system administrator n.a system administrator is one who, as a primary job function, manages computer and network systems on behalf of another, such as an employer or client.
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SAGE Certification

About the Program

SAGE Certification is a multi-platform program created by and for system administrators. The program came into existence as a response to industry demands for vigorous, job-specific evaluation.

The program currently includes two examinations, together called cSAGE Certification. As of this writing, the examinations are being given on a limited basis. Plans are to administer them over the web.

cSAGE testing consists of two exams, a core plus one module, and to be cSAGE certified, it is necessary to pass both the core exam and one module within six months time. The core exam is neither platform nor vendor specific, while the modules are platform specific exams.

mSAGE, the second level of SAGE Certification, is currently under development. Read more about it here.

For Program Alumni

If you're a cSAGE certificant, take advantage of these new and upcoming features:

  • Request materials — Get a poster or some brochures to promote SAGE Cert to your co-workers, your favorite LUG, etc.
  • Contribute to the refresh of cSAGE exams or to mSAGE
  • Whois function (forthcoming) — Show employers you're certified with a special web button.
  • Continuing Education — Detailed requirements and suggestions for keeping your certification current.
  • For group discussion about issues related to SAGE Certificaion, look to the new Certification Section on SAGEwire, SAGE's new news and information portal for system administrators. Talk about preparing for the exams, ask questions and more.

How to Contribute

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Promote the program locally - Request marketing materials and talk to your co-workers or a local user group about the benefits of SAGE Certification.
  • Write the exams - We are currently looking for qualified system administrators to work on item writing for the refresh of cSAGE exams and for the intitial version of the mSAGE exams.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether you work in HR, academia, or for another nonprofit, SAGE Certification can use your help. Many opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships are available.

Additionally, SAGE Certification relies on patron support for funding. To learn more about becoming a SAGE Certification Patron, follow the link below.

Learn more about becoming a partner:

Program Sponsors

Founding Corporate Patrons

Diamond Platinum Bronze
USENIX Association Taos, The Sysadmin Company UGU: Unix Guru

Founding Individual Patrons

Leadership Circle

  • Bill Dwyer


  • Jon "maddog" Hall


  • John Stoffel
  • Meng Weng Wong
  • Trey Harris

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