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August 25, 2002! I'm still working on that major update, but I uploaded a new item for you to look at. It's a Makaino-chan illustration colored by Dangermouse! Check it out on the Omake page!

Adopt a cute, lonely Namekuji, just for you! Go to Kisanta's Namekuji Adoption Center.

Welcome, Nintama, to Ninjutsu Gakuen. In a short time, you too can become a certified (certifiable?) Nintama Rantarou fan! Please choose from the following courses for self-study. When you have finished, you may take the test to become a Ninjutsu Gakuen graduate!

    • Level 1: Nintama Rantarou - What is it?

        Level 2: Nintama Rantarou - Who are the characters?

        Finished all your coursework? Then take THE TEST and see how much you've learned!

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