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Meet the Aliens

Native to the planet Argos, this race, which celebrates while the sun shines and drops to sleep the moment it sets, appears to age very rapidly; in Earth terms, an Argosian lifetime is approximately 100 days. First contact: "Brief Candle"

Seemingly benevolent species that, by the Earth year 2010, helped humanity create a Golden Age through advanced technology. In reality, they plotted to wipe out the human race through a process of sterilization and slow attrition. Entrenched in Earth society and holding key positions of power, the Aschen's scheme was circumvented by an SG-1 time-travel expedition to 10 years earlier. First contact: "2010"

Earth's closest offworld allies. Native the planet Cimmeria, these benevolent, wizened-looking "gray aliens" prefer to appear as hologrammatic images of legendary Norse gods. The Asgardian Supreme Commander is Thor. First contact: "Thor's Hammer"

One of two cultures on the planet Bedrosia, this species has long been at war with their rivals, the Optricians regarding control of their planet's Stargate. The Bedrosians believe human life evolved without a gateway and was created by their god, Nefertum. First contact: "New Ground"

Species native to the planet Chartago. First contact: "Cor-ai"

These former slaves were relocated, with SG-1 help, from a Goa'uld colony to a new homeworld. Upon settling, however, they found their new planet being terraformed to permit habitation by another species, the Gadmeer, whose biology and the Enkarans' require mutually exclusive environments. First contact: "Scorched Earth"

This species was discovered by the formerly enslaved Enkarans during a terraforming process on the Enkarans' new homeworld. First contact: "Scorched Earth"

A despotic conquering race, and SG-1's greatest nemesis. Parasitic, snakelike creatures who rule the planet Chulak, the Goa'uld s ruthlessly collect lifeforms from around the galaxy for use as host bodies. They are politically organized around a structure of feudal "system lords." (First contacts: the movie Stargate and "Children of the Gods") A Goa'uld rebel group, the Tok'ra, inhabits only willing hosts. (First contact: "In the Line of Duty") SG-1 team-member Teal'c was once a member of the notorious "Serpent Guards" of the Goa'uld system lord Apophis.

Natives of the planet Hanka. Until recently, they practiced a rite of passage for young members involving "mind fire," an illness-like condition requiring a lone journey into a nearby forest and overnight survival. First contact: "Rite of Passage"

A human race of the planet Hebridan, descendants of the Celtic islanders of New Hebrides who emigrated through the Stargate. Their planet eventually became a Goa'uld outpost, but was liberated thousands of years ago with the help of the Serrakin, with whom they now share the planet. First contact: "Forsaken"

The Jaffa race has a symbiotic relationship with the Goa'uld in that they carry infant Goa'uld symbiotes in pouches in their bellies. This larval symbiote guarantees its host immunity to diseases. For this reason, Jaffa live to be very old. SG-1 team-member Teal'c was once a member of the notorious "Serpent Guards" of the Goa'uld system lord Apophis. First contacts: the movie Stargate and "Children of the Gods"

Natives of the nation Kelowna on the planet desginated P9Y-4C3. The planet is also home to the nation of Tirania and to the Andari Federation. Jonas Quinn, formerly of the SG-1 team, is a native Kelownan. First contact: "Meridian"

Natives of the planet Latona. A planetary device called a Sentinel deters aggressors.

Small, peaceful, fairylike people occupying a planet previously thought to be uninhabited, the Nox can make things invisible and resurrect the dead. First contact: "The Nox"

One of two cultures on the planet Bedrosia, this species has long been at war with their rivals, the Bedrosians, regarding control of their planet's Stargate. The Optricians believe humans were not native to their planet, but brought by aliens through the gateway. First contact: "New Ground"

The planet Orban has a scientific-exchange program with Earth. The children of this race, while incredibly intelligent, have no concept of fun or play. First contact: "Learning Curve"

The human race on Pangar is technologically a few decades behind Earth, yet through a native drug called "tretonin" have achieved immortality. Fatal side-effects were discovered, however, during an SG-1 expedition. First contact: "Cure"

No longer living on their homeworld Reetalia, which was destroyed by the Goa'uld, the Reetou are able to render themselves invisible. A large rebel faction believes that by killing all potential hosts for the Goa'uld they gradually will eliminate the Goa'uld themselves. First contact: "Show and Tell"

Artificial organisms in the form of small metallic bugs, they kill and rapidly replicate, overwhelming planetary life and mechanisms. First contact: "Nemesis"

One of two groups now found on the planet Hebridan, the reptilian Serrakin helped to liberate the native humans from the Goa'uld thousands of years before. First contact: "Forsaken"

Native to the planet Simarka, this species is similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth. First contact: "Emancipation"

Technologically advanced natives of Tollana. The late Omoc, their leader at the time of Earth's first conract with their civilization, revealed his people's collective guilt over having shared Tollan technology with a less-advanced planet, resulting in that world's self-destruction by war. First contact: "Enigma"

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Native to the bifurcated planet P3X-797, whose two hemispheres are divided into permanent night and day, the Touched live on the dark side of their planet and are heavy-browed primitives with limited skills and brutal instincts. First contact: "The Broca Divide"

Native to planet P3X-888, these large, primitive, reptilian humanoids — once used as Goa'uld beasts of burden — possess only rudimentary language. First contact: "The First Ones"

(SEE ALSO: Touched)
Native to the bifurcated planet P3X-797, whose two hemispheres are divided into permanent night and day, they are a Bronze Age people bearing similarities to the ancient Minoan civilization of Earth. They reside primarily on the illuminated side of the planet. First contact: "The Broca Divide"

This is not a planetary species, but the designation for a member of any species who has been subjected to Goa'uld mind-control technology and subconsciously programmed to kill, with their recollection of the procedure covered by false memories. Anyone who has come into contact with the Goa'uld could well be a Zatarc and be wholly unaware of the fact. First contact: "Divide And Conquer"