National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
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National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
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Hardware Resources/User Guides
Users should be aware of all of the hardware resources that are available to assist them with their research.

Software Resources
Users should be aware of all of the software resources that are available to assist them with their research:

Applying for Resources
If you are not already an NPACI user but want an allocation, or if you are and want to apply for more resources, check here.

Scientific Computing Services
NPACI's Scientific Computing Services Division (SciComp) assists users in using and learning about NPACI resources. SciComp provides services such as documentation, consulting, and training. Scientific applications experts in the SciComp division help users to develop efficient HPC applications and to utilize NPACI resources effectively.

All users are encouraged to use secure methods to access NPACI resources.

The NPACI HotPage makes accessing NPACI resources easier through active features including login capabilities and real-time information on all compute platforms and queues as well as important links to documentation, training and consulting, software applications, allocations and accounts.

The NPACI Grid Portal Toolkit (GridPort) is a collection of technologies designed to aid in the development of science portals on computational grids: user portals, applications interfaces, and education portals.

Strategic Applications Collaborations (SAC)
SAC projects pair academic researchers with expert NPACI staff, helping researchers use NPACI resources most effectively and developing general solutions that benefit not only the researchers but their larger academic communities and all HPC users.

The NPACI Rocks clustering activity is a collection of open-source software tools, software, management techniques, monitoring infrastructure and other good things for building commodity off-the-shelf clusters. We're working to make "cookie-cutter" clusters that groups can easily replicate, manage, and update.

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