charges, knowing the quickest routes to take. Once you get them, carefully place them along the course that most experienced players will use to get through the level. Other excellent locations to place them are over power-ups, over weapon spawn points, or near ledges so that an opponent will be blown off and fall to his death. If you really want to make friends, place them over respawning points.

Mr. Badass

A Mr. Badass will go after all the heavy weapons like the rail detonator or the concussion rifle, then slither off to a nice corner and wait for unsuspecting victims to come by.

True Jedi These masters of the Force use the Lightsaber almost entirely. Their two biggest keys are extreme knowledge of the Lightsaber attacks and always being on the move, where they'll soon run into somebody. It's at close range where the Lightsaber is deadliest. The only way to counter it is with another Lightsaber or retreating, laying sequencer charges along the way.

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