President's Report

John J. Burke (Miami University, Middletown)

Know the Lingo

I love words. I imagine that’s true of everyone in libraries, since words are crucial to all facets of what we do. We are engaged in describing information so that it can be found, whether that description takes place in a bib record in the catalog, in a database annotation on a web site, on a sign, or in a library instruction session. Picking the right word or combination of words makes all the difference, and I enjoy having and building a palette of words to draw from.

What got me thinking about words recently was an article I was alerted to by the ILI-L (Information Literacy in Instruction) electronic discussion group. The article is entitled “Reading Between the Lines” and appears in the September 2004 issue of Real Simple (volume 5, issue 7, page 45 – check it out in MasterFILE Premier). It provides brief snippets of definitions, explanations, and insider-information to help the reader negotiate a variety of documents, from newspapers to wine labels to credit card agreements. The information literacy tie-in is that these are some real-world examples of situations where knowing more about an item’s language, context, and physical or linguistic cues gives one a deeper understanding. That understanding (or lack thereof) stands as the dividing line between effective use of the information (or product) and confusion, which leads to dysfunction or misuse.

We have the power to provide understanding and increase opportunities for effectiveness in our libraries. Our work requires us to have a growing and, at times, nearly impenetrable vocabulary of terms and acronyms (see the site for “ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science” at for many wonderful examples). Our twin language goals are to describe our own work well to one another, and yet not accidentally hide essential information from our patrons. Some suggestions for achieving this may be found at the site “Library Terms That Users Understand” at

I recently read a quote from Francis Bacon in Neil Postman’s book Conscientious Objections: “There arises from a bad and unapt formation of words a wonderful obstruction to the mind.” With our power comes this responsibility: let your words not be an obstruction to your patrons.

In a lighter linguistic vein, let me offer you a new word that I created with the help of my colleague Bart Holllingsworth while we labored in West Virginia, somewhere in the mid-nineties. That word is “librarianate.” In its noun form, with a pronunciation similar to “proletariat”, the term refers to a massed collection of library workers in a geographic or political boundary (or in the world as a whole). One might use it to address the “librarianate of Topeka” or to describe “the librarianate who have gathered today in Athens, Ohio.” The verb form, with a long “a”, defines an individual or group performing library work at its best: “She can librarianate with the best of them” or “Today you librarianated as I always imagined you could.” This provides a wonderful shortcut on evaluation forms and annual reviews: “Simply put, Jennifer librarianates. The committee strongly recommends her for promotion to associate librarian.”

Now that I have placed this word before you, I encourage you to work it into conversations within and beyond the library. Feel free to use it in library guides and scholarly publications. Given the inaugural appearance of the word in the prestigious ALAO Newsletter, I estimate that after six or seven other published uses plus twenty years of regular use in conversation, the OED will come knocking. As the Librarianator would say, “I’ll be back.”

Leadership Retreat Report

The ALAO Board met at its annual leadership retreat on June 7th and 8th at the Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, OH. The event gives the members of the board an opportunity to focus on the year ahead and equip themselves for the tasks that lie ahead. We sang; we laughed; we talked; we ate; we talked some more; we ate some more, and so on. The two days go very quickly, but our board meetings and smaller group conversations were quite productive. One item to share is the Strategic Objectives we established for the board in 2004-05:

  1. A major overhaul of the ALAO Procedures Manual.
  2. The formation of a Membership Taskforce to address member recruitment and retention.
  3. A Membership survey to help guide our strategic planning and our marketing.
  4. The preparation of a new three-year strategic plan for 2005/2006 - 2007/2008.

Joining us on the board this year are the following new members: Robin Sinn (Research and Publications Committee Chair), Angie Lorensen (Support Staff Interest Group Chair), Jody Perkins (Technical Services Interest Group Co-Chair), Megan Kinney (Diversity Committee Chair), Brian Hickam (Membership Chair), Alison Ricker (Instruction Interest Group Co-Chair), Jolene Miller (Board Member at Large), Cindy Lenox (Collection Management Interest Group Chair), Colleen Boff (Board Member at Large), Joseph Salem (Government Relations Team), and Kathryn Venditti (Distance Learning Interest Group Co-Chair).

A number of board members continue this year in new positions: Susan Scott (Vice President/President Elect), Elizabeth Burns (adding Liaison to the Ohio ALA Councilor to her positions as Board Member at Large and Ohio Library Foundation Representative), Ann Watson (adding ACRL Liaison to her positions as Board Member at Large and Government Relations Team), Kevin Furniss (Interest Group Coordinator), Cindy Kristof (adding Distance Learning Interest Group Co-Chair to her position on the Government Relations Team), and Judy Perella (Board Member at Large).

If you'd like to see Betsy Blankenship's photo collage from the Retreat, look no further. [ALAO Board Retreat 2004].

The Board will meet this coming year on Thursdays, September 16th, November 4th, February 10th, and April 12th.

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Dates to Remember

September 15 Continuing Education Grant Application Deadline
October 1 Early Bird Registration Deadline: ALAO 30th Annual Conference @ Sinclair CC
October 1Jay Ladd Nominations Deadline
October 8 SSIG Meeting - Kettering College of Medical Arts
October 22 Registration Deadline: ALAO 30th Annual Conference @ Sinclair CC
November 12 ALAO 30th Annual Conference @ Sinclair CC
December 15 IMLS - Librarians for the 21st Century Grant Deadline
January 14-19ALA Midwinter Conference (Boston)
April 7-10ACRL Conference (Minneapolis)
June 23-29ALA Annual Conference (Chicago)
November 4 ALAO 2005 Conference (Columbus)

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Membership News

Brian Hickam (University of Toledo)
Membership Chair

The “ALAO Membership Database” is online (finally)! We have migrated from a stand-alone database housed in Columbus, so our response time to member questions will be greatly improved. Access is limited to the Membership Chair and a few others at ALAO. Appreciation goes out to Kathy Williams Wright and Joyce Harris at The Ohio College Association in Columbus, and to Rob Withers at Miami University's King Library. Kathy and Joyce maintain the membership database, and Rob designed the new web version. Please send all membership inquiries to Brian Hickam, ALAO Membership Chair (; 419-530-4493).

In mid September, the Membership Chair will send emails to all current and recent ALAO members, informing each person of his or her status. The renewal/new membership form may be found at

Please spread the word that memberships may be renewed at the conference (either using the conference registration form or by dropping off a renewal form and a check).

Brian will be staffing a “Membership Information Table” at the November 12th Annual Conference. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself, ask questions, make suggestions, etc. ALAO Liaisons are being asked to join together for a brief meeting at the Annual Conference - Brian would like to meet people, thank them for their service, and briefly discuss plans for our membership activities. A time and room will be forthcoming.

After the 2004 Annual Conference (and before the year ends!), all current ALAO Members will receive a membership card.

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Annual Conference Update: Come Celebrate Our 30 Years in Dayton!

John J. Burke (Miami University, Middletown)
ALAO President

ALAO At 30 logo

Academic Library Association of Ohio
30th Annual Conference, November 12, 2004
David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center -- Dayton, Ohio

Register now for our 30th Annual Conference: “ALAO at 30: Positioning Our Libraries, Positioning Ourselves.” There is still time to take advantage of our early-bird registration rate of $60 (a $10 savings!) for registrations taken before October 1st. The conference will be held in Dayton at Sinclair Community College’s David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center on November 12th. Sarah M. Pritchard, our keynote speaker and UC Santa Barbara University Librarian, will present "Positioning for the Future: Being Agile on a Foggy Path." Her talk kicks off an exciting palette of choices for the conference-goer: 28 presentations, 18 poster sessions, and 14 exhibitors, plus lunch, awards, opportunities to experience ALAO’s committees and interest groups, and so much more.

Registration materials and conference information are available on the conference web site: The regular registration deadline is October 22nd. Be sure to remember to renew your ALAO membership for 2005 using the registration form. Those needing accommodations before or after the conference should take advantage of ALAO’s special rate at the Doubletree Dayton (located just a short distance from the Sinclair Center).

I am extremely appreciative of the hard work of the 2004 ALAO Program Committee. Their innovative thinking, prodigious talents, and boundless energy kept the conference on track from August 2003 to the present day. When you run into these individuals at the conference, be sure to give them a smile and a big pat on the back for their efforts:

Betsy Blankenship, Susan DiRenzo, Anne Fields, Kevin Furniss, Rajinder Garcha, Megan Kinney, Judy Perella, Deborah Carter Peoples, Karen Plummer, and Diane Schrecker.

Special Annual Conference Event: Swap ‘n Shop: Marketing Your Library

Do you have promotional materials you would like to share with others in ALAO? Then bring samples to the ALAO Swap ‘n Shop at the Annual Conference on November 12th!

"Promotional" can mean just about anything--bookmarks, guides, tip sheets, instructional handouts, newsletters—you name it. You will find the Swap ‘n Shop tables in the Poster Session area at the conference. The Swap ‘n Shop is designed to be self-serve: Contact Anne Fields ( if you have questions about the Swap‘n Shop.

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Government Relations/Legislative News

Ann Watson (Denison University), Joseph A. Salem, and Cindy Kristof (Kent State University)
Government Relations Team

House Committee Passes Library Funding Bill: Provides An Almost $22 Million Increase For LSTA

The House Appropriations Committee passed by voice vote the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies appropriations bill. This bill provides funds for many federal library programs, including the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) and the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries program.

The appropriations bill includes an overall funding level of $261,743,000 for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), an increase of $32,098,000 for programs and administration over last year. The total included is nearly level to the President's budget request and the FY 2004 appropriation for IMLS. Within IMLS, LSTA would receive $219,993,000, an increase of $21,751,000 over fiscal year 2004. As a result, the State Grants program would receive $169,958,000 and the Librarians for the 21st Century program would receive $23 million, a $3 million increase.

ALA, along with 89 Members of Congress, had requested that the House and Senate Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriation Subcommittees fund the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) at the authorized level of $232 million and $100 million for the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program - the level of funding necessary to initiate formula grants to all states.


New IMLS Grant Application Deadlines And Award Announcements

In their June issue of Primary Source, the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced new grant application deadlines and upcoming grant awards announcement.

Several of the application deadlines for IMLS library grant programs will change in fiscal year 2005. By changing the deadlines, IMLS states they will be better able to serve grant applicants. IMLS hopes that this advance notice of the new deadlines will help applicants plan. Among the first upcoming grant application deadlines is the Librarians for the 21st Century program, which is due December 15th. For details, please see the IMLS press release at:

For all FY 2005 IMLS grant and award program applications deadlines please visit:

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ACRL Liaison Report

Ann Watson (Denison University)
ACRL Liaison

Susan Scott, 2004 ACRL Liaison, attended Chapter’s Council Meeting at the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, June 27, 2004. ALAO’s Annual Report to the ACRL Chapter’s Council was submitted. Ann Watson has accepted the position of ACRL Liaison for ALAO, beginning in July 2004.
Did you know?

The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) will be offering a pre-conference workshop at the American Libraries Association (ALA) Midwinter Conference in Boston, on Friday, January 14, 2005, from 8:30-12:00. The pre-Midwinter institute is entitled, “Getting Faculty/Teacher Attention for Information Literacy: New Practical Approaches.” This workshop will provide participants with practical ideas on how and where to start or expand faculty/teacher outreach. The cost of the institute for ACRL division members is $195.00.

Finally, a reminder to put Minneapolis on your travel schedule! ACRL’s 12th National Conference, “Currents and Convergence: Navigating the Rivers of Change” will be held April 7-10, 2005.

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Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award : Call for Nominations

Lois Szudy (Otterbein College)
Past President

The ALAO Awards Committee seeks nominations for the 2004 Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes an ALAO member of at least 5 years, who has promoted academic libraries and librarianship not only on his or her own campus, but also within the state. The award also recognizes someone who has provided leadership in the promotion of ALAO through service such as committee membership, executive board office, or interest group office. The Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award honors the memory of Jay Ladd who was among the founding members of ALAO in the early 1970s.

This is a wonderful way to recognize a colleague who has provided leadership in ALAO and in the profession. The recipient of this year's award will receive an honorary 5-year membership in ALAO and will be recognized at the 30th ALAO Annual Conference, David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center, Dayton, Ohio, November 12, 2004. The deadline for nominations is October 1, 2004. You may print and fill out the nomination form from the web: Send it to Lois Szudy as an attachment at:

Please include the following information:

Name of nominee
Nominee's position title
Nominee's college or university
Nominee's ALAO activities
Your reasons for nominating this person
Your name and contact information, including phone and email
NOTE: You may nominate more than one person. Your reasons for nominating your candidate(s) for the Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award will be especially valuable to the Awards Committee.

Please send your nominations via mail, US Cargo, fax, or email by OCTOBER 1, 2004 to:

Lois F. Szudy
Library Director
Courtright Memorial Library
1 Otterbein College
Westerville, OH 43081

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Share Your Publications

Robin N. Sinn (BGSU)
Research & Publications Committee Chair

The Research and Publications Committee urges members to share recent publications with their colleagues. The committee displays recent publications at each ALAO Annual Conference and posts citations on our web site ( If you would like to display a copy of your work, please send it to Robin Sinn, Science Library, Bowling Green State University via U.S. Cargo or mail. You can send a citation or a link to your work to Robin via email at Please contact Robin or another committee member if you have any questions.

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Applications for Continuing Education Grants Sought

Jo Ann Calzonetti (University of Akron)
Professional Development Committee Chair

The Continuing Education Grants are designed to encourage all library employees to either improve existing skills or develop new skills by attending library related events or pursuing educational opportunities. Applicants must be current members of ALAO. The grants program is administered by the ALAO Professional Development Committee. Further information and the application form can be found at Deadline for submission is September 15, 2004. A second set of grants will be available in February 2005.

Read more about Continuing Education Grants in Brian Gray's article also in this issue. He received a 2004 Continuing Education Grant to attend SLA's annual meeting in Nashville.

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Diversity Committee News

Megan Kinney (Oberlin College)
Diversity Committee Chair

On May 5, 2004, ALAO President John Burke offered me the honor of chairing ALAO's Diversity Committee. I was thrilled to accept the position, as it ties in so directly with several aspects of my current work at Oberlin College and my other professional and volunteer experience. Admittedly, being a relative "newbie" to ALAO and Oberlin College (my position began September 8, 2003), I was a bit hesitant to take a leadership role so quickly. As it often does, my passion overshadowed any prudent, rational thought, and here I am! I officially accepted the position of Chair at the ALAO Annual Board Retreat on June 7-8, 2004.

Enough about me! On to the committee report…

The Diversity Committee will sponsor an information table at the 2004 Annual Conference in Dayton on November 12, 2004. We will also sponsor a presentation at the conference (conveniently, the very presentation I had submitted before being approached about the chair position). "Planting the Seeds of Diversity - Fostering an Interest in Librarianship among Talented Undergraduates," will give an interactive overview of the Mellon Librarian Recruitment Program. Two student participants will assist me in showcasing the various components of the 3-year program funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The committee also hopes to grab a minute or two to meet at the conference. I would like to introduce several ideas to the committee, which will eventually benefit ALAO as a whole:

Currently, the membership of ALAO's Diversity Committee includes:

Betsy Blankenship, Ohio State Marion/Marion Technical College
Cliff Glaviano, Bowling Green State University
Jacky Johnson, Miami University
Christine Rigda, NEOUCOM
Lois Szudy, Otterbein College
Ann Watson, Denison University

If there are other ALAO members out there who are interested in getting involved, please contact me.
Megan C. Kinney, Mellon Librarian Recruitment Program Coordinator
Oberlin College Library
148 W. College St.
Oberlin, OH 44074-1545
Phone: 440-775-8081

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2005 Conference Planning Begins!

Susan Scott (Denison University)
Vice President/President-Elect

As final preparations are being made for the 2004 Annual Conference, the 2005 Program Committee starts on its efforts for the conference to come. The 2004 and 2005 program committees will hold a joint meeting on September 15. In 2005, the conference will be held at the Fawcett Center in Columbus on November 4th.

The members who have volunteered their time and energy for the 2005 committee are:

Diane Schrecker, Ashland University
Karen Plummer, University of Akron
Judy Perella, Ashland University
Betsy Blankenship, Ohio State University-Marion (PR Coord)
Christine Rigda, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (Co-Webmaster)
Megan Kinney, Oberlin College (Diversity Chair)
Kevin Furniss, Denison University (IG Coord)
Kim Leggett, Columbus State Community College
Kathy Dobda, Cleveland State University
Sheila Shellabarger, Wright State University
Georgine Johnson, Washington State Community College
Amy Pickenpaugh, Otterbein College

More information concerning the 2005 Annual Conference will be posted on the ALAO website and in upcoming issues of the ALAO Newsletter. The committee strongly encourages you to consider submitting a proposal. We need YOU to share your expertise, ideas, innovative services, and projects.

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ALAO Historical Archives

Jacky Johnson (Miami University)
ALAO Secretary

The Academic Library Association of Ohio has an impressive history of service to academic libraries across the state. The organization has successfully defined and given a voice to the interests and concerns of academic libraries and the people who serve in them.

In 1974 when ALAO was organized, the founding members knew there was a need for a professional organization that focused on Ohio’s academic libraries.

Since its inception, the organization has expanded and works jointly with other associations such as the Ohio College Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries. ALAO now has approximately 500 members. Our various committees and interest groups award scholarships, research grants, and an annual service award.

The official ALAO archives are housed at the Ohio Historical Association. The history of the organization will be preserved for future generations to view and study what events and decisions occurred in past years.

If you have any items of historical significance about ALAO that would lend itself to our archives, please send them to the current ALAO secretary ( Photos, conference programs, letters, or any ephemera will be gladly accepted.

Help us to maintain our legacy by donating to the archives.

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Interest Group News

Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group

Diane L. Schrecker (Ashland University)

CMCIG at the 30th Annual Conference

Curriculum Materials Center Interest Group welcomes Missy Lodge, State Library Ohio, as the featured speaker for our sponsored session at ALAO's 30th Annual Conference. Missy is the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program coordinator. As such, she has noted that "although in existence since 1996, many academic librarians do not realize they are eligible for Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds." Funding is an integral part of the importance of libraries and librarians positioning themselves for the future utilizing technology. Missy's session, titled LSTA 101, will provide an overview of Ohio's LSTA program, review previously funded projects to academic libraries and help participants determine if applying for an LSTA grant is a feasible goal for their institution.

Be sure to visit the CMCIG information table at the conference. See what we have accomplished in the last year and pick up informational handouts. We look forward to sharing ideas with all members interested in curriculum and education materials. A sign up sheet will be available for inquiring minds. I hope to see you in November.

CMCIG Statement of Purpose and Goals: ALAO board continues to update the procedures manual to better serve the membership; Interest Group chairs were challenged at the Board Retreat with the task of evaluating current goals and purposes. During the summer months, CMCIG members offered suggestions and comments via the listserv. While our goals and purpose essentially remain largely unchanged, items have been submitted and are pending approval. Thanks to all who participated.

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Distance Learning Interest Group

Kathryn Venditti (Ashland University) and Cindy Kristof (Kent State University)
DLIG Co-Chairs

Welcome to ALAO's newest IG co-chairs Kathryn Venditti and Cindy Kristof. If anyone is interested in more information or would like to join the DLIG, contact Kathryn or Cindy:

Kathryn Venditti (
Cindy Kristof (

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Instruction Interest Group

Chris Sheetz (Lorain County CC) and Alison Ricker (Oberlin College)
Instruction Interest Group Co-Chairs

First, and most importantly, our thanks to Judy Perella of Ashland University for her leadership as IIG co-chair the past two years. Judy’s persistence, attention to detail and infectious laugh has carried us through many meetings and planning sessions! Alison Ricker’s term as the new co-chair began in June, and will extend through 2006. It is not too soon to consider if you would like to assume the co-chair position for the 2005-07 term, as successor to Chris Sheetz. Please give it some thought! Appointing co-chairs with overlapping terms of service provides good continuity and the group itself is full of able volunteers who make planning and hosting a workshop a breeze. If interested please see contact information below.

The IIG will sponsor a panel presentation at the Annual Conference showcasing digital learning objects. Have you successfully created and used a learning object in your instruction sessions? If so, we would love to showcase your work. We also invite volunteers to staff the IIG information table during the conference. Here is your opportunity to meet other instruction librarians and encourage them to be involved in the group. Please contact us if you would be willing to either staff the table or take part in the panel session at the conference.

We are also looking ahead to the spring workshop. What issues, technologies, resources, or theories would you like to study? Would you like to host the workshop at your institution? We need your ideas and assistance with planning! All suggestions welcome.

Contact Chris Sheetz ( or Alison Ricker (

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Support Staff Interest Group

Angela Lorensen (Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository)
SSIG Chair

The Support Staff Interest Group is gearing up for another busy academic year. Of course, our year will begin with the preparations for Annual Conference. At this year's event we will once again present awards for the Outstanding Support Staff and Supporter of Support Staff. We will also be hosting a panel discussion entitled, "You Do 'What' at the Library? Positioning Ourselves to Look at Alternative Employment Opportunities." Many of our current SSIG staff members including, Gaynelle Predmore (BGSU), Joy Ramos (Univ. of Akron), Karen Ketchaver (John Carroll), and Angie Lorensen (Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository), will be serving on this panel.

The Support Staff Interest Group would like to welcome Erin Peters as our new Secretary/Chair-Elect. Erin is a Library Technician at the Kettering College of Medical Arts in Dayton, OH. We look forward to working with Erin in the upcoming year.

Our first meeting of the year will be held on Friday, October 8, 2004, in Dayton at the Kettering College of Medical Arts. We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas. If anyone is interested in becoming involved with the Support Staff Interest Group, please contact me at

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Technical Services Interest Group

Jody Perkins (Miami University) and Julia Gammon (The University of Akron)
TSIG Co-Chairs

Hopefully, you have all had a great summer and are gearing up for a busy and exciting fall semester! I'd like to introduce our new TSIG co-chair, Jody Perkins. Jody brings a wide ranging perspective to her work, having experience in both public and technical services and in academic and special libraries. Currently, Jody is Metadata Librarian in the Digital Services Unit of the Technical Services Department at Miami University Libraries, co-chair of the OhioLINK Digital Media Center Metadata Task Force, and a member of the OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons Steering Committee.

The 2004 Annual Conference, will be held November 12th at the David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center in Dayton, Ohio. Technical services related sessions include The OhioLINK Digital Media Center Application Profile, Delivering Streaming Multimedia and a panel session on Positioning Technical Services for a Role in the Digital Future. TSIG will sponsor the latter session. Panel members Alan Boyd, Associate Director of the Oberlin College Library; Elizabeth Brice, Head of Technical Services at Miami University; and Bruce Jeppesen, Head of Library Systems, Cleveland State University will discuss the challenges library technical services staff face in seeking training, in defining their institutional role, and in organizing themselves to support sustainable digital projects.

We are hoping to go forward with last year’s plans for the TSIG Spring Workshop which will focus on education, training, and recruitment of technical services librarians.

It is rare that we have an opportunity to get together so please plan to come to the business meeting held at the Annual Conference. This is one of the few opportunities we have to introduce ourselves to new members, to get feedback and to gather your ideas for future programming.

See you all in November!

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Feature Stories

ALAO 2004 Minority Scholarship Awarded

Jo Ann Calzonetti (University of Akron)
Professional Development Committee Chair

The ALAO Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce that Hairong Zhu is the winner of the 2004 ALAO Minority Scholarship. Ms. Zhu is from mainland China. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in library science from the Lanzhou University of Science and Technology located in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu Province, China.

After completing her BS degree, Ms. Zhu worked at Tianjin University Library for three and half years. Tianjin University was the first institution of higher learning in the history of modern Chinese education. It is located in the city of Tianjin which is the capital city of Tianjin province. At Tianjin University Library, Ms. Zhu worked first as a group leader in the circulation department and then became the head of the electronic reading service. In 1998, she presented a paper at a national library conference. Ms. Zhu came to the US in 1999 and recently began her studies at Kent State SLIS. Her primary area of interest is in academic libraries and librarianship.

The ALAO Minority Scholarship provides the successful applicant with a $1,500.00 tuition stipend at the Kent School of Library and Information Science and free registration for the ALAO annual conference.

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Research Grant Awarded

Robin Sinn (BGSU)
Research & Publications Committee Chair

Research Grant Gives Girls Their Voice

Frances Yates, Outreach Librarian at Miami University of Ohio, has won the 2004 ALAO Research Grant for her and her team's proposal: Girls Voices: Reflections and Reactions of Females Ages 11-14 to Literature in the Girls Voices Literature Database. Frances, working with Lisa Factora, Program Coordinator of the Women's Center at Miami University, and middle school language arts teachers at Talawanda Public Schools, will gather girls' opinions of some of the books in the Girls Voices database. These opinions are needed to verify that adults are choosing books that truly speak to girls.

The Girls Voices Literature Database ( focuses on gender-positive, well-written books for females, ages 3-18. The $500 research grant will be used by the team to hire a student assistant to transcribe book group discussions of female middle school students. Approximately 25 books will be read and discussed by 5 groups of young girls. Group discussion will be facilitated by a language arts teacher or graduate student from the Women's Studies program at Miami University.

Congratulation to Frances on her successful grant application and interesting research project. Also, consider applying for the 2005 ALAO Research Grant this coming spring. Information about the grant can be found at

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Continuing Education Grant Award: A Recipient's Thank You!

Submitted by Brian Gray (The University of Akron)
Continuing Education Grant Recipient 2004

I would like to thank the ALAO governance and the ALAO Professional Development Committee for providing funding for learning opportunities outside the day-to-day workload.

Due to the grant from ALAO, I gained the needed financial assistance to help cover my travel costs to attend the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Meeting in Nashville, June of 2004. As the only student member on the SLA Student & Academic Relations Committee (SARC), it was important I attended and represented the needs of current library school students.

It was a very successful meeting and my major objectives were addressed. Over the next year, I will be managing a Communities of Practice website for SLA student groups to share in ideas, discussions and successes. SARC brought a resolution to the Board to involve students more in Board activities and establish a synergy between students and SLA Fellows. I proposed a recruitment video to be used by SLA student groups to increase membership at their activities and functions and overall increase the student membership in SLA. After much discussion of content and funding, we have decided to develop a PowerPoint presentation with script that can be used and sent electronically as needed by student group leaders and advisors. Finally, SARC has decided to request increased funding at SLA Annual Meeting to host a student reception.

For personal development, I was able to attend several sessions on marketing in libraries. In addition, I networked with a great number of science librarians and gained great amounts of advice on my educational and career paths. I also represented the Kent State SLA Student Group in several activities and meetings.

I highly recommend this grant to the ALAO membership. Please consider applying for the professional development grants. As support staff and a library school student, I cannot express the value of such opportunities.

Thank you,
Brian Gray
University of Akron Libraries, Science & Technology Library
Library Associate Sr.
Kent State MLIS student (December 2004 graduation)

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Let's Get It Together!: Library Collaboration in Ohio

John J. Burke (Miami University, Middletown)
ALAO President

A major interest of mine is exploring ways that libraries can work together to improve our ability to serve our patrons. That is one reason I have been attracted to work with ALAO, which represents the ongoing collaboration and cooperation of academic libraries in Ohio. The next step is looking beyond academic libraries to find possibilities for shared efforts with public, school, and special libraries.

On August 5th, Past President Lois Szudy and I had the opportunity to attend a gathering of library organization representatives called together by Joanna McNally, the President of Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA). Alongside ALAO and OELMA were representatives from INFOhio, the Kent State University School of Library and Information Science, OhioLINK, OHIONET, the Ohio Library Council (OLC), OPLIN, and the State Library of Ohio. A wide-ranging discussion ensued, identifying a variety of common needs and potential areas for cooperative work. I was struck by the collegiality of those gathered, and the enthusiasm everyone expressed for library work and working together.

The immediate outcome of the meeting is that State Librarian Jo Budler intends to create more opportunities for our groups to gather and work together. She invited the three main Ohio library organizations (ALAO, OELMA, and OLC) to attend the quarterly meetings that she holds with the three network consortia (OhioLINK, INFOhio, and OPLIN) involved in the Libraries Connect project. This is the LSTA grant-funded effort which provides the Ebsco databases and other electronic resources to libraries of all types throughout the state. I will have more to report on this after the November meeting of the group.

I know that multi-type library collaboration in Ohio is not something new and that efforts have been underway at state and local levels for some time. I would be curious to hear about how your academic library cooperates, collaborates, or just interacts with your local public, school, and special libraries. I am a big believer in sharing models and case studies because they help us form new creations in our own library settings. If you would, take a moment to share your library’s collaborative efforts with me in an email to

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People and Library News

Brian Hickam (University of Toledo)
Membership Chair

Capital University

Technical Services & Music Librarian Steve Long presented a paper at the annual conference of the International Association of Music Libraries held in Oslo, Norway, August 8-13. The topic was a comparative study of the Nordic Music Information Centre websites. Steve also published an article in a recent issue of the British journal Tempo. The article entitled "Japanese Composers of the Post-Takemitsu Generation" presents a survey and analytical study of selected compositions by emerging composers of the young generation.

Clark State Community College

[Editor's note: I am very pleased to announce that my replacement has been named at Clark State. I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Beth in the past and feel she will be a wonderful addition to the CSCC team. She will be starting on October 5th. I know everyone is looking forward to seeing her, since they've been without a Director since I left in June! I'm also very proud to note that the position is now a Dean's level position, administratively responsible not only for the LRC, but for the entire Distance Learning program at CSCC.]

The new Dean of Library and Educational Resources at Clark State Community College is Mary Beth Aust-Keefer. Mary Beth has over 20 years experience in Library, Audiovisual, Academic Computing, and Distance Learning systems. Most of that experience was at Edison Community College. Mary Beth has been a participant in OhioLINK and Oarnet since their inception and has been active in those systems at the state level. She has managed the distance learning program there at Edison and has been responsible for grants related to information systems and technology. Welcome Mary Beth!

Lakeland Community College

Lakeland Community College Library recently hired two new Reference Librarians: Tom Hyland, full-time Instruction Coordinator/Reference Librarian, previously worked part-time for Lakeland and for Lorain County CC in addition to part-time work at various area public libraries. Tom has his Master of Arts in English/concentration in creative writing from Miami University and MLS from Kent State University.

Katherine Coad has joined the library as a part-time Reference Librarian. Congratulations Tom and Katherine!

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Amanda Flower has joined the staff at Mount Vernon Nazarene University as Technical Services Librarian. This is her first professional position. She is a graduate from Malone College and has her MLIS from Kent State University. While at Malon she completed a practicum in Malone Friends Collection in 2003. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, a mystery writers organization.

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Ohio State University ATI

Douglas Morrison from Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute (Ohio State ATI) Library was one of five academic library staffers who were part of the graduating class of 2004 of the Library Leadership Ohio event that takes place once every two years. Each class for LLO is competitively selected and limited to just thirty participants.

Library Leadership Ohio is an intensive, experimental, residential leadership education program that has developed the talents of many leaders now serving Ohio's libraries. Held biennially, LLO was created by CAMLS and the Regional Library Systems in Ohio in 1993 and has developed the talents of many leaders now serving Ohio's libraries. The program employs an innovative design based on awareness of self, environment, and the political and social structures in which we lead. Many graduates of the first five classes have seen their visions manifest within the organizations that they have come to lead. The innovative spirit that was set over a decade ago progressed on to the sixth leadership institute held August 15 - 20, 2004.

The vision for the graduating class of 2004 from Library Leadership Ohio reads:
Using innovation and imagination we weave our libraries into the fabric of the community, building of a sense of wonder, exploration, and discovery for the people we serve.

Ohio State University Mansfield

Welcome to two new reference librarians at Ohio State University - Mansfield. Don Reams became their circulation librarian, part-time, October 3, 2003. In April 2004, he became a full-time reference librarian at Bromfield Library. He will receive his MLIS degree from Kent State University School of Library and Information Science in December, 2004. Don previously worked for Baldwin-Wallace College in the Jones Library in the Conservatory of Music. Don replaced Joshua Neds-Fox, who left to take a public library position in his home state of Michigan.

In mid-August, Scott Savage accepted the position of Head of Reference at Bromfield Library, replacing Brian Hickam, who left to take a position at the University of Toledo. Scott previously held the positions of Head of Reference at Lakeland Community College and Reference Administration at Belmont Community College where he coordinated library instruction. He designed and taught courses in their Library Paraprofessional Degree Program. In addition to his library duties, he taught courses in American History and Western Civilization.

Ohio State University Marion/Marion Technical College

Pat Wood, Library Associate I, conducted the workshop: "Student Assistants: Hired, Trained, Retained" for the Ohio Library Support Staff Institute (OLSSI) August 2, 2004. Pat was also a guest speaker at a forum on Hiring, Training & Retaining Student Assistants for the Ohio State University Libraries Training Advisory Council on August 10, 2004

Betsy Blankenship, Director/Head Librarian graduated June 17 from the 2004 Marion Area Leadership Program. Sponsored by the Marion, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, it is designed to help develop new leadership for the Marion community. Betsy was also "arrested" and locked-up as part of the annual MDA Lock-up community fundraiser in Marion, Ohio on August 17, 2004. She was able to raise $575 in "bail" money (i.e. donations and pledges) and was eventually released.

Betsy Blankenship in jail to raise money for MDA Betsy Blankenship, locked up for a good cause.

Betsy also presented "Staff Appreciation on a Shoestring: It's 'Knot' as Hard as You Think!" at the Ohio Two-Year College Library Director's Conference, September 9, 2004.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Jessica Depp, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, is the new Assistant Chief of Circulation at Ohio Wesleyan University. Jennifer Spillman, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Retail Management from Ohio University, recently accepted the position of Assistant Chief of Circulation (Weekend Supervisor).

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Sinclair Community College

Doug Kaylor has been named Director of the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at Sinclair Community College. He replaces Virginia Peters, who retired after being at Sinclair CC for more than 35 years. The appointment, effective June 14, was announced by Ken Moore, Vice President for Facilities and Technology Services and Chief Information Officer. Sinclair’s LRC is located beneath the central plaza of the college with access from the basement level of Buildings 1 through 7. As LRC director, Kaylor is responsible for administering and developing an effective program of library services and learning support activities including the management, leadership and fiscal responsibility for the staff, resources and facilities.

Douglas Kaylor, Sinclair Community College Learning Resources Director

“As we start the design phase of our LRC renovation project, Doug will play a significant role to ensure that we satisfy the needs of all constituents and meet the objectives defined at the beginning of this project,” said Moore. Kaylor comes to Sinclair from Wright State University where he was Head of Reference and Instruction at the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library. At WSU he was awarded the President’s Award for Excellence in Innovation in 2001. He previously worked in the Fordham Health Sciences Library at WSU, Kettering Medical Center, Wright-Patterson AFB Technical Library, Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

From 1999-2001 Kaylor was chair of the OhioLINK User Services Committee. While chair of the organization, he participated in the OhioLINK re-visioning project with library directors. Since 1992, Kaylor has been a member of the American Society for Information Science and Technology and served on its board of directors from 1999-2002. He is past chair of the Ohio Council for Library and Information Services. Kaylor is a member of the American Library Association and the Academic Library Association of Ohio. He is a past member of the Health Sciences Communication Association and the Miami Valley Association of Health Sciences Librarians. Kaylor holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee and is completing graduate degree work in higher education administration at WSU.

Southern State Community College

Luann Lehman, the campus library manager at the Wilmington campus of Southern State Community College, is currently enrolled in courses to become a Microsoft Office Specialist. The library at Southern State is sponsoring her training. After she receives her certification, she will be instructing all library staff on Microsoft Office software. This initiative is a part of the college's plan to move the libraries at Southern State into a full service information commons learning environment. Louis Mays is the college's librarian.

University of Akron

Janet Dando, a Bierce Library Reference Senior Library Associate, was recently featured in an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (article link).

Aimee deChambeau has resigned after seven years of service to the Science & Technology Library at the University of Akron to take a position in Long Island NY as the librarian for The Knox School. Aimee was known to many ALAO members. She served on the ALAO Board as Membership chair and as Co-Webmaster. We are sorry to lose Aimee! Friends can contact Aimee at The Science & Technology Library will begin a search for Aimee's replacement in the near future.

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University of Toledo

The University of Toledo Libraries has hired two new Visiting Instructors to work in their Information Literacy program: Thomas Atwood is a recent graduate of Kent State University's Library School, and Beth Michel arrives at UT after ten years at area public librarians. Tom and Beth will spend up to three years working with freshman orientation seminars, the general education/core curriculum courses, and lower division courses.

UT also has a new librarian position to work with its College of Health & Human Services: Brian Hickam (Membership Chair for ALAO) will be working with Health Professions, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and other programs. Brian will also offer library services to the University of Toledo's student athletes as part of the Athletics Department's "life skills" for student athletes initiative.

The Reference and Instruction Department of the University of Toledo Libraries has a new assistant: Kathy Hall, who has been with UT for eighteen years (most recently with Mail Services), will schedule instruction sessions and tours. UT Libraries also has a new Circulation Services Assistant: Valerie Brown comes to the library system after two years with the University's Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering Department. UT's previous Circulation Services Assistant, Gerald Natal, is in the final stages of his MLS, and has accepted a librarian position with the Toledo Correctional Institution.

Wright State University

In August, Charlotte Droll (Humanities Librarian) and Mary Lou Baker Jones (Science and Humanities Librarian) participated in Library Leadership Ohio 2004 at the Inn at Honey Run, Millersburg, Ohio. Please contact them if you would like to know more about this unique opportunity to learn leadership skills and to build a network of Ohio colleagues. [ and]

Vishwam Annam joined the WSU Libraries staff this summer in the position of Web Developer. Vishwam has worked in libraries on two continents! Originally from India, he was a systems administrator at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University for three years. He recently earned a Master of Computer Science degree from Western Kentucky University, where he worked in the library as a graduate assistant. Welcome, Vishwam.

WSU Libraries are pleased to welcome Sue Polanka as Head of Reference and Instruction Services for the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library. Prior to coming to Wright State, Sue served for six years as Coordinator of Reference and Instruction at the University of Dayton Roesch Library.

In October, WSU Libraries bid farewell to Sue Weldon, Head of Information Delivery Services for the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, as she retires after 30 years of service. We will greatly miss Sue's optimism and positive spirit, but we wish her much happiness in retirement. Upon Sue Weldon's retirement, Susan Wehmeyer, current Head of Information Delivery Services for the Fordham Health Sciences Library, will assume leadership of a combined Information Delivery Services Department for the WSU Libraries.

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